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  1. One way to do it is to put a heavy object on your keyboark key of the Debuff skill so the keyboard key is always pressed hahahahaha !!!!
  2. @SunshineI am sorry but you didnt answer read proper please my friend.I asked you whats the benefit of a new player that joins for example today compared to the old ones that joined from the start?
  3. Actually i am not a free 2 play person and i am paying to play.but new players must be benefit from something compared to the old ones so they can stay and catch up the old ones
  4. @SunshineHello sunshine!I got one simple question.Whats the benefit of a new player compared to the old ones if the attendance check last 30 days after server launch and not 30 days after a new players character creation?Why dont you link 1 attedance check per IP ( so he cant claim with multi acounts ) and make it 30 days after new character creation so even new players can be benefit from this and like the server?
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