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  1. But are you seeing how you are talking sewer rats? You are saying that you are making f2p players off the server but who are you the president of PSG? It seems that all those who agree are millionaires and talk about working for money etc. People pay to have fun, if you don't have fun, why pay? I can buy whatever I want in the game and I don't do it, why? Because I know what is going to happen on the server, it is already dying and so much that you talk about money, learn not to waste it. F2P here and I have 200 boxes in my WH but please stop talking nonsense as if you were million
  2. It really seems to me that you are boys fans of something that makes no sense .. Be careful not to cry because I currently have 200 boxes and I have only put 10 euros into this server and why? because I have already played L2 essence EU for 2 years and I knew how things were going to go and I bought these boxes buying them at 1.5kk- 1.-8kk so currently I am not complaining because being f2p I can play at the same level as people that I spend. What makes me sad is that you say false things like that you can do things by farming etc but hey is that you are blind? what are you playing?
  3. I'm going to clarify something for you because it seems that you don't understand it ... Essence is a P2W chronicle a lot of money people invest to play day by day and compete for the objectives. This is an absurd event compared to those that occurred at the time in Lineage2 EU there people spent in the first hour of the server not 45 dollars like here but 1000 dollars because everything could be bought when I say everything is everything. Do you expect a version of Lineage2 in 2021 that helps f2p players? seriously? Please know in the game that you are and in the company with w
  4. Hi everyone! It makes me sad to have to put my opinion here certainly when I know that it will be of no use at all, but I have always liked to convey my opinion. Ncsoft what do you play? To begin with, I have been a L2 essence player since this chronicle first appeared. You said in the official statement that 3 servers would be opened, of which we currently find 2 without any date for the 3 server, it is okay. When reading your official statement in the forum, you said that you had not thought about the idea of putting the Giran seal event that for those who do not know it is an event tha
  5. So it smells like they are going to put an event or they will put it for Ncoin those objects, I do not know if the percentage is touched or not the only thing that is is is that I have spent 30 million in aden talismans and I do not have one +4 is a bit regrettable and the dragon Belt did not even reach +1
  6. Hello everyone, I have been playing essence since the chronicle appeared in Ncwest and I wanted to ask a few questions, why is aden's talisman worth 2kk? when in the opening it was worth 1kk the pack 1 a day. Where is the talisman of eva and the dragon belt? They are not in the store. And another thing I wanted to ask, I understand that there are players who play with 10 accounts and can afford the price of 2kk of an aden talisman per day but there are people who cannot play with even 3 because their computers are not that powerful or they simply do not want to play with so many accounts.
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