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  1. But they will still have the minority of players such as yourself playing and complaining because why not
  2. Are you dyslexic ? "In development" means it didn't even come out yet.
  3. Who needs gk when you can just go to L2store and buy scrolls like a normal rich person,
  4. Did you laugh when you wrote LOL ? Answering the question, yeah they will because mobile gaming is the fastest market to get that sweat micro money.
  5. How are they going to fail if they already have Blade & Soul 2, Blade & Soul M, Blade & Soul S, Lineage 2M & Lineage: Eternal in development ? Do you even read ?
  6. Did you join Harvard ? That's some next level calculations.
  7. Who needs memes and comedians when you have this forum
  8. His post made no sense, so didn't my countdown to force the idea
  9. The moment when NCSoft wants to dry your pockets slowly... Wants to release a new Chronicle every 6 months Wants to show you what real men are made of... But the community just wants to reach lvl 70 in a month, be able to farm equips on the go and moan about the next patch not coming and that it should come because they reach 70...
  10. We heard it here first guys, start the countdown! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20181116T2140&p0=4993&msg=Server+dead+in+2+weeks&font=slab
  11. what's up with the song selection ? a chibby gr ? df bro ? you cant make a clan called greekarmy with pop anime songs.
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