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  1. Ticket #23180138 The leader of our clan was randomly ban please check tiket @Hime You cant ban this way, many people depends if a friend is playing or not
  2. Man I have been in Sos for 19 days until a tree drop me the book. Its matter of discipline and constancy.
  3. 17 days searching for sb cdl, next friday is my last day, if not drop we Will see in valhala
  4. Now i have 20k karma, is insane to try to low that amount of karma, its like 5500 mobs...
  5. There is a solution for this, DESACTIVATE FISHING
  6. Sherwood de ashenvale? Hicimos ally soy de praetorians ahharu juega con ustedes?
  7. No, with sh you have passive clear mind and you use corpse drain heal pots and body to mind, with necro something similar plus skill from zombie, with one recharge its suficient
  8. Thats true but the discussion is about fast lvling
  9. Sh is not better than necro, with necro you use the skill from the zombie and death spike use less mp than hurri
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