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  1. Specially Sea of Spores, it seems like CDL is not dropping at all, everyone I know that had it got on the Aden instance. Thanks.
  2. WTB CURSE DEATH LINK SB, pm in game Hikimaru
  3. I agree... it is unsustainable to have the GKs at this price and adena drops nerfed... Most of the spots will give you like 20-30k per hour, and you spend like 80k only with dailys...
  4. I strongly believe ppl should be free to decide if they want to be glass cannons, super tank or balanced, and +12 stats allow you to do that freely.
  5. That is what you guys don't get, this is not supposed to be C1, otherwise you would have to cut half of the skills we have atm, even take off the auto use of SS. This a completely new version that combine good things of all versions of l2, and having ability to customize your toon stats is a great thing...
  6. First, this L2 Classic, and if you haven't realized it is a new version BASED on the old versions of the game with IMPROVEMENTS. The original version of L2 Classic, which is the one we were supposed to get, had no cap for dyes, and I believe that is the problem, NC keep changing stuff from the ORIGINAL version without asking how the community feel about it. Second, as some ppl mentioned, some stats such as wit and int were strongly nerfed after you get to certain value, and this is enough to balance ppl that go only for one trait. And finally, you have to remember that every dye has a neg
  7. I completely disagree, at the same time that a mage will get a huge bonus by having +12 wit, ANY debuff will land on that mage, and if you've played classic before on end game, debuffs are extremely important. If a fighter goes for full str he will probably 1shot the mage, so it is a matter of strategy, some dagger for example might go full Con, some rather be glass cannons... I believe we should be able to choose our setup. Mages are only really strongs until ppl start buying jewelry, then they become dependent on magic crt + boss jewels, and having more wit is critical for that.
  8. As a positive criticism, I believe NC Soft should ask the community about how do we feel about changes from the original version of classic.... I strongly disagree with not letting us have +12 stats, since that was one of the greatest things the classic version had. It allow us to customize toons the way we want, which is great for the game, and don't get me wrong, all attributes are important and there is always a -12 whatever that can greatly impact your toon... For example, a SH with +12 Wit and -12 men will have a really bad debuff resistance and mdef, and it can be easily stopped...
  9. Recently, we've been trying to lvl in AOE spots, and we always get frustrated with random players KSing. In old times, we would just PK these guys and move on, however current PK system is extremely unfair, and makes PKing others not worthy. Therefore, I would like to suggest that you bring back the old sin eater quest, which allow us to clean pks, otherwise lvling will continue to be a nightmare.
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