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  1. I had to uninstall the entire game, now in this moment I will try to install again the new launcher. If it doesnt work, well.... It's time to leave for the good.
  2. I did what you said and it doesnt work.... @Juji @Hime how do I fix this?
  3. After installed it I restarted the PC and give me this error. How to fix it?
  4. Anyone knows if they fixed the part where this spell misses like half of the time? I want to make a necro but not taking my chances until I know if CDL works smooth before the Secret of Empire update. That was the main spell to farm as a Necro.
  5. I come from another grindy korean MMORPG game like this one and yes the DEVS from that game are incompetent thats why I left, but the DEVs here are into another new lvl..... you really have surprised me and not for good... sigh... time to cut the vip 4 until it goes away the next months... I'm very dissapointed.....
  6. SP will not be rewarded. Best joke EVER just when failed events couldn't go further Disabled 80s Event : Grow up your characters to Lv 80 in 2 weeks while they will have no skills! OMG HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAH!
  7. Now that we have Auto mode on for spell casters and Rangers is very annoying not to be able to pick up the far away loot, I would like to suggest to make Auto Loot available only for VIP 2 accounts and above, so we can get all the loot while we are hunting in auto or in manual. Also playing in manual and running to the dead target just to see if it drop loot or not is very very annoying. VIP 2,3 and 4 only can get this benefit to prevent botters with free accounts take advantage of this feature. Pls think about it.
  8. How about 1hr? Yes pls! Make it happen
  9. Yeah including the +16 Top C Weapons from last events... It's not fair TOP BOTTING CLANS got the good stuff!
  10. They should remove all the +16 weapons from ALL EVENTS including yours, the one +16 Top C you got from last event.
  11. #CampaignBackNpcFioti Or at least go to all the good EXP SPOTS and MANUALLY BAN THE BOTTERS!
  12. As we can see this game is not classic anymore and the worst of all is the rates, so how about putting the 1x Adena/Drops/Spoil? Events are the same as Live server P2W Casinos, so give us at least the normal rates. How about give us the benefit to buy Enchanted Weapon/Armor Scrolls, Beast Soul Shots, enhancement stones from the Vip Silver Coin store? Vip 3 and 4 needs more benefits instead of P2W Casino Items
  13. Yes... pretty broken.. Same people wins twice the good stuff, and I bet they sell the prizes they got because I think they already have a copy of each which is pretty sad... If I had the chance to win one I would never sell it and use it myself first, it's an epic jewellry or +16 weapon c'mon! I'm done with my monthly Vip subscription , game has a lot of bots parties farming in the good spots and same players getting all the prizes I don't know if they found a bug or a exploit or maybe they have like 20 accounts logged at the same time with Vm's.. I don't know but I'm done....
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