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  1. this is what happens when you question a job poorly done. there is no point in sending a satisfaction survey email. nobody wants to play on a server where they act with this stance.
  2. the lack of communication is the summary of the quality of service offered here. they don't care about you. you are just puppets for raising money.
  3. nothing will be done. remember the huge topic of eddiev2? nothing was done, and it was the biggest topic requesting change. unfortunately the real officer only on pirate servers. there is no point in opening a topic, asking for attention or at least asking the administrator to speak up. it was a lina historia from bartz to the beginning of GOD, after that this game went from being a history game to being a money-collecting game.
  4. Lack of support. Lack of attention. The lack of quality. And all this incompetence of NCSoft has just determined the departure of 14 players from the giran server Spree went out and sold all of his items. The Lotus clan is also leaving. It would be more worthy to close the server
  5. what to expect from the future? I would like to know what we can expect from the future. will we have map update? because today the adena drop sites are limited and configured for heavy donors. the use of bot and rmt is wide open illegal servers are better supported than official servers I sincerely wish that the admins would say a word to the players. please avoid standard responses such as: we are in constant contact with the developer team. I invested a lot in the game, time and money and I would like to know if I can continue investing. several playe
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