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  1. do you think I'm your slave? I'm not going to waste my time with you anymore. They have already discovered you
  2. DETECTIVE CONAN https://youtu.be/66xgkMKwunA a clear example of how wrong you are ...
  3. Take a good look at the one who hunts afk at the beginning of the video is Frankie, your leader ... PvP against funeralparty is much better pvp than all your videos put together, because at least it was a fair balanced pvp. I understand that these kinds of videos bother and you have to criticize them, but the suicide thing is very good. Because I couldn't beat you 1 vs 1 in life, ever. But of course if the one who hits is a noob who hits just in those 7 seconds like crazy then ... It is fun to see how he dies for a noob. PD: What are you doing with the pj from Innis? Did they sell you
  4. I do not know your experience in lineage 2 ... but I can assure you that in this server there are no 2 sides. I highly doubt that on this server there will be a pvp day or even a minimum of 2 sides fighting for rbs and castles ... This server is doomed and it will last very little ... but I already said this 2 months ago ... And apparently I'm not very wrong XD
  5. which both sides? That I know of there is only one ... XD
  6. https://youtu.be/IDlbm4Vw-Kc The epidemic ones are so good that they do things like this ... Ignis dying against a chance without equipment, when you go full A, lvl and full equipment of everything. I think you are a machine. sarcasm
  7. The essence of the lineage was pvp / pk. A real shame. The best of the pk system has been changed and now it does not make sense ... Now the new system allows you to do pk basically for free. Now the one with the most money wins ... What made this game really interesting was that system that the game had in which the pk could lose the team, today the pk is paid with l2Coin in Lineage 2. I honestly believe that if this is so, Aden's server will last very little. But hey, this is a humble opinion of a player who has played since C1 lineage 2. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to
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