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  1. hahahaha, i would be willing to bet against it
  2. no its not to level up you turn on auto macro, no need play you dont make enough gold (adena) to barely afford soulshot to kill monsters you dont get enough ether to craft items to make a set, it would take literal years to complete new players will never have fun in this game unless they spend a lot of real $, then its short lived fun anyways so its you 20-50 real people with hundreds of accounts paying real $ to 1 shot each other and observe your auto macro grind for years please, im trying very hard to find this fun you speak....where is this fun?
  3. you miss 1 day of swords and swamp xp out of how many years you played this game...its not a big deal to cry, relax melee lag has been going on for years, literally they dont provide technical info, they dont even know which event is coming or the details of the events ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i may be different, but i want to play a game and have fun...its not fun to watch your macro party lag everyday for .0022% of 1% of a level
  4. How can a gaming business release an event but not have all the details? Also, what is the email for the NCsoft korean development team or support?
  5. Why would they do that? They would lose $ from you not buying Ncoin like you did the first time for your skills. That's just bad business for them. Now maybe you see clearly this is not a game. You paid how many $ for Ncoin to play this game? You can easily pay $20 and buy a game that is fun2play.
  6. Why do you encourage reports if no one receives or reviews the reports? I sent in videos of bots several years ago, and they are still in the game today. If bots are not banned after video evidence was reported multiple times, they are never going to be banned. This game is the most corrupt mmo around, from the staff to the players, and it will never be fun again.
  7. Why would anyone invest a single $1 if they get disconnected every 5 minutes? I play other games that are more demanding on my system with no issues at all. Your f2p friend was getting a %300+ xp bonus from dish, server setting and (if they were smart) party xp bonus from 1 other toon. Also, the exalted passive exp bonus if they aren't a complete buffbot. If they did not get a level there would be a reason to P.S. them.
  8. It takes over a month to get a full 100% to level up, and thats with 1000% + exp boost. Who wants to play a game where they need to invest enough real $ to make a 1000%+ bonus to level up? The above statement just reflects leveling up, it doesn't even include the main attraction of the game, which is PvP. Why do I get disconnected every 5 minutes and lag all the time? This game is over a decade old and my computer is new and my ISP is the best available in my area. I am playing from NA, so why is the server connection and the game latency so bad? Thanks NC, I lost 60k ment
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