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[Talking Island] West Coast casual clan looking for members


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HardcoreCasuals is an English speaking level 3 clan looking for like minded people to join our ranks.  We have clan luck, and are working toward other skills.


We’re mainly west coast based, and while not required, people in the same time zone are desired for ease of grouping. Play times vary, but most are on in the evenings.


We use discord for our main form of communication.  We would like for you to be open to using it, even if you only listen in so commands can be given quickly (and you can enjoy our stupid banter on the side). ?


We ask members for clan dues, and they are based on a scale by character level.  We feel these are reasonable, and help further the clan in attaining goals set by members.  We also ask that members contribute mats to the cwh when they can for the betterment of the clan.  


If this sounds like like something that interests you, send in game mail / “Renholder so we can chat!

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