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  1. Really? In my clan we have bans in key chars in 8 different parties! There is a group that lost 5 toons for nothing. What a fail is this XIGNCODE3... U should stop it and unban everybody until u fix it.
  2. dont u remember that day we pvp'd SC and u told me that in 15 years u would gimme 5k usd?
  4. if u wanna exp faster go tyrant, if u love going hide and killing someone with a backstab after lvl 78, go AW/PW.
  6. That's my point, so this is why I gotta have to wait @Juji reply on this thread again or wait untill the patch notes to make a decision if I gonna buy any of the Starter Packs to play as a dagger or just make a tyrant to play for fun (and free) till the 2.5 become available.
  7. They not gonna change it guys. We lost our battle but we still can win the war.
  8. But what does he mean with content? There's catacombs, provisional ch, auto fishing, lots of different fishing buffs, so i dont know what exactly he means with that. I am very confused with all this infos. I loved the new way of NCSoft to comunicate with players and how they are trying to humanize it. But I really need more clear informations regarding skills and stats since it's going to affects 100% in my game and I'm pretty sure more ppl have the same issue.
  9. I do understand that, but at the same time I expect @Juji to make it clear. Cuz there are other ppl saying it's 3.0 with level cap in some social networks, so I dont know exactly who should I trust ppl here or there. In that case I only trust Juji haha =)
  10. How do u know? Did u see something posted or did he mentioned it on the stream?
  11. So I still dont understand a few points such as skills as an example. I was planning to go dagger, but when I realized it was 1.5 I changed to Tyrant, so now I dont know if it's 1.5 or 2.5 skills and base stats of characters. Like on RU servers daggers skills got buffed on 2.5 and they started to be useful, b4 that they are trash. Can you help me understanding how it's going to work please?
  12. In what time zone would be this one? Please say it's -3 or -2 gmt
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