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A sob story, but it's okay.


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Lineage 2 has been one of my favorite games for well over a decade. I'm a softy, of course, so people are the reason I really enjoy the game. Whether its those quiet people you don't see in-town or your Clan members cracking jokes in Discord. I've had a blast and I've lost dearly. Two Clans I've invested in, one being from the start, are dead. I dedicated nearly 80-90% of my available time to either Clan hoping that they'd stick around.

If you are going inactive and not sure if you'll come back, speak to, "Nether," in-game. I'm certain that after a very depressing week of waving goodbye that I'm going to keep playing. There's hope and it's possible that things could get better. 

I'm considering making my own Clan, considering a few strategies to bide time until things get exciting again. If you want to assist me in the venture, I still have connections in-game with a couple Clans that will eventually be contenders in the mid-late game portion. 

Thanks! I'll be in and out today and most days, so if I don't respond leave a mail or DM here. I'll be checking!

IGN: Nether

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