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  1. Hey there @YingYong - Patch Notes will be posted at launch on August 11.
  2. It was me, and yes I did! The VIP System was exclusive to Classic and is not in the plan for Aden.
  3. There were changes for sure, and we'll have those updates in the Patch Notes that'll be released for launch.
  4. Word from the top is that Aden will not have a VIP System; that system is exclusive to Classic servers only.
  5. Not at this time, @Zefel. If we do, I'll make sure to post details here, and get the word out on social channels.
  6. My week is going swell, thanks for asking! Checking on the VIP System question for ya as I type these words!
  7. Hi @uCorki this is nothing personal. I would love to be able to have all of our players be able to actively participate in all of our contests, but sadly that is not the case. There are regional laws and codes that regulate who can participate in our contests, and Brazil regulates our ability to be able to run contests like this in your country.
  8. Lineage II Aden will have three servers at launch—take a minute to vote for your favorite potentials by Friday, July 30 at 5:00 pm PT (14:00 CEST) , and the top three votes will be the new names of your servers!
  9. Thank you, @Pecus! It's great to be here, and I'm looking forward to Aden too! I'll pick @Juji's brain and see what fun we can have.
  10. They're only deleted if they're not nice. Were you not being nice?
  11. Update for y'all - I sent the question of PK Penalty up the chain, and will let you know what's up, if there's anything to share.
  12. Whoa, feeling a little popular here! I'm a little suspicious of you @Enthused--trying to get me fired by sacrificing myself—you're trying to kill me so soon?! Truth is, I will do my best to make sure that the conversations here are being put in front of the right people. I will get what answers I can, and give what answers I can give. Know that I do appreciate you all taking the time to continue to engage and give me your thoughts. Keep them coming!
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