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Idea - to make harder to have CH. Reason = "Clan Hall" - its for many people - not for " 1 person" like now. Many new clan (some are really active) - not have clan hall 1-3 years - and impossible to get - even clan very active. My propose - to have CH - clan must to get 10000 or 20000 or 25000 clan points - per week (just to get - not for use "CH". If not - lost). Normally 1 person cant make this amount CP - must play all clan. Or other variant in clan 10-20 clan members mus to get  xp/sp - for example ~30-50kk per week - its just 1 k95... (more not need... rare clan have more then 20 active people (most 3-10...) - game long time ago are killed by administration "circus".

What we have now .. its... just killing game. Passive clans have CH... To make even 10 lvl clan impossible even in 3 years... (I have clan - in 1 year we get 1.3kk clan points (need 7.5kk)... Play 20-30 people...).

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