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  1. Updating

    re-install, make sure you have enough hard drive space, maybe you have an antivirus that blocks the update? if so uninstall it, all antivirus are useless nowadays all you need is windows security activated, if u have other programs running on the background close them when you do the update, restart your router, if you are on wifi try to plug cable
  2. Atlas's Enchants

    I think you don't understand how things work, they want to show high online numbers to their investors for how well the server is doing to get the fat paycheck bonus at the end of the year, they don't care if you wait 1 hour on a queue.
  3. Item Removal For April 22 Hello all, We would like to inform you that these items will be removed from your inventories during maintenance on April 22. Please use these items before then. Special Supply Box (All Grades) Vitality Maintaining Potion (from Clan Coins) Supply Box (All Grades) Daily Mission Reward Chest Daily Coin (Clan Coin) They are gonna delete daily coins? should I start spending them? I was saving them for the talisman of longing but if they gonna delete them I better spend them now :>
  4. Yull mp bug or new feature

    if you change dual-class while inside the party, the whole party mana regen bugs and you have to remake the party to fix it
  5. Many Many Issues

    calling the wealthy people weak-minded sounds foolish to me. if you can overcome an obstacle with minimum effort and you chose not to then you are weak-minded. the problem is not within the players.
  6. The Real Money Trade is rampant, Adena Sellers make more money on these servers than NCsoft, Bots in every possible place, players don't want to PvP because of the way the game is set right now, you can't sustain SoulShots at 50lvl+ areas, we have two separate Adena drop rates for different areas.. what? soon the few organized big clans will dominate the servers forever. these are a few examples of our reality. It feels like no one from NCsoft plays this game anymore. All communications we get are locked posts and weekly maintenance notes we really don't care about, can we have some proper communication about the state of the game, please? @Juji @Hime
  7. the jugdment day is here

    I did that : D
  8. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    my Vip4 has 530 queue my nonVip acc has 300 queu lol
  9. Hunter Pack

  10. first, this wiki does not reflect our version of lineage2 classic and second did you read the link before you posted it? lol, it clearly says Cannot be sold in a public store. here, have the real thing https://www.lineage2.com/news/lineage-ii-classic-launch-patch-notes The PK counter can only be reduced through the ‘Brothers Bound in Chains’ Quest (Sin Eater)
  11. there is no pk removal scroll in the game. check your facts before you play it smart
  12. Lag Issues

    WTF NOW MY CHAR RUNS GM MODE, YOU CLICK THE LOCATION AND AFTER 3 SEC VROOM INSTANT MOVEMENT. my box is still fine... both run from the same pc btw...
  13. Lag Issues

    10 min passed and my main still have 10 sec delay while my box is lag free wtf is happening
  14. Lag Issues

    yea something is wrong my main had 10 sec delay while my box was lag free at the same time