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  1. @Sunshine @Juji as title says, please check after this bug. While moving to olys or going back to live, when going to PG or coming back to live, sometimes your agathions are forcelly unequipped.
  2. In the post for sure. The item was working like on EU, so i guess they just misswrote. I mean. "You can only the newbie kit".
  3. 1) P2W events, not yet available. 2) Special craft > spellbooks. Use items to craft books and gl! Chance is now displayed so you know what's ur chance of getting what you need. 3) Drop from 83+ raids, epics and end-game instances. Not yet available for the casual-low tier players.
  4. Drop rates changed since the last patch (the old one, not the one going live today). They increased drop rates for D-C-B items as you need both normal or imprint items for collections. No, the rate didn't change. I had like "24h" with 0 drops and the "24h" after i dropped 3 gloves, 4 boots, 1 helm, 1 shield, 1 weapon and 1 main plated...soooooo ^^"
  5. It's not a bug, that's working as intended. You can claim the pack once again, it's not true that "you can't claim on a toon that got it already". On EU servers i had 4 valakas necklace. On 1 toon. And the same can be done here. I took it on another toon while the tank from my CP claimed it on his main again.
  6. That's not how it works. Your toon has a passive skill that, when wearing robe, increases casting speed. This is the reason why, when wearing robe upper/lower, your casting gets higher. The light armor mastery gives you 90% casting speed BUT you lose the effect of the other passive. Means your casting spd is almost unchanged, it's not gonna increase ur casting by 90% of the cast you had with robe.
  7. There's no need to cry so much guys...let me give you a few hints. So basically, i know that most of you guys are not...you know, a 360° players, so for the most of you l2 is what you play and that alone. But for some others, like me, i like to see weekly updates from KR just to know to expect. And not just that. They announced the new patch coming in few days...and since EU and RU servers have it already, i went to check around what's coming for us. To give you a little example, altho i know is not much but: the transcendant daily quest will give you *70* cookies instead of 3,
  8. Mah, unlikely. If you wanna just PVE, then maybe you can go on, but not 24/7. Even if you want to spend 50 euros per month, you will still struggle. You can buy a few packs but "not so much worth it" as they wont give you Sayha blessings. But you will have quite some Sayha storm...but you know how it works. For 120 Ncoins daily, you can buy up to 3 packs (so 360 coins daily) that will give you, in total, 150 blessing, 30 storms and 30 XP scrolls. Prices here a lil higher than EU with 1 l8000 costing 25 instead of 20. So let's say you buy ONLY packs for XP, you buy 1 pack that gives yo
  9. Then it's no problem mate, following ur own logic, i just debunked ur whole video. Doesn't change if f11r was active (archer vs tank) or he was afk: the whole video is trash. Keep it up mate, can't wait for the next video with all the good cuts and edits! Try at least to put a 2-hours skip video between frames when you claim it and don't cut in half a 20 seconds clip to fake it. GGWP. Next please ~
  10. Frankie hunts AFKs the same everybody else does. This game is designed to be afk most of the time...so what? i let you XP 24/7 cause you are enemy BUT afk? please. What is balanced? 7vs4 is balanced? 10 people camping 1 guy on TOI is "balanced"? Be serious. What does the last question mean...?
  11. Really? go on then, post the others
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGz3f88zhVw Since you guys like this kind of video, i hope you will enjoy this one as well ~ @JoyD thank you for the amazing video, i had quite some fun replying, hope you enjoy! Feel free to ask for a remarch any time, 4-1 is still a bad score.
  13. Which one should i've recorded? the fights vs Sabi? Why? My Nvidia records up to 3 mins, the fight with that tank went on for several mins with him on melissas etc, you can see even his UDs on almost half-delay...just sayin I didn't record it cause the first 3 times she came she died, prolly forgot melissas...the other time we engaged pvp she had melissa spam on, but i didn't put auto, and after a while a titan from clan came in, knocked her down and it was 1 sec...And i'm cool with propaganda, but at least don't base that on fake and altered videos (like the clip where he kills F11R that was
  14. I downloaded ur video so i can reply to it properly later on I will just leave a spoiler here: the last part where you go in Primeval island and got NovaSK on follow...you make transition saying "2 hours later"...and the record is literally 10 seconds later the first clip. You can see ur PI time going down of 1 min, your XP didn't move and recording timer went up 20 seconds. Also, sadly, i didn't record Sabi's previous fight and full fight. He died 3 times, bsoed 1 time and he putted the record after we fought 5 mins and i went auto-hunting cause it was boring. I will gladly kil
  15. Thanks, keep ur ridiculousness for urself, ty Yup.
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