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Dark Order looking for members or clan


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Hey all,

Do you play by yourself? O.o

Do you ever wonder if there is anyone out there that you can exp with? :ph34r:

Are you a group or individual person(s) that looking to have fun with boring ass grinds? :S

Right now Dark Order on Talking Island Server is looking for some members. We are not a top clan. But we know the game and know how to compete to get things done. Look lets face it. After NCsoft made adena so low, we lost a lot of members. Rightly so. But there is some of us that are still making a go out of it. Dark Order is a mature experienced clan. Most of us are like family. 

We will never be the top of the server, but we don't want to be. We are primarily an PVE clan atm, but we do not shy away from PVP either.

What we are looking for:

1. Players in the US time zones eastern to pacific

2. mature players, no racist, no griefers, no scammers, no shit talkers or trouble makers

3. 40+ Lvl, active and willing to participate with clan. (no solo riders, doesn't help the clan)

4. Must use discord

5. Not afraid to PVP and to do castle sieges.

Also if you are in another clan and want to start working with us let us know. We are looking for like minded clans that may be in the same spot as us. Maybe you lost people or don't have activity during a certain play zone time. Give us a message. PM / Mail: NDNwarrior, Sandae, Luke1, Synjen or  ElMontoya. Or if you see one of members. 

Bottom line: We like to have fun and we like this game. Check us out. 




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