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  1. I'm seriously worried about this things. Let's see if we get to lose the few players we have.
  2. Brooches and Gems

    We don't have brooches yet, LUCKLY. Actually we're gonna get them with a p2w event into the store AND I HOPE also ingame. In the EU version of the game, hunting X mobs will make unlock you a mission that gives you as reward some "gems", you can trade gems+adena for the different brooches and jewels to put inside. So i seriously hope we'll have this way as well to earn brooches. But NCWest is $ only, so i doubt.

    Actually all servers are dead. Giran is as dead as Gludio. There is no PvP, it's just a PvE server. People wont fight in sides 'cause, thanks to the osom developers, we have a Chain that hit the world, even if not flagged...debuffs like horror and mass paralyze landing 100% and Ponies hitting for 4k, no crit, even with top jewels. Ur best bet is to get an SWS to lv 80 and get Song of Purification in order to resist those debuffs, making pvp a lil more balanced. Even tho you will still suffer 3-4k+ each nuke from a pony. Plus, PK are going rampage due to the teleportation method and the fact they can do w/e they want when they run with mount while PKing with the summon. Not to mention this new 'legit-bot' we have ingame, making all players afk 24/7 and not even bothering looking at the screen anymore. Do us a HUGE favor, give us a "non-p2w" Live version of the game, the best patch of L2 'till that no-sense Brooch.
  4. Saving Adena?

    If the prices are not higher, you should be able to waste 3m for the +10 weapon. In any case, if you can farm mobs faster w/o shots with the B+10 compared to ur actual weapon, you should be able to earn more adenas than 2kk per week.

    I'd say "good bye and be sure to close the door", but fact is...this situation really is braindead. @Juji @Hime They really need to fix the problem by removing the teleport option for PKs or players engaged in fights (PVP as well)...it's really a braindead option that you can go and do the bleep you want and then port away. The 'revenge system' is not an option either, if he can port away any time he wants. First of all we need a fix on the summon's range 'cause they goes like 2000+ range, then remove the option for flagged/PK chars to run with a mount 'cause it's useless when they go 24/7 300 speed and their summons land 3k per splash and stun lock 100% and fix the port problem. This things comes from the KR developers, we can't do much about it, so please, do something USEFULL for ONCE. All classic servers are dead, even tho Giran is heavy, it's clearly a "lie" 'cause all you see is a PVE server with people playing over 5-6+ toons per PC with macros. Servers are dead and all this crap is making players leaving more and more every day, even tho we all know that NCWest care only about money, do something good for ur community for once.
  6. Spinels

    Yeah my bad, i meant "1kk" was the XP reward, not the adena reward. Ok...so in order to get the spinels i need to give him things...umh. I see. Well, thanks for the answers!
  7. Spinels

    @Hime I can't tag Juji but w/e. So, about this new event...i wont say a thing about the fact that is quite ridicolous an event with "1kk" reward adena and with "15-days B grade items" after you threw up into the game free jewels and free top weapons C-B-A +15...but nvm, i was curious about a thing. I couldn't find any info in the news so : Red and Green spinels, how are we gonna get'em? drops by mobs? raids? special mobs? l2store? Also : the weapons inside the boxes that you pay with tickets + proofs + adenas, are they gonna be random top C, random top B and mid & top A?
  8. You are killing the server

    Well, looking at what the KR server got...you're not wrong when you say that we have a 'watered down version of live' servers...it is almost true. The way the server is heading, we're seriously gonna get to a point where L2 classic and L2 live are gonna be almost the same. Our version will turn out to be a "what if" of the live server if we never had Awakening. At that point tho, i'd totally play the live version over the classic 'cause the live version is way FASTER when it comes to PVP (which is my main activity). The EU version, luckly, w/o the P2W (P2P model) got a way more nostalgic feeling and works way better...sadly the population is down to lesser than 1000 players there 'cause new players are afraid of starting 'cause the server is quite old...even if it takes a really little effort to catch up with top players since once you hit 78 you can compete, and gearing up doesn't seems so hard (especially with next patch, when they will also get the removal of grade penalty from gear). Sadly the game has become a huge p2w game, in general, i remember back in the days when people's complaints were about "bots" and "ebayers":..but damn, i miss those day. Back when people were crying that DVP was an 'ebayer' buying jewels and gear from 3rd sites...at least, back then, he was buying items that WERE inside the game meaning he could, at best, gear up with items that you can farm ingame. In this new versions, items into the store are exclusives. So either you buy from store or you buy with adenas. But since there's no way to farm adenas in game...well...you how to fix it.
  9. Kamael Update?

    It'll go live on EU server the 24th of this month. In the RU server probably next week. There are few infos for now, you should be able to translate things from the KR site...one thing that I REALLY HOPE we'll get is the NERF to the debuffs. With Stuns and Horror going down to 3 secs of duration. What i HATE is the new braindead Oly system that allows people to port inside with full buffs, scrolls and potions...
  10. You are killing the server

    GMs wont answer, they don't care. They can't do anything. They just take anything that comes from KR server, upload here, hope that server wont explode ('cause any time they do an update the servers are down for 2-3 times more the ETA they give) and count the money. People don't like this server 'cause they rushed things and scammed pretty much all of us with fake infos. I still remember the live they did almost 1 year ago, telling us that we would have got the 1.5 update with some "QoL" improvements, we were all hyped...then we logged in and we came to know that it was a huge scam 'coz they gave us over-nerfed rates while defending their position with a "we have the free-to-play rates" while that was a lie. Even KR, JP and TW got the f2p version and yet their rates are way higher than our. KR got several levels of VIP and they get 100/300% drop rate boost and not 50%. They removed any anti-bot protection 'cause we don't need it. Bots are allowed since a very long time and they never fought to stop it. They just pretend. All they want is to make a profit, and they're doing it quite well. As for the 15th event issue...well, i don't really know who's the guy who lead the server development, if there's someone or a team behind the server and someone who manage it...but let me blunt here : the guy or the whole team should be fired. First of all the server got over-rushed with 3-4 years of updates coming every 2 or 3 months instead. They announced that we would have got a cap at lvling at 70 (as they showed on the live stream i mentioned already) but when the first guys went over it and made 71+ they changed their mind, telling us it was all a missunderstanding. Yeah, sure. And the guys who lead the server development went so cool that when they announced the 15th event, they didn't think about the fact that MAYBE, but just MAYBE, having the WHOLE server IN ONE SPOT would have been a BAD idea. No. Instead we had @Juji going around sayin' "no...i mean...the event was twice per day to allow players from any GMT to partecipate", yo bro, welcome to ur server! Thanks for making it crystal clear that none of you PLAY this game. Allow players from any GMT to partecipate? They knew the server couldn't stand such a load and that players that were online on the 1st event would have been THE SAME of the 2nd event. You're allowing toons to go from 1 to 78 FOR FREE and, especially now that you removed the box cap per pc, you think that players wont be there TWICE per day? It is true tho, that they gave us this compensation. Wait, did i say "compensation"? Oh right, is it just a coincidence that they made such a huge event, promising that we would have get a HUGE boost on XP/SP (remember that the previous event was meant to give BOTH XP and SP when hunting the cake) and the week later they gave us the Talisman of Fate into the store? They threw us a bait, got some players back into the server with the event, screwed up the event and then gave us a ToF. That was totally like "Guys, why don't you come back to play with such a huuuge event? Wait...the event must be aborted, servers can't stand it...in order to apologize, let us give you a reward. Here's some useless 15% boost xp and 50% rune that is not even close to what the event was meant to be OH AND WHILE YOU'RE HERE, why don't you go look at the new P2W item we just introduced?!" Hope this clarify a couple things. Kiss kiss.
  11. Hero ES / OLY june / Giran

    Well I mean, could we expect anything worth from a guy who's online 24/7 and do nothing but scam and PK people on alt toon? (And that would be even worth to watch if you were fighting, but you're PKing only macros and run away from anything that try to attack you...you even port away if a toon with macro gets too close, lol). Video is quite boring, nothing but a "let me run away while my pet stunlock and splash 3k on any enemy".
  12. So with the 2.9 update, some areas got changed. Ok, but what changed? The adena drop is increased? Drop rate or items were changed? Why are those all the zones that drops Spellbooks? The drop rate of the books was increased? Sadly we don't have our own wiki and in the EU version there's nothing different.
  13. Why is sws nerfed...

    Yeah that would probably end with you that change ur mind 'cause you're too scared to do anything. Otherwise you get rekt even irl and tell the ambulance dude that you want a rematch 'cause your "physical mastery" was nerfed. Get real dude, the fact that a forum GM closed ur previous topic w/o even minding to say a thing, is already an answer. Enjoy ur SWS.
  14. Why is sws nerfed...

    I see it quite well :