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  1. Well well, and here i thought you guys couldn't kill ur servers more than that, i was wrong. Aden talisman, scrolls and boxes are char-locked, it means you can't trade or sell any of those items. Making this item a MUST p2w item. So if we had 150 players left in Giran, now we're going to get 120. Can't wait for the anniversary event to be left in 30 players.
  2. Elemental Summoner PVP dmg

    All this happened in which illegal server? Mages in C4-C5 were monsters but you had to be over-geared with valakas + WM buff + WM augment active/passive + siren, then yes, 100% m crt rate. Archers hitting 7k on titans with guts if the titans were with NG armor and the archer was Dvp. Not even in that case probably. Yes, destros in frenzy were quite OP back then BUT you had to pop frenzy+zealot and players could still "counter" that by running, ez. Summoners with nukes were as broken as supports with nukes but, again, you had to gear properly and to invest money. Daggers always had their ups and downs, and i play as dagger since ever, in H5 they were trash, in every patch pre-interlude they were good due to the full lethals but their low defenses were a "double-edged blade". After Kamael with elemental they became quite OP due to the skills getting like 2x the dmg with just a +1 on elemental enchant, i agree with that, but as i said before : daggers had the highest dmg as well as the lowest defenses, their m.def was low enough to get 2-hit by a same-lv/gear mage even with top jewels. And for the kamaels, yes, 0 delay on stun and high land rate, true, but lot of MP wasted. Here we're talking about a class that ignores ANYTHING both you and i said so far. Elemental summoners here are : Able to land insane dmg with no weapon. Able to run away with their main while the horse glitches and run over 3000+ range from the summoner. Able to spam stun and nuke with 1 sec delay. Able to ignore the penalty from the PK system 'cause they can run with their mounts while being able to land dmg. Able to port away at any time. This is the reason why they are the best pick for PKs, 'cause they simply need to hit lv 77 and learn the Magnus. After that, restock a few items like SS/BSS, get their ass up the mount and pushing 3 buttons (attack/aoe nuke/stun) from any range and win. You could say : "well, this is because people exp afk", not true. Even tho that's quite a good reason, even trying to counter-hit them is pointless. Summons have huge stats, making them quite tanky, and as i said already, their nukes and stun land around 2-3k per hit so, to PK a pt of active players, you just need to hide, send the unicorn and hold the hidro blast button. NONE of them will be able to get to the summoner. MAYBE a dagger could, but if they fail to land a backstab, they are dead, since they lost all their target-cancel skills, it's all about "kill or be killed".
  3. 84 - 85 is bugged

    Lol, Gludio server is SO dead that your top 3 levels is 84 (nice bot), 83 and then 80? And you guys barely have 30 80s...sad. Even heroes are so dead that you got 30 heroes and 3-4 of them are 2nd class...and giran is almost empty. I thought Giran was dead but Gludio is way worst.
  4. Death Knight

    Since it went live last week or kinda in the KR server, here we'll get'em in 4-5 months. Still not sure tho if the update is for Classic or Essence version of the game.
  5. Server Merge

    Just wait guys, let's see what will NCWest do to counter the NCEu announcement of the Essence server, either they make a merge, open a new server or just put a new p2w item into the store, that's gonna be fun to watch lol.
  6. Elemental Summoner PVP dmg

    Wrong. This issue first came out with GOD+ patches, where they made some classes way to OP, for example we had the Wynns with 3/4 summons or feohs with elemental working and all other classes no. After that, we had Feohs quite OP and Yulls being totally broken with lv 101 skill on GH being broken and their UE as well. But in the other hand, yulls had low defenses and so do mages. Now, summoners are totally broken OP with 1 sec delay on stun and aoe-hydro blast that land insane dmg like over 3k dmg per nuke. No delay for resummon and i may keep going. ES now are prolly the most OP class l2 ever had in 15 years.
  7. Blood Crystals

    Clan raids in MDT.
  8. Last night on Chronos

    The same way you open 1. Just push "switch accounts" on the NC Launcher and put the new infos.
  9. Help dark wizard

    Level up the main passives : Anti magic, robe mastery, weapon mastery and the others like fast hp or mana recovery. Also higher mana gain is worth levelling if you've an SE/Recharger. And ofc, all the others that may be skilled along the way like the quick recovery, boost mana, bla bla bla. As for the damage skills, from 20 to 40, level up Twister (main dmg) and vampiric touch (drain HP while dmg). Aura burn is quite useless, as well as flame strike that is AOE but you wont prolly do aoe so not worth it. After 40+, level up the following : passives : as above. all the main passives. You'll need to learn "clear mind" as well, but it requires a SpellBook. actives : hurricane (main dmg), vampiric claw (drain HP while dmg), shadow flare (over-hit skill for higher xp), Body to mind (lower ur HP to regen MPs, its usefull cause it regen mana in first place, but it also allow you to go low HP to farm with CDL), mana regeneration may be good as well (buff that increase MP regen but burns 15 spirit ores, use it wisely). Then later on you'll need as well : Silence (block the enemy's magic skills), tempest (aoe skill) and curse death link (lower HP = higher dmg). For this 3 skills you'll need a SB tho, so you need to waste some adenas on them (don't be scammed tho, be 100% sure about what you're going to buy and for how much you're buying). Oh, also 'Sleep' may be a usefull skills (as name suggest, puts an enemy to sleep) since the delay is faster now. Looks like i listed all the skills, kinda? Nothing more comes into my mind sooo, gl hf ^^
  10. Soulbreaker weapon

    You can now get Rapiers from giran weapon store, luxury or as full drop from raids. Also, rapiers now are a mix between melee and mage weapon with good p.atk and high m.atk. Soulhounds are now a 'worth' mixed class both melee and mage.
  11. SA Acumen/Conversion/Focus etc

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Runes This is how "SA" works in the classic version. Keep in mind, it wont increase pvp dmg anymore and, also, lots of bonuses are modified/nerfed.
  12. Thanks. You WIN.

    So what? servers are dead from a long time now...i mean, as soon as we had the Pendant in the store, the population of the server went insanely down. There's no Q to join our servers since...february? march? something around that? Even if the topic is 1 week old, we never had Qs. So i'm still wondering..what is he talking about?
  13. Why are you asking this on a classic thread tho? I mean...we don't have awakening (MEH, kinda.) in this version. Even tho, the answer is : No, you're wrong. On the GOD patches you were able to land debuffs on awakened chars even if you were 85 not awakened, for example. Ofc, there are limits 'cause at some point the skills gets too "old" but, you get what i mean. But in this game, everything is facked up. In the classic version a level 79 can miss debuffs on mobs lv 20, while raids lv 20 can land debuffs on lv 79 almost 100%. This works pretty much only in PVE tho, on PVP if you're too low, you wont land debuffs...but sometimes if you're higher than your opponent, you may fail debuffs. This game is random.
  14. Thanks. You WIN.

    Wait, what are you talking about? Who's stuck in a 3h queue to log in? Servers are dead, you can see them going heavy 'cause we have a lots of bots. You can clearly see it when the new patches are released. When we had the kamael update, none of our 6 servers (the 2 awakening server and the 4 classics) went to even "normal" status. Why? Ofc, 'cause we have so little active players w/o 3rd programs that we were unable to hit it for about 24h, the time necessary to the owner of the program to update. Around 24h after the update, magic, all illegals are back online and servers are, once again, normal and heavy.
  15. They didn't take cause they require no book to learn skills if i'm not wrong. Up 'till 3rd class, they learn like 5 skills, most of those skills are pre-40s. All other classes will get the a book for their RACE (meaning that, i may be wrong, even if you make a tank, you may end up taking a book for bishop).