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  1. Heya mate, Emmm based on your level you can always try to do the adena quests in your current farming location (If such exist). As an example you can try doing the Vanquish Remnants (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Vanquish_Remnants) quest in Abandon Camp or if you're currently higher lvl you can always go to Orc barracks and farm the right side of the zone and additionally take the quest (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recover_the_Farmland). There are bunch of ways to obtain money, but with no information regarding your level range, gaming hours and pretty much your commitment, its ha
  2. Loooool, Can't Stiba just log everyone and make the siege? That boy doesn't require sleep or work
  3. Heya, What weapons and armor did you use? If you gonna wind strike your way through dungeon, well, you will have hard time to say the least You could try using Cursed Maingauche or something similar to auto attack and when you go low HP, just heal yourself and ofc use some heavy armor for decent P.def.
  4. Heya, You need to kill them until you have some jewelery in your quest items (as i remember), and NO you don't have to kill 200 mobs Just bring those jewels back to the guard and you gonna be fine
  5. Mopcoi

    WTT/WTS Claymore

    Trade was successful. This topic can be closed.
  6. Mopcoi

    WTT/WTS Claymore

    Greetings, I would like to trade Claymore for Elven Long Sword, or if somebody wishes to buy it, we can arrange that also Mail me in game or send a PM to "Mopcoi (Preferably around 20.00 GMT+2)
  7. Hello, They won't be refunding you money or transfering your VIP level to another server, i've personally already asked same question and i'm quoting here GM Sylvia "With regard to your inquiry, please be advised that we're unable to transfer any VIP points from one server to another". So pretty much your options are either to keep playing on TI or to move to ADEN and buy the whole package again
  8. Hello, Yeah it's quite good for everything Hard to kill in pvp, one of best classes for olympiad, PvE is not a problem since the pet can recharge your MP.
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