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  1. And the administrators and GM put carefully read your comments ..... Yes of course !, or if they read them but they care little and nothing.
  2. Bye byee sv p2w , warlord 64 gift with startpack
  3. They do not get anything because that way the server does not have content, it is not interesting and above all there is no pvp
  4. wl 64 lf cp o clan falo español e um poco br
  5. I bought my starter pack and my pj already has only 2 left sahya grace it is impossible to survive on the server without donating again to buy sahya, it is fine to have to pay a monthly amount but every 3 days seems too much
  6. I pay, but players who do not pay have no chance of raising or winning adena, it does something not everything is just money gm :). the player who does not pay only has the right to play 4 hours a day does not seem right
  7. Please l coin by farm or sahya grace free every day so that it is not 100% p2w
  8. The game servers will be down for maintenance as of Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 4 a.m. M. PDT / 6 a. M. CDT / 7 a. M. EDT / 1 p. M. GMT + 2 and will not be available for approximately 5 hours. They say that after this maintenance, it will be open
  9. They won't say what time they will open?
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