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  1. I really don't see why are you so mad. I think the event is not bad. And TBH, I don't even understand what is your point at all other than keep saying Juji and Hime are bad/not care. Which I think is kind of unfair.
  2. The fact that they rez each other and continue mean either they are not AFK but just hunting using macro, in which case you are actually trying to take other's spot by force Or they are bot (I don't see any one can do a macro that rez automatically). In which case, I guess you should report them.
  3. doubt about Sharing Equipment

    @Quenia How about Kelbim bow/Tauti 2 H wep? It does not share the p.att, etc from these wep? I guess
  4. Pk scammers beware with macros

    When you attack a player that are not flagged you have to use force attack. This is the how the game should work. So you should not go red if you not using force attack. But because of the net lag and bad programming(yes, it can be fixed if programmed right) this actually happened. Put it this way, if someone flag on you and stopped, and you flag back while he is not attack you again, you might go red too if you are unlucky. So It is a bug. NC just don't want to fix it. which is fine for me and I know to avoid it (still not 100% safe but..). Very very long time ago, ppl use similar bug to do safe over enchant and NC fix that really quick and deemed it as against the rule I am just surprised that ppl are so happy to see some players been taken advantage of. And while I see ppl crying complaint all over NC about everything, they seem so happy about NC not willing to fix this bug.
  5. Super Brand New Player seeking sage-like wisdom!

    The fact that you played this game for a decade and a half and want it to last another decade and half means you really like it. It proved that its a great game. And I totally agree on that. I played this game for around 5 years before 2006 and again played for around 3 years now after returned around 2015. I have spent ZERO money on this game after returned and start from scratch. I only play about 1-2 hours each day on weekdays . But I can tell you honestly that I enjoy it very much. I also respect other player who invest real money to enjoy the game (just not my style). As long as you are enjoying the game. From your post, its seems its all hate of this game and it seems you think there are 100+ other games that are better than this game but you still can not let go this game. I mean no offence, I do want more people to play this game and want this game to last long time. And yes people can complain about the game too but don't be unrealistic. The goal should be making it better not curse the game. I just see way too much whining for this game.
  6. Super Brand New Player seeking sage-like wisdom!

    Then, why don't you go ahead enjoy these " hundreds of MMOs out there" instead of wasting your time here? I found its really funny.