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  1. I know ... but in the last month or so prices for everything have skyrocketed, and like I said, I am willing to spend money, just not new mortgage kinda money . I mean I was looking at elmores and +10s were going for 120billion+. That to me is silly money. any suggestions on macros? the best I have arrived at for solo hunting is shadow chase - grim reaper - heart breaker - bluff - blood stab - chain blow - shadow reverse it mostly works, but with GH and the whole mobs back thing it sometimes doesn't. Open to suggestions.
  2. Thanks for everybody's help. I was 101. With the pots from the watermelon event, and lots of pity IT parties for the 20trillion quest from old friends from Teon I 've gotten to 106 and 105ed my dual. I was aware it's borderline silly continuing the old char vs starting new, but funk it, sentimentality and all that. And now I am past the point where the 7 day rune would have helped. I did buy the blessed exalted armor set, IMHO it was worth it if only for the pots. I am buying Artifacts. Cloak was a non starter, they go for silly prices in Naia, and self enchanting yielded a +1 elm
  3. First and foremost, I haven't played in literally years. Used to be pretty high/well geared when I played, now I know you can get to lvl 100 in a few hours and 105 in a couple of days. But I don't care . I know archers rule this version of L2, but I don't care, I want to "continue" my old Ghost Hunter. Stuff I have. Mishmash r99 set, not bloody, 3 items blessed. Mishmash = various enchant levels from 3 to 6. Baium Soul, Ant Queen Soul, Regular antharas, frint. r99 dual daggers, with 2 lvl 5 SAs (have no recollection of putting them there, but they are there and I have dozens of
  4. Even though crafting aint what it used to be, I still love and play Tyrr Maestro. And finally the class got some love
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