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  1. oh, and why delete the mentee clan quest?? Only "decent" way for a new player to make some adena was by selling the graduation to higher lvl players. Then sure.. its was wierd to lvl up a new toon to make adena since u cant do it on you main. But at least fix the issue at hand first before just removing stuff... How is a new clan supposed to be able to level it up?
  2. Lots of nice feedback here, really hope you read it through and do something about it. No need to really bring up the same things as others already mentioned. Play the game, put a few employees to play for 2-3 weeks, just to see what happens once u get past 105 and is expected to continue leveling without putting 1000's of dollars in the NCstore... even with xp rune its a nightmare and just leaving your spot to do dailies (assuming u even found a spot to begin with) wont happen because you know coming back all spots are taken and u need to run around for an hour or more just to find an
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