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  1. Merge servers

    Hi all, what You think about merge Gludio with Giran, and connect Aden with Talking Island servers, Gludio and Aden is almost empty...
  2. Exactly, this is bots country, sadly i stop playing some weeks ago...
  3. Giran - crashing today?

    Gludio and Aden is not recommended just for me?
  4. Giran - crashing today?

  5. Giran - crashing today?

    Hi. All servers down?
  6. I think i got banned

    Why U playing "stupid game"? U like it? Or wha?!
  7. Bots are everywhere, Mate...
  8. Exp solo/party

    Too busy making Adena & stuff by my Dwarfies My main must wait...
  9. Exp solo/party

    But never that happened!
  10. Exp solo/party

    You dont understand me. I think about 3 acc
  11. Exp solo/party

    So 3 accounts with 2 boxes then...
  12. Exp solo/party

  13. Exp solo/party

    Nope, just this server (ofc not only one)
  14. Exp solo/party

    L II beg me to make a box right now...