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  1. Rate Class

    Sorry, your only option for rare and truly soloable class is a phantom summoner.
  2. Level cap

    There should be level caps for every month. First month of the game 30 lvl cap, second 40, third, 50, fourth 55 etc
  3. Best way to play game

    But somehow you still find the forum interesting.
  4. Exp Place for Silver Ranger

    Why EE though?
  5. A_Game_of_Cards quest

    IIRC the chances to get the biggest prize are similar to winning the lotto. So just consider this quest a fun way to pass your time during your refill trip in Aden.
  6. Gear efficiency in hunting zones

    Why do you care about efficiency? Can you buy C grade at lvl 40 and you are in a dilemma? Anyway, 99% of the server has D grade at lvl 40+, so it's certainly possible to clear zones.
  7. CDL worth it for SPH?

    Since you xp solo in 2x-4x mobs, you could buy it later and cheaper. But buy it sometime.
  8. best second support for PR

    BD does not only give crit dmg, but atk speed and p.atk. SWS only crit rate.

    At least somebody tell us a free program to bot, so we can play in equal terms.

    Avoid popular xp spots.
  11. Doesn't mental shield from prophet affect the landing rate of fear?
  12. Unstuck command

    I don't earn so much yet. I am very low level.
  13. Best weapon for healer

    Then what does affect it? That's why i asked if it is a fixed chance.
  14. Unstuck command

    I have almost forgotten what a soe looks like. I use unstuck all the time.
  15. Best weapon for healer

    Is it a fixed chance?