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  1. Why is sws nerfed...

    Yeah that would probably end with you that change ur mind 'cause you're too scared to do anything. Otherwise you get rekt even irl and tell the ambulance dude that you want a rematch 'cause your "physical mastery" was nerfed. Get real dude, the fact that a forum GM closed ur previous topic w/o even minding to say a thing, is already an answer. Enjoy ur SWS.
  2. Why is sws nerfed...

    I see it quite well :
  3. Why is sws nerfed...

    Beside his brain and game knowledge, there's nothing to fix. He has no clue how a dual sword works and he's crying to "fix a nerf" that is not a nerf in the first place. You're a SUPPORT who's suppose to SONG to increase pt (and his own) survivability and DPS (hunter/champ/renewal/medi). You're not a DD so you don't need the same mastery of a Titan. Then why don't we give to Bishop a skill with 108 power at lv 74 like any other mage have? WTF is this nerf to bishops with a nuke with ONLY 65 POWER?!?!? Dude, what the heck? Why my GH doesn't learn Critical chance?! AND WTF? I can't learn Critical Damage and Critical Chance at the same max lv of a GH and WR as a TH?!? NEEERF! We gave him all the reasons why is like that, he just don't want to accept that and he hopes that someone will even care about this. Sadly, none does. Just sayin' : NCWest cannot modify game files. Reason why, in order to have it "fixed" you should try and contact the game creators, the koreans. So, feel free to write a petition to the korean support and say to them "Bro, SWS are nerfed! I demand my mastery to be the same of a titan's!!11!1". Then enjoy how the devs answer with a huge laugh at ur face and a "SWS is a support, not a DPS, wtf you talkin' about? STFU and learn to coordinate with ur BD to d/s ROFLMAO".
  4. Max lvl

    Game itself has no cap. And actually yeah, i heard about a guy being lv 78-79+, it was almost 1 month ago now so...guess he's way higher now. No idea, i quit NCWest as soon as they went full scam with pendants and they left the forum/support. Not worth anymore, it was barely worth before due to the broken fake-f2p rates (let's remember : JP has the same f2p model as our, sadly, adena rate is not nerfed as our). The fact they list skills up to 80 doesn't mean that's the level cap, even in H5 you could hit 85 but you were learning skills up to 83 in most cases (or you could barely learn 1 skill) so.
  5. Why is sws nerfed...

    Too busy laughing at you, prolly.
  6. Why are SWS dps nerfed unlike BDs?

    Let's hope so. Otherwise he must really close to go full-mad, lol.
  7. Why are SWS dps nerfed unlike BDs?

    This is why i gave up and didn't tell him about how dual swords works. He's pretty sure that SWS should get a buff 'cause they are "nerfed" (even tho SWS are the same since ever) and he refuses to understand that being able to song with any weapon IS actually a real motivation to why their p.atk is lower (too hard for him to understand that BD MAY play with sword+shield but that will be just nosense 'cause they MUST wear duals to dance, so that would be nonsense to have sword+shield..while SWS can actually use the shield mastery 'cause their other mastery is the 1h blunt/sword). He speaks like he knows how this game works, he clearly get 0 clue. In his mind, probably, Duals work like : they hit 2 times. So they use 2 SS per hit. So their dmg is increased by 100%, making his power double. It also means that both the hits miss and crit together. Just do as i did, for ur own sake : let the kid cry for a "nerf" (which does not exist since they NEVER had a buff or anything like that, so it's not a nerf, it's design since ever) and ignore him. He just look at the game by a "mastery" point of view, ignoring the totality of the classes.
  8. All toons who get summons can only summon 1 at a time (this is not Live server where you can use 2, and back in the days, up to 4) so yeah. Necromancer is way...mhhh...expensive. Up 'till 44 you're basically like a WL but w/ undeads. After that you will learn Curse Gloom (quite a usefull debuff) and Death spike (main nuke) but it requires Cursed bones...so the hunting-price increases. The best thing about Necro is that a lv 50 they can learn (if you manage to find over 10kk) CDL which increase hunting speed insanely and also make it way cheaper (Curse death link > damage get stronger and stronger as ur HPs decreases). Mana sustain wise i guess that Summoner has the best one out of the 2 with cat's recharge. Even tho, after 50, Necros kill more mobs with CDL so he needs less MPs to kill mobs.
  9. I was about to say "dude, what kind of l2java crap you've been playing before coming to the retail?" than i saw the first post. "I heard Warlocks are good for healing because of infinite mana" : I wont be so sure about this. WLs can heal but they are not healers. They're damage dealers. Their main dmg comes from Summons AND their nuke (which is around 20% weaker than a real nuker skill). "what about their cubics? I know nothing about them. One is melee and one is ranged, right? Which is which? What else do they do? How does controlling them work? : You will learn this 2 cubics once you hit lv 40. You summon them and when you target a mob or a flagged player, you have a chance to active them. You have nothing to do but summon them. The binding cube paralyze the enemy, making him unable to move. The other one lands damage with a magic. You can't control them, just summon. 'till level 44, you can only summon 1 cubic per time, after you learn "cubic mastery", you will have both of them out at the same time. Warlock role in the pt is the one of a damage dealer, nothing more, nothing less. You can help with heals, eventually, but that's not ur role. You need to cast nukes (Blaze, in ur case) and send ur cat to hit the opponent (you can control ur summon with a few command, by double-clicking their name-window). Summons get different stats and effects, for example the "Kat the Cat" can recharge your MPs. And the Feling queen (lv 77) has a buff that increases offensive stats of fighters (critical rate + critical dmg or accuracy + p.atk). Don't ask me any more details about stats of summons 'cause summoners are the class i played the less in 13 years. Summoners strong point, in the classic version, is that they're freaking annoying and strong. They will level up nukes (again, in ur case, Blaze) giving them a really high DPS-output as nukers while also empowering their summons (since they used to be their main dps output). Add to that a skill (transfert pain) that split the damage between Summoner and Summon and a few debuffs at lv 76..and here you get one of the most annoying class ever made. Cubics effects : Human : Paralyze + range magic Dark elf : Stun + p.atk, p.def and atk spd debuff Elfs : Heal master and pt members + DOT. Best group for late-game : Human : Fighters pt. Lv 77 summon increases stats of fighters. Dark elfs : No idea. Lv 77 summons are tank + DD, not meant to sustain pt with buffs. Elfs : Mage pt. Lv 77 summon decrease cooldown for magic skills.
  10. Stun

    No, it doesn't. There's no base stat that increase stun resistance now. You need buffs like Resist shock or gears like epic jewels or armors (full plate H +10% resist, BW all sets +30%, MJ all sets +50%). Or, as someone already said : you need to be higher than ur opponent. Lv 40 archers attempting 100 stuns to another toon. In the left column you can see the level of the target that the archer is trying to stun, and how the % goes lower as the target goes higher. As you can see, if the opponent is around 3 lvs higher than you, you still have good chances of landing debuffs. With 6 lvs, it gets way harder. With 8 levels, 0. The test was made with toons w/o stun protections. So the result ig may be way lower if you get a proper setup. Let me edit this a moment : the rumor that says "Min debuff 10% and max debuff 90%" is ONLY working when you're fighting with an opponent of ur SAME level. Hell knight 76 using Horror skill on a lv 76 Soultaker. This is what "min 10% - max 90%" means. If the Soultaker, in the test, was lv 79-80, land rate of Horror would probably have been 0.
  11. Why are SWS dps nerfed unlike BDs?

    Dude i wont lose any more time to make you understand that : there's no "nerf", there's no "Problem", this is how SWS are. If you want to ask for a 'game-change' you must send a petition to moderators via the option you can find in the website, not crying here in forum for something none cares about. Cause none ever cried for SWS p.atk being lesser than a DD since it's a support. - The fact is, BDs are not switching to any weapon not 'cause they can't, but because it's pointless. What's the point of buying more than duals if i need duals to dance? Duals p.atk is higher than other weapons, even tho the dmg is split between 2 hits and not just 1. SWS, in the other hand, by having the mastery for sword/Blunt, even if it's lower than DD ones, allows them to play with anything they want 'cause their song are not weapon-locked. So if you want to be a lil more tanky and get some bonus from passive you can go sword/blunt + shield. If you want to have higher p.atk you can go duals, bow or 2h sword...and you wont be affected that much since, again, you're a support and you're not meant to land tons of dmg. I can understand that this guy (actually i can't, it's the first time i see someone being so mad for a mastery) is mad 'cause his mastery is weaker and he want to be "fair" with the counter-part...but he just keep blabling this nosense of the "BD has duelist mastery and SWS got the tank mastery, they're nerfed, boost them!"...dude, relax, they wont. It's useless to repeat "i'm posting numbers" etc...there's nothing you can do about it. Is not a bug, is not something that need a fix...it's a feature of a support. There's a reason why in classic version Might of Heaven became a all-target skill for Buffers and also summoners got to level up "1st job class" nukes up 'till 76++. SWS and BD got heavy mastery, so they thought that was the only thing that needed a boost. And it is, it's awesome to be a lil more tanky with them now. Wish we had that mastery back in interlude, but we didn't. It took them YEARS and a totally NEW version of the game to add it. So, i wish you luck, but KRs are not gonna change it for just ur tears.
  12. question from newbie

    First things first. Human mystic and Orc, what are you planning of playing? A human mage + orc buffer? A human buffer + orc warrior? 'cause if you wanna play a human mage, orc is not the support you need. If you want to play a mage and get just 1 support, you need a dark elf support. Also, to kill mobs as mage, you need to use magics. So take some distance from the mob and cast "wind strike" skill. After that, run away a bit, when the cast is ready again, cast wind strike again. Keep watching ur MPs and HPs cause w/o MPs you wont be able to cast magics so, in the worst case, you may end up casting 1 wind strike to a mob, getting the aggro and then running out MPs, meaning you will be forced to run 'till you get enough mana for another wind strike...which is...not good. Also the HPs are important 'cause, as you understood, you die if they goes to 0. So when you're running low on HPs, drink a potion or sit to recover them. Even tho, this is the basic of any MMORPG so...it's quite weird to explain it, lol.
  13. Spellsinger

    "Solo" is quite hard for any mage since they require buffs and recharger, but that's another thing. Speaking of SPS alone meh. They are not bad, their cast and crt rate is higher than other mages...and they're not bad in PvP either but when it comes to 'farm' they're quite the worst. SPH and Necros both learn CDL which is a HUGE skill that helps you farm way easier and faster since you can kill with 2-3 nukes mobs that are, otherwise, a 6+ nukes deal. Also, they has no vampiric skill that can save them from death if they need, they are forced to use 'battle heal'. Aaand in the end, they learn real AOE skills quite in the late-game at lv 58, while SPH learns Tempest at 46 and Sorcer learns Blazing circle at 40. To be 'fair' SPS also learn "Frost wall" at lv 50...but the cast range is 40 and it doesn't have a worth 'radius'...sooo... Damn, looking at it from this POV i really picked up the worst freaking mage to play, lol. Probably the only one who may be 'worse' than SPS is necros 'till 50 when they learn CDL 'cause they have no aoe skill (just one at lv 46, but you need to cast it on a dead-mob), they have Blaze from lv 35 up 'till lv 44 where they learn Death spike...but even there, Death spike requires bones which are quite expensive...and when mobs drops 200 adenas, you really need to 'save' as more as you can. So from the PVE point of view SPS are really trash, for a reason or for the other... When it comes down to PVP it's quite different 'cause your casting is faster than ur opponent and also, you can learn Ice dagger that bleed ur enemy. Now, back in the days i used to cast ice dagger first and the hydro blast 'cause i was able to cast 2 skills while my opponent was casting 1...and ice dagger could stop the enemy cast. I tried this in giran, and even tho i quit the server at lv 57, it never happened. Looks like nowdays it's rare to block a cast without a critical hit, and even in that case, you may not break it. Meaning that ur only "strong" point is ur casting speed and m critical rate.
  14. Why are SWS dps nerfed unlike BDs?

    Even tho it's true that, for some reason, they gave them at 40 the m.def song instead of hunter (like it used to be), i don't get what's wrong with you private-server players nowdays. BD are not switching out weapons 'cause they must have duals to dance. So it would be useless to get another weapon, beside bow, for hunt. And it's true that you can take some lowbie duals to just dance, but then what? You switch to a sword and get lesser p.atk 'cause you don't have a mastery? what's the point? lol. I'm not even suppose to land tons of dmg, i'm a support! Bows are the only extra-weapon they carry 'cause it allows you to hit from range, which is usefull in some PvE and PvP scenarios. And the fact that SWS got a lower-mastery 'cause they can use any weapon to use their KEY-FEATURE which is SONG, it's quite a 'legit' reason. They can wear dagger+shield and still being able to song w/o wasting extra adenas for a 'song-only' weapon. But what you guys seems to miss here is that SWS and BD are not meant to solo-hunt, i mean, both of them can with a proper setup, ofc, but they are pt-support. So they're like WCs or Prophet : yeah they CAN solo hunt but they don't 'cause it's kinda meh. With this Rune system in classic server where you can put a huge critical rate boost on auto-attacks, it's even easier for SWS to solo after 49 since you boost crt rate by 100%. And out of all the reason this kid could cry for, he cries for a mastery that is like that since ever. Classic version has SB drop rate lowered to 0.01%, SWS got hunter at 49 instead of 40, almost any armor looks bad on elfs...but no. He's crying for a 15 years old mastery. Oh and btw, if you think BD life is easier 'cause "they got fire at 40 qq" you have 0 clue how this games work or how things goes. 'cause yes, fire is usefull for the classes that can crit, but if you're in pt with mages, then you're useless up 'till 49 as well. In the other hand, SWS at lv 40 boost ur m.def, at 46 +20 speed and then at 49 hunter. M.def is usefull for the whole pt while fire is usefull only for fighters pts. So? At level 55 SWS learn both Vitality and Earth, increasing ur whole pt HPs by 30% and p.def by 25%. BD at 55 learn just 1 dance, the warrior one. So? I didn't see any BD qqing that they learn just 1 dance at lv 55, and thinking the same way the OT does, that's "nerfed". Oh, and did i mention the fact that SWS can actually HEAL HIMSELF with his skills whenever he wants while BD gotta cast 'drain HP' to recover the 20% of a loldmg inflicted on target? Why can't BD heal himself like his counterpart? Oh, right, 'cause this is how Elves and Dark elves are designed. I wonder why it doesn't apply to classes as well, those are not meant to be designed, i guess.
  15. Why are SWS dps nerfed unlike BDs?

    What's wrong with ur brain dude? It really seems to be off. Just 'cause YOU don't want to take them as arguments, doesn't mean they are not valid LOL. You are just crying over something that was ALWAYS like this. Even back in interlude, even back in H5, ALWAYS. And now you come out of nowhere, for some reason, and start QQing that for you it's not fair? I gave you a FAIR reason why your mastery is the same of a tank. I'm not defending NCsoft or NCwest, LOL, i'm just telling you that this is how it works since EVER so i don't get why you are crying so hard over this fact, 15 years later. Maybe it's ur first time in L2 and first time playing SWS, but i NEVER, in 13 years in L2, ever saw someone crying as hard as you for something like that. "OMG MY MASTERY GIVES 70 P.ATK INSTEAD OF 129 QQQQQ WHYYYY QQQQQQ" ignoring the fact you're a SUPPORT. Thanks god now you guys learn Heavy mastery after lv 40, otherwise i bet you would commit suicide. Back then you had a weak mastery on p.atk and even in defense, 'cause it was capped at level 35 and not 40+. The only difference here between classic and live version is that, beside extras, SWS learn Hunter at lv 40 and not at 49. I would by far understand if you were crying for that reason since Hunter is a really usefull song, but no, you're qqing for a mastery that they had since ever like that. Oh but maybe i got it! You're one of the l2java rats who is used to the life on H5 servers, so the reason you are crying here for the mastery is 'cause you have noticed that you miss the "Battle Whisper" skill that used to increase offensive-stats of SWS and now you're mad about it. So, once again, this is it : game design. If you want to play the game of the 'counter-part' then please, enlight me, why does GK got totems while Duelist don't? They are 'counter-parts' since they were designed to be 'similar'. Duelist is the stronger-but-slower version of the weaker-but-faster Grand Khavatari. There's no "nerf" or anything, game design.