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  1. Server still impossible to log on.
  2. Hime, what about the packs, our Clan até tring buy It for like 5 days, aways dont let us finish. More than 20 players didnt cud buy beacause of this bleeping problem in the site, when It gonna be fixed?
  3. Quest classic

    Hey guys, what about quest no grad shots, no grade weapons, and moon set d grade lv25, all working fine at the classic server?
  4. Recrutamento Clan ImperialKnight

    vi que éno talking, vou jogar de acher entrei no ts se puder ja liberar registro, se tiver alguma cp precisando de acher também agradeço
  5. Recrutamento Clan ImperialKnight

    Qual server a maioria vai entrar, giran ou talking?