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  1. Question about a quest.

    Hi Granny4, Have you tried going directly to the next NPC, the one in Outlaw Forest? Even if you can't click on the ? (notification of the quest), you should still be able to get the next part of the quest from the NPC. If the Blacksmith doesn't have anything for you under that quest, go to the Outlaw Forrest NPC. If nothing works, AND you are the right level for teh quest, I can only suggest sending a help ticket. I hope it works for you.
  2. Question about a quest.

    Try logging out and then logging back in again. That should get the Quest icon to reload for you. You cannot be in a party to use it to transport to Flutter. If you go to Flutter, he should give you the quest. If not, try going to Outlaw Forest and talking to Kelios. I hope it works for you. Good luck!
  3. Question about a quest.

    From L2 Wikia: Upon reaching level 46 you will get the following quest: Kekropus' Letter: A Clue Completed. Teleport to Head Blacksmith Flutter using the dialogue or the scroll to do it later. Map Talk to Head Blacksmith Flutter. Map Talk to Guard Kelios in the Outlaw Forest.
  4. Quest for lvl up

    No, you do not have to do the Ant Queen quest. In Gludio, you get the quest from Captain Bathis to go to Alligator Island (in Heine). Visit https://l2wiki.com/Kekropus'_Letter to see who you talk to next. At lvl46, you will be sent to the Outlaw Forest.
  5. holy pomander aeore eva saint transfer skills ??

    According to L2Wikia, You must be level 76 (https://l2wiki.com/Skill_Transfer). I also think the skills and pomander get deleted after transformation.
  6. We need new Leveling Guide !

    Lvl 80 - Lvl 81: Ketra Orc Outpost (mages) or Silenos Outpost (fighters) Lvl 81 triggers a quest letter to go to Dragon Valley. Lvl 81 - Lvl 85: You can do the two quests for Dragon Valley and then remain there until you are Lvl 85. Lvl 85: You'll do your Awakening quest. Lvl 85+ you will go to Aden and visit NPC Penny and Haruph (orc next to Penny) to start Adventure Guild quests. Side note: If you had a mentor while leveling up to Lvl85, you will graduate and get a Mentee Certificate. Turn that in to Mentor NPC to get 40 Diplomas. Hold those diplomas until your 30-day free R-grade Twilight gear is almost up (armor, weapon and jewelry). Then use your 40 diplomas to get one Imperial armor set, one Imperial weapon, and one set of jewelry. You should have 3 diplomas left over that you can use to buy R-grade soulshots. Good luck!