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  1. Just go to the NPC (Cardinal outside the church in Oren) and get the quest for the 80k mobs. You will be able to do either the original quests or the 80k quest. You don't need to delete the original.

    Hello. I've never tracked that myself (how many days to get to 99). I play pretty casually (not every day due to work/being a Mom/etc.) so I'm unable to say what your experience might be. I agree with Auburn that I seemed to get more parties once I hit 99+. It just seemed like more players were in that 99-103 range and there always seemed to be something going on. If you do try to reach your goal within 60 days, I'd hope you'll come back and share your experience with everyone! Good luck!
  3. Skill Power - how it work?

    Hello, SleepingPower. I focused on the example (Feoh) that you provided in your original post because I thought you could find the answers you're searching for in the class forum of one of the game's most popular classes. But you are correct, I could also have suggested Yuls or Isses for the same reason. The link to the EU game forum was given simply to help with your questions had you wanted to check for yourself. I tend to look at several sources for information when I'm checking into something (reddit, non-NA official forums, etc). Enjoy your day.
  4. Skill Power - how it work?

    Hello, SleepingPower. Have you considered posting this on the "Wizard" subforum? I'm not sure the hardcore, math-loving Feohs check this forum much. Also, you might find some previous discussion of this by searching that forum. Oh, and I think the L2 EU forums actually have a section where someone tests a lot of this stuff. L2 EU forum - Class discussions: https://eu.4gameforum.com/forums/398/ L2 EU Experimentation forum: https://eu.4gameforum.com/forums/413/

    Hello, kkkkkkkkk. From level 85 to level 99, I used +3 and +4 Immortal R-grade and immortal jewels from using mentee diplomas. Gems and a shirt from completing the Adventure Guild quests. I did not switch to R-95 gear when I reached that level because I was saving my adena for R-99. By doing dailies and instances (and selling items from events like Oriana, Red Libra, and Freya) I could afford a full R-99 Robe set when I hit level 99. A couple of the armor pieces did not have full element on them but it was simple enough to buy the elemental stones I was missing to add it myself. I think if you don't have a ton of adena, consider buying clean gear that has already been enchanted and then work on adding the elemental stones/crystals yourself. Overenchanting gear is painful (and expensive!) so this is one way to go. You may find someone selling +6 or better armor pieces that don't have any (or has only a few) elements on it, and it will be a better option than trying to buy a +10 full elem gear on the auction house within a reasonable price range. The one difference to this is the weapon. Always try to buy the best weapon you can afford, but again if you have to get one that isn't "perfect," try to buy one that has a good enchant level and then add the elem attack attribute yourself. Gear is a bigger deal after you reach 99+ because you'll begin moving into tougher hunting areas and instances.
  6. Faction Level HELP

    The overview of Exalted is here: https://l2wiki.com/Noblesse#Exalted Eventually, you'll need Level 6 in both Blackbird Clan and Giant Trackers, and then "...level 6 with at least 2 factions from the list: Mother Tree Guardians, Unworldly Visitors, Kingdom’s Royal Guard." You have a long way to go. Work on Adventure Guild leveling because it gives you good items and gets you XP for those quests. When you begin the Exalted quests, you'll spend a lot of time working on the first three (main 3 exalted quest lines) before you can even start the last two exalted quest lines.
  7. Dualclass question

    Yes, you are correct, @cmquake ! I had a DC before changing it to a Hiero. I forgot that the individual buffs belong to the Hiero, BD and SwS - while DC's get the Harmonies.
  8. Faction Level HELP

    Hello. Please visit this page on the L2Wiki: https://l2wiki.com/Factions There is a tab for each faction. You can see the quests connected to that faction. Everyone starts with the Adventure Guild and then you could move to the Blackbird faction (Hellbound).
  9. Just coming back

    Hello and welcome back. Here are some things to consider doing: * Exalted status (https://l2wiki.com/Noblesse#Exalted). These are a series of quests that connect. Exalted lvl1-lvl3 will end with you getting an exalted cloak, exalted tiara, and a few new skills/buffs along the way. You'll hunt in areas that will open up new factions for you like the Blackbird faction (Hellbound) or Giant's cave. These can be tackled with just you and your boxes for a while. * Gear. Working on your gear (armor, weapons, jewelry, etc) is an ongoing process for many (myself included!). You'll also look into tattoos for your DD and Healer; gems; etc. If adena is a concern, focus primarily on your DD (you didn't say what you have: Feoh, Yul, ??) if that's the class you play the most. You might not be able to perfectly gear out both (for example, a separate weapon with different SAs for each class). If you tend to play the Healer once in a while, the R95 gear/weapon is fine for now. If you play both classes equally, you will need to spend some time on the DD and Healer forums to see what items you'll have to shoot for over time. * Dailies. In general, doing the different faction (https://l2wiki.com/Factions) daily quests will be how you progress from level to level. You could log in each day and only do the faction quests. That would take a couple of hours, but at least it's more meaningful than running Kartia, Kama and CC/Baylor then logging off. * Solo spots. Again, where you have to hunt for factions is pretty much where you'll end up soloing to grind XP. GreenCrusher listed some solo locations. Check them out and see how you do XP wise, managing the mobs, etc.
  10. How to start again?

    I think the Eva's rune (skill cooldown/reflect damage) makes it worthwhile for some classes. But the XP runes are what give the biggest benefit if you plan to AFK macro most of the time. If you planned to play live, I'd say just use XP buff items (like Freya's Ice Rose, for example) and refresh it every 30-minutes.
  11. Dualclass question

    I'm glad you found some useful information from my post. Okay, let's unpack a few things further. You will need someone who plays a Yul to provide advice because I've never played that class and would feel terrible to give you poor information. With your Summoner, your weapon is probably going to be a staff (one or two handed). So, right away, if you made a Yul, you will need a different weapon for it. I've read that archers need really "good" gear. I THINK that means you will need at least a light set that is +8 but +10 would be preferred (hopefully a Yul will verify this for you). I also don't know what additional Yul accessories you'd need and if those items could also be used for a Summoner. A Mage class will definitely need different gear. Summoners (physical attacks) are not considered mages (magic attacks). Mages do need robes and a staff weapon. Accessories (jewelry, etc) would be different between the two classes as well. Do you need a dual? Well, that is up to you, of course, but as I mentioned: summoners don't get any love in this game once you hit Lvl100+. If you want to get into parties easily, you'll need to play a class other people want. Yuls are wanted. So are Feohs. Having a dual gives you options. It could give you more opportunities to play the game rather than having to log off in frustration day after day because parties want AOE DDs. If you eventually want to do the Exalted quests, you will need Nobless AND a dual class. That dual will need to hit the same level milestones as your main. Even if you're not sure you wanted Exalted status, already having a dual class close to the same level as your main class will save you a lot of time (and frustration). Again, I thought my Summoner was the best class ever - until I hit 100 with it. Trust me when I tell you, it becomes so painful to play a Summoner later in the game that you may just quit (I know people who did because of this).
  12. How to start again?

    The Prestige Pack does not come with an XP rune. You'll need to buy the XP rune from the L2Store or from a player shop.
  13. How to start again?

    Hello and welcome back. If you plan to stick with your Summoner (please search the forum for how difficult this class is after Lvl100, just to be certain), the clearest path is through the Adventure Guild (faction) quests. These dailies don't actually take a lot of time, in my opinion, to finish but some are very boring (e.g. Bloody Swampland quests). This is a link to quests from lvl85 to 99, which include the Adventure Guild I mentioned: https://l2wiki.com/Quests_for_Levels_85—99 Have you leveled up a subclass? If yes, you can make it a Dual Class. That info is here: https://l2wiki.com/Dualclass Leveling a separate Iss is a great idea. Many people box an Iss. I've played an ISS Doomcryer (easy to level up) and an ISS Hierophant. A really fast way to get yourself an ISS is to level an Ertheia character. Once it gets to Lvl85, you will automatically get to choose a lvl85 dual: no need to level a subclass from lvl40 again.
  14. Dualclass question

    Hello. What level is your main and your dual now? You'll get many people (soon probably) who will tell you this hard truth: below level 100, a Summoner is rather fun and easy enough to level. You can solo quite well if you have access to Iss buffs, and a Healer is a bonus if you know one to party with. The trouble for a Summoner comes when you need to move into Faction quests that benefit from AOE damage dealers (Feohs, for example), not target damage dealers (Summoners). You'll have huge difficulty getting into parties even if your current Summoner has decent gear. Most parties want high damage but they also want speed. Shouts for AOE will be the norm when you look in World chat or the party match system. But, you asked about the dual class so I'll try to focus on that. A Healer can AFK in certain situations. For example, in my CP we will set up in the Refinery to do our daily quest. OUr set up allows the healer to create a macro for healing the party in one of the rooms. We've never had a problem unless someone disconnects while we're all AFK. But mostly we just get our quest done and we're off to the next daily. I wouldn't even try to Heal AFK anywhere else near the Blackbird Campsite - too dangerous. An Iss can use any armor type - heavy, light, or robe (although I've never seen one in a robe). So you could use your light set on an Iss (I think +8 gives you a skill cooldown bonus). Thoughts: 1. Always level your Healer in a party. Bare minimum, I think, would be a +4 Robe set which should not be difficult to find. Obviously, a higher level, like +8 Robe would be better for survivability. 2. You didn't say which Healer you have. The Dark Elf has a higher Magic Attack; the Light Elf has faster casting speed; and the Human has a bigger heal (I think). Just curious, really. Healers are not going to kick butt and take names; that's not their purpose. Think group character, not a solo character. 3. During next Red Libra, change your dual class to something else, like a Yul, which also uses light armor but you'll need to buy a bow. Right now, you can use Chaos essence to only change from one type of healer to another type of healer. Red Libra lets you choose almost any class to play. I tend to play mage classes so I'm sorry I can't give better info on all the possible choices you may have. I've found Feohs super easy to level, especially from Lvl85+. I also enjoy playing an Iss. A Doomcryer is very sturdy and has good survivability from day one. At later levels, a Hierophant gets the POM (Power of Might) skill, which is sought after by mages and warrior classes. A Doomcryer gets Chant of Bison that buffs the whole party with a lower "POM-like" buff, but it's still better than none. Other Iss Buffs that are worthwhile: A Bladedancer Iss gets Warrior lvl2; the Swordsinger gets Wizard 2; Doomcryers get Knight 2. In the end, you should definitely play what you enjoy, no matter what. But keep in mind what most parties look for. It's hard to solo effectively after Lvl102-103 so you will need some help regardless. Good luck!
  15. You're welcome. I came back last year and felt a bit overwhelmed, too. If your computer can handle it, consider creating a second account so you can level a fighter or mage class to pair with your healer. L2 allows you to legally run up to three clients of the game on the same computer. And with the help of the in-game macro system, you'll be able to create simple macros like follow, heal, etc. on the healer while playing the fighter or mage. Currently, you can obtain free buffs from the Buff NPC in towns until level 95. I think I read that the next game update will increase the NPC buffing level up to Level 99 to help people who don't have an ISS around. Yes, leveling a healer after you Awaken at lvl85 is painful on your own. It takes a long time to kill anything, and I found it frustrating. My solution was to pause my healer and create a Mage and an Iss. I can now run a 3-person party if I just feel like soloing my daily quests. No need to return to town for fresh buffs. Of course, that also means providing supplies for all my characters but I managed to do so without draining my finances or spending real-world money. Enjoy yourself!