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  1. I was a server admin, once upon a time, for Yahoo small business, real estate, autos, shopping and marketplace. We had hundreds of servers spread across multiple continents in numerous colos. This isn't even remotely similar.
  2. Sheesh. They don't owe anyone any compensation. If they choose to give something, good on them, but they are under no obligation to "compensate" anyone. Downtime is expected, and baked in to the ToS everyone agrees to when signing up/in.
  3. To get away from all the .. stuff ... here To the team, I know how it is with servers, and especially with location migrations. You're doing a fine job. Thanks and Cheers!
  4. To be fair though, a ping test tells you very little. It's only one piece of information out of a number of datapoints needed. Especially when dealing with a number of servers in a DC somewhere. Not to mention how each individual machine is set up and what's running on it.
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