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  1. disabling pickup has no effect, you still pickup
  2. You need to seriously look at 105 Baylor/Kamaloka Full party of 109s, with decent gear (bloody R110, artifacts, brooches, gr.jewels etc) can't even dent the HP of the mobs. I am all for harder to play, better rewards but this is borderline silly. Yesterday we could do both instances in under 5 minutes, today we can't even move the hp of the mobs down, much less kill them. It's supposedly a 105-110 instance. If you want to stop high levels/high gear from cakewalking it ... put a level cap. What you have done right now is remove a sizeable portion of the daily exp people can acquire
  3. @Hermes No free blessed exalted pack? No 4000 NCoin Lowbie equipment pack? (like https://www.lineage2.com/en-us/news/store-update-extravaganza No exp event for lowbies? No black ticket event like Japan? You need to help push the population into the new content, not just be content with overcharging for skill books.
  4. I know ... but in the last month or so prices for everything have skyrocketed, and like I said, I am willing to spend money, just not new mortgage kinda money . I mean I was looking at elmores and +10s were going for 120billion+. That to me is silly money. any suggestions on macros? the best I have arrived at for solo hunting is shadow chase - grim reaper - heart breaker - bluff - blood stab - chain blow - shadow reverse it mostly works, but with GH and the whole mobs back thing it sometimes doesn't. Open to suggestions.
  5. Thanks for everybody's help. I was 101. With the pots from the watermelon event, and lots of pity IT parties for the 20trillion quest from old friends from Teon I 've gotten to 106 and 105ed my dual. I was aware it's borderline silly continuing the old char vs starting new, but funk it, sentimentality and all that. And now I am past the point where the 7 day rune would have helped. I did buy the blessed exalted armor set, IMHO it was worth it if only for the pots. I am buying Artifacts. Cloak was a non starter, they go for silly prices in Naia, and self enchanting yielded a +1 elmore from 40 enchants, so yeah I 'll revisit that later. I am currently on the lookout for a belt, and have bought and enchanted R110 daggers, and next upgrade will be to bloody them (even though technically that means they will never get to limited with the dark stone shortage). Got decent for now (but not top 100bil type Crit Damage etc) dyes. Jewels, I am running with the lvl 3s from the exalted quest and awaiting an event for those and the brooch. I will admit though, the cost of everything vs the 5000 adena per mob you get is daunting ... and while I am willing to spend rl money, I 'm not really willing to spend new car levels of rl money. So ... we 'll see how it goes.
  6. First and foremost, I haven't played in literally years. Used to be pretty high/well geared when I played, now I know you can get to lvl 100 in a few hours and 105 in a couple of days. But I don't care . I know archers rule this version of L2, but I don't care, I want to "continue" my old Ghost Hunter. Stuff I have. Mishmash r99 set, not bloody, 3 items blessed. Mishmash = various enchant levels from 3 to 6. Baium Soul, Ant Queen Soul, Regular antharas, frint. r99 dual daggers, with 2 lvl 5 SAs (have no recollection of putting them there, but they are there and I have dozens of soul crystal exchange coupons for some reason, maybe I should try for higher level SAs? Get level 5s and compound ...), 300 wind. I 'm thinking that should take me to 110, wrong? Back then artifacts didn't exist, so none. Same with jewels, agathions etc. Nada. But I do have a longing and a seven signs. Yay me . I know the exalted quest series gives some jewels, and what I see in the AH is crazy expensive, so I ;ll start with the exalted ones and build on them. Maybe look into buying some jewel energy thingees and hope the korean gods of random number generation shine on me and I can upgrade the exalted ones. Give me some pointers. Epics (are they still called that?) keep em, nah they are useless sell them? Someone was telling me the ring that comes with the blessed exalted set is better than either of my rings ... made me sad. Do I need p skill crit damage rings? (so I believe angel +6 or better?) Now that I mentioned it, I 'm thinkin of buying the armor + enchants from the coin shop. Good/bad idea? Should I invest (real) money in a cloak now there's an event going on? (I assume elmore since there's a lot of pve ahead). I was thinking of trying for a +7, but I 'm hearing bad things about enchant rates, perhaps I 'll be better off just buying a pre-made one later? Gear prioritizing? I 've npced lots of valuable items of old, junk nowadays, and I think my grand total is somewhere in the 10 billion range. Yeah I know, peanuts today. I realize that's nowhere near enough to fully outfit my character, I m just looking for advice on items to aim towards and start acquiring. You know, stuff to carry me through while I get my bearings. I did read around the subforum, and there's a few helpful threads from 2018 ... I just don't know how current the advice in them is.
  7. Even though crafting aint what it used to be, I still love and play Tyrr Maestro. And finally the class got some love
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