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  1. Thank you NCSoft for listening to our concerns ( and whining ) and doing something to mitigate the loss of xp.
  2. Still no change to xp, still going to take a year to get to 110. Unacceptable. What more is there to say.
  3. I have never left a complaint about this game until now. At some point the xp got nerfed to the point of not being to level. I am a 109 tank ( with 200% xp rune ) in a duo with a 109 dagger and we are getting less than .0001 % per kill. That's over 10,000 mobs per 1 %. The herbs are helping but coming no where close to being fair. I've spent a lot of money on this game ( check my history ) and I have been a player since 2005. I feel now that I have thrown all of that money down the drain. The game is now geared for 115 + but those of us not there will never reach it. I have canceled my Prestig
  4. I am the clan leader you are referring to with the 14 man clan. How fair is it that MS can own a castle and then go on siege grounds, declare war on every clan, then if you kill 5 of them, even on siege field you start 2 way war. That is why I kept the clan at 14 people so MS can exploit the war system. If a clan owns a castle, they should not be allowed on another castles siege grounds. And BTW, My clan pk's no one. So get over it.
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