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  1. Man i agree with you... you cant let macro farm and earn much adena.. but i think adena amount is less then before the event.. and ports are more expensive... idk... for me that dont use a lot macro farm itshard
  2. Cant log on Giran too... servers is "light" but i cant pass buy server list to choose my character...
  3. Who can i pm in game? how many ppl are you actually? Because we are 7 active ppl, and we want know if have slot for all in clan. Ty for answer man
  4. Hi me and my cp are in giran server now and we are looking for a clan... if you are recruiting yet tell me pls
  5. What server are you playing? Me and my CP are in GIRAN serverr now and we are looking for clan. If you are in GIRAN server too i can enter in your discrod and talk with you
  6. It seems that they are wanting to "force" us to be VIP members. I sincerely hope that I am wrong. But this is the impression that gets ...... Fix this pls.. fast as possible...
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