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  1. Hello! The dwarf class is severely damaged by the current random craft and the very high level of the hunting zones, please add and make all recipes grade C, grade B accessible and some way for the dwarves to create soulshots and spirishots. Thank you!
  2. Hello, the level-gap penalty between party members has not been changed to 15 levels, it is still at 10 or more. Please check this out. Lately the server has been suffering from overcrowding in hunting areas, this is due to 2 factors: - Many 80+ level areas that are inaccessible to casual players and few accessible areas, when it should be the other way around. - The current box limit of the classic server which is 10 and allows a single player to monopolize an entire hunting area. My suggestion for this problem: - Make more level 80+ areas more accessible by reducing
  3. Hi, in npc Fishing Guild have the option "I want to exchange fish stew" but doesn't work. Because it does not work?
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