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  1. i only play at events, i'm lv 61 and started on day 1, there is no rush, it's only a game haha
  2. no chance, we have report them with video at lv40 and now at 65+ they show up again in the same formation haha. i would rather buy scroll xp 99999999 from L2shop and make exp in town than to find spot for leveling haha
  3. i want character boost too so we can avoid all the robots and go directly at castle sieges.
  4. that's why we play only at events haha, when the event is over it will remain only the bots that we all see everyday ahahahaha
  5. mmmmm yes i like the baium box, finally something good for real players, my business debit card is ready!
  6. it's a cliche to announce your "The 15th Anniversary" when your servers are STILL full of bots. i bet their nonstop bot party enjoy at maximum the event haha yes Kurz Excellent!
  7. Thank you for playing only 2 months! because everyone that joins will find out the truth in 2 months haha and ncsoft seems to be happy to gain only 2 months per head haha P.S. even the subscription can not bring it back because bots get never banned.
  8. Server transfer

    only nothing is possible.
  9. you will never see customer support on a FREE game that has under 1k real persons worldwide, while the most mmorpg's have 10million+ active accounts. this duplicate P2W was made for financial boost only and you can't do nothing about it. come back on LIVE version (it's the same). we're around lvl 109. or did you missed the train? haha
  10. i'm back on LIVE because it's the same system P2W -minus bots haha
  11. Events

    Rub your credit card like the Genie Lamp and the event will show up.