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  1. For what i have been tested only actives augument affect the output dmg on pets (%patack /%pcrit damage), pasive of atributes (+70 attribute augument), and those that slightly change the summoner stats (but the effect is allmost nothing, like the % critical chance) Sadly wynns scale real bad the more pve/pvp ítems are added by the developers that increase/reduce damage by means of pasive skills.
  2. I asked that in the poll they send by mail to some accounts a month ago (or a little more). It is a service i would pay, and I think a lot of ppl would pay this I played Wynn since god, and every single update they kill more and more the class. At the moment i am playing my Yul dual class I could reroll but i will loss the str dex dyes i have on my toon, would need to seal the long talisman and the brooch jewels i have. So my options are, keep playing a little more to see if they let me change my main class for dual class or if i will just have to stop playing (wynns are probably the class that need this service the most, but i think others will like it to)