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NC Shop sells Adena?

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Hey all,

Just have a question does the NC shop sell Adena, not interested by anything else relaly. I do not want to level fast or use boosters and all that crap.

Just need Adena because I hate to grind for Monetary reasons, grinding for XP levels etc is ok, but trying to make ends meat in a game is not my idea of fun and it is why I quit this game when it first released too.

I see allot of threads about Adena Sellers so I am assuming NCSOft still has the same problem they had back then...lol.

Poor NCSoft never learns...how many games they release and then lose outside of Korea? L2, Aion, etc...

Anyways let me know if I missed anything, I'll stick around for a while, but don't see myself playing it again under this setup...it is worse than original release many eyars ago with subscription.


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And I do not buy adena from illegal sellers...that is not how I play games...

Raise the Adena drops considerably or start selling Adena at low price,  and you may save Classic at this point.

No need for Temporary handouts of armors/weapons etc etc. Just let people be able to fulfill their Adena needs in game and the rest will fall in place...sellers will quit too without a market and the community focus on the game and fun.

Keeping everyone in a survival "dog eat dog" mode is only destroying the player base and the game...once again.


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