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  1. It's not paralyze, but worse. It's petrify because you can't hurt them.
  2. The extremely repetitive and boring xp system of L2 is the root of all this. The xp system ofcourse cannot change, so let's be honest; the bot makers and buyers will never stop too. At this point, the wisest thing NCSoft should do to save their game is to build their own bot, distribute it for free to all players, lower the rates and set some restrictions to the use of it, like a captcha or a time limit.
  3. Weapon type is irrelevant. You need to find an undead mob for this skill to work.
  4. Empower says that increases magic attack by 55%. In reality I noticed that it makes little difference. Am i missing something here?
  5. You mean the same raid bosses that need 50 and more people to kill?
  6. All those herbs from events don't drop so often to rely on them, so I am indifferent about them. They are welcome when they drop, but you feel miserable when they don't. But that permanent 50% boost was the nicest thing ever. Especially players who grind solo and don't do aoe or rbs, they did some real progress after a long time and they felt it.
  7. If a wiki ever comes out for our server, it will be so funny to see all those 0,0000000000001% for weapons.
  8. I am super interested in this. How do you get half a level at mid 30's? At lvl 29 I hardly make a 10% (I think). What is your char? Do you have a buffer? What is your gear and where do you xp?
  9. True. But that also means more requent btm (which has slow casting) - > less time for xp.
  10. What is wrong about the effort in grinding In L2 is that it's linear. Meaning that a player who xps for 8 hours, they will be x8 times ahead of a player who xps only for 1 hour. NCsoft tried to fix this with vitality system, so that even a few minutes of xp every day can be a good progress, but still that solution wasn't enough. The no-lifer/botter will always prevail.
  11. Is it possible to raise a char to 59 lvl without bot and say "nah, let's start all over again" ?
  12. Why you thought you shouldn't?
  13. Of course you don't care, because you easily raise another char with ...
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