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  1. Yep, that was the cause. I use batleping, but at that time I was using the Free trial version (The batleping server would disconnect every 20 min). That was the cause. Now that I'm a member, It doesn't happen anymore.
  2. In my oppinion there's only one way to kind of prevent bots, One account per computer, or one account per IP. Gonna create 9 bots? Gonna have to buy 9 computers.
  3. Minha internet tem 3 Mb uso batleping e jogo de boa cara (ping girando em 200 ms, mas é o que eu tinha tmb quando jogava lol no servidor NA), da uma olhanda melhor nisso ae.
  4. I understand that, everyone want to do things their way. But its like trying to run before youre able to walk, its just not possible.
  5. I don't want to defend the developers, not at all. But, have you tried to enjoy the game? I mean, play with friends, duel with other people, create an account just to PK everyone (never done that myself though), have fun playing the game. Not everything is about lvl up as fast as possible, have the best gear as fast as possible. Our server server os not even 2 months old, you cannot really expect It to be perfect (or nowhere near perfection), problems are still being discovered every day and because its a f2p server it'll take a long time to solve them. You bought something? W
  6. I don't know why, but every 30 minutes my game just disconnects for no reason. So, every time I reach the point to take the attendance reward my game disconnects. Is anyone having the same problem?
  7. Yes, there are 600 players in the qeue, so try to enter there server, wait a little and you will be playing very soon.
  8. Thanks for the tips guys. Also, I should explain myself better. What I mean by playing solo isn't like, always playing solo ('till lvl 70), just the first levels until I find a clan or a party to play together. So, I just wanted a class that could allow me to play solo if I can't find other people to party with.
  9. Na verdade sou brasileiro, então falo espanhol mais ou menos. Quando tiver a oportunidade entro no discord de vocês sim pra podermos conversar.
  10. Thanks man. I think I made up my mind, I'II go with ES or BD. I just can't decide now if I want to play solo in the beginning and go ES or if I want to be more party focused and go BD. Now it's just a matter of how I wanna play the game.
  11. I am really a noob, probably haven't got any friends in the server and really need advice on which class to choose. So, I think I will be playing solo at the start and if I find some friends latter, I'II play with them I guess. I want to go with PR but I don't think I can play solo with it. I don't now much about the game. So, does anyone got any tips on which class would be easy to play at the early game and not become completelly useles late game.
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