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  1. Maybe SOLVED this problem. Install NEW (Fresh) Windows with FORMAT the HDD (make new partiotions with FULL DELETE). Now i can play w/o problem
  2. Thanks for advice, but i always use EXTERNAL ON (high-performance nVidia), and when i play i saw GPU nVidia use %`s UP. Think need new computer, but for now no have opportunity, so this game is for rich players i think
  3. For that i talking, "STILL WORKING". Our computers/laptops not wokring on L2 from 1 week, maybe forever :(((
  4. So maybe some ppl need to forget this game (i`ts passive ban for me), because i cant buy new machnie now, but i still cant log and play L2 Chronos. I dont think my computer is so old (i buy it new 2016) to can use game - 4 cores / 4 threads processor (2.4 GHz), 8 Gb RAM DDR3 (1600 MHz) and 2 videocards (external video with 2 Gb DDR3 make 732.7 gflops in bench from techpowerup.com). Is that not enough we (ppl who have that problem cant log) are forced just forget to play :((( .It`s so unfortunate...
  5. I try to start with HD graphic N3000 , but still have same problem Winlicense likes when i start with other my graphic card GeForce M920 ... (i am on laptop with 2 graphic cards)
  6. Me use laptop and still have same problem
  7. I have a SAME problem, please HELP if someone reslove this problem, to explain how to remove it. From wednesday i can`t log ingame. When use start button = close window game and а window appears Winlicense with some hyerogliphics .
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