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  1. may be players got max level and dont need macros more?
  2. no, macro looping is active on korean,taiwan and japan servers
  3. blah blah blah Man, looping macros need for help support character,not for sleep near computer
  4. It was implemented because it help to play for people Korean developers know better how to make a game
  5. You cant 100% AFK because u must target monsters. In main version of game people who use afk huting drop a gear because it go to pk by smart ppl
  6. I think that а system of macros is an integral part of the gameplay, and dont need to throw it out of the game. As for bots, they need to be fought more actively, but in reality they will still be in the game and overtaking players on the level and equipment even with all the macros
  7. I'm talking about the real situation on ncwest servers, not about your desires
  8. the owners of russian servers were frightened by the competition and decided to turn off the macros as soon as they saw the discussion about it here,lulz
  9. Man, are you serious? Go to Naia server and see bot scripters Until we have f2p subscribtion boters will get profit with bans or without it
  10. But u will play with bots, not with people Lulz
  11. its yours servers,not mine I played classic in korea and japan, it have loop macro system,but ping is big
  12. Do you want to get a record for the amount of stupid topics? You cant play and control the camera in a game under a virtual machine
  13. Go to russian servers please and dont spam about it here
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