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  1. @Juji this is perfect i wait a whole month for the olympiad to start to make the marks to finish the Exalt quest and i have everything else done,,and now u delete the items??Wouldnt be nicer to give a bigger period of time so we would know about it?? i just need 3 quest items and i got the rest 17 and now all my effort will be gone?? thanks a lot....
  2. So i was exping at OB and this happened at some point....was so funny for me had to share with rest ....im not good in making videos so dont hate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsNkQLVBWYs
  3. Didnt mention im in GIRAN server
  4. Human Wizard to be Necro lf competitive clan/cp to have fun with both PVP/PVE LF international EU clan ,my playtime is gmt+2 18:00-- until get sleepy PM/Mail "7Seven in game PS: I can play support if the CP / CLAN is worth and helpfull Thanks !!
  5. Yes i agree on a new server too.I created 3 chars on giran,most of the time i try to log if a disconnect happens and i cant stay up till late night to see the que has decreased!! I really hope they will make a new gmt+ server!!
  6. No i just started it .... was wondering if im bound to it and if i abort i will not have the option again
  7. If i picked to do the Rogue (1st class) quest for example can i abort it and choose other? Or im bind to it since i chosen it? thanks
  8. Does anyone experience high GPU temperatures playing the L2 classic client? When i play on live server even with 3 windows open,is fine temps 45-55 top When i log 1 char in classic i get to 82!!
  9. I totally agree with you,but still lots of EU ppl were waiting for it
  10. Giran lost a chance for an epic start of server,now all EU ppl got asleep....so better do it tommorow on a reasonable time
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