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  1. Oh what a surprise, you're not even in North America but you're still going to troll the forums shilling for a game-ruining addition and act like "it's not a big deal to you but actually looping macros are really good and prevent botting!"... I said it once and I'll say it again, I THINK WHAT THIS BOILS DOWN TO, is that YOU'RE JUST LAZY. Notice the words "I THINK"? That means I'm speculating not stating a fact, so maybe take that into account before getting your panties twisted. You can claim you don't care whether looping macros are added or not, but you're clearly suggesting that loopin
  2. From where I'm standing, you do. If you want a game that will play itself, it exists. Go play it. Don't ruin this for the rest of us with your laziness and short-sighted greed.
  3. The guy who can't even use a forum and speaks in broken English is calling me an idiot. I'm truly hurt. My response suited what you wrote just fine, you obviously lack the communication skills to comprehend what I said.
  4. This is essentially my point as well. It's silly to bring bots into this. Botting is a separate issue that should be dealt with as well!
  5. Macros are fine, looping macros are not. If you want a system where you can press one button and go to sleep, then be honest. Don't mask it in this "I just want a system of macros" crap. What you're asking for is a feature that will play the game for you while you sleep/work/jack off/etc... and that is utterly ridiculous. If you hate playing the game so much, don't play. The only reason bots exist is because NC refuses to ban them. This could change if enough people got mad about it, but instead of condemning cheating you want to make botting legit.
  6. You're telling me on Naia, all botters are banned after less than one week of botting? If not, your example doesn't contradict my statement.
  7. Yeah, bots are bad... they're also easy to detect and ban. The problem with bots is that in the past, NC has unofficially allowed botting by rarely enforcing the rule against botting, even though it's incredibly easy to detect when someone is botting and therefore also easy to ban all botters in a short period of time. The solution to the bot problem is not to make botting legit via ingame looping macros, as you're suggesting, but to actually enforce the rule against bots. What kind of clown world do you live in where you fix botting by literally legitimizing bots? lmfao! You fix the bot probl
  8. What "macro's" could run on 9 separate clients, while minimized, at the same time, back in classic? Nothing like this was in classic L2. Normal macros weren't introduced until C3 or something. Wtf are you smoking? Anything capable of what auto-looping is capable of was bannable back in real classic times.
  9. This pathetic crusade to keep looping macros is driven by lazy people who literally want the game to play itself. How lame can you get? If you hate playing so much, don't play. Why should your laziness ruin the game for everyone who actually wants a "classic" experience? I can't even believe this is a discussion. Everyone with a brain realizes or has seen first-hand, the implications of this crap. Auto-looping macros are GAME-RUINING. It's sanctioned botting FFS. Wtf is wrong with people who would unironically want this? Again, if you hate playing the game so much, maybe you need to come
  10. See, the thing is, classic just means classic. It doesn't mean an NCStore, it doesn't mean f2p+p2w, it doesn't mean no item drops, it doesn't mean auto-loop macros.. All this crap was not in CLASSIC, in fact, most of this stuff wasn't even in the game until many years after the "classic" patches. Remember, this game came out in 2004 and we're in 2018. A lot changed in 14 years. I quit during interlude by which time the game was significantly different from prelude/c1/c2, but even still, there was no "NCStore", repeating macros, or any of that crap. I'm quite shocked to see the state of the gam
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