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  1. Doing some cleaning to old HDDs and found this 2 screenshots... from old Naia era ...pre GoD. Xping my Sub at Vanor Silenos outside of Aden. Trick or treat event was running with active GMs at the time.... Didn't get anything special but having GM porting next to you out of the chute (while legit xp ) was an experience ! Plus Moxie looks neat in elegia Hope you enjoy! PS: pls ommit the VR buff
  2. This yull crying thread is both sad and hilarious...
  3. I admire your optimism. PlayED EM myself for over a decade and l2off about 15. Recently retired ?. If wynn finds ANY useful role back in the game (which I highly doubt it based on the current mechanics and upcoming updates) I'd be more than willing to give it a shot. PS: Even tanks tend to be obsolete nowadays.
  4. I say that with the best intention... You are delusional Class is Dead Game is almost dead As always no offense...
  5. It's been many years since summons stop having Magic Skills - spells, that use spirit shots. Nowadays pets have only physical skills that use only soul shots. Last servitor that used magic was Grim Reaper before GoD introduced class diversification. After that new pets were way more powerful and mage build on Wynn (pve) was superseded. Trivia fact is that before GoD only Elemental Master was the only one who could benefit 100% from mage setup as Magnus the Unicorn was the only mage pet and it was A W E S O M E...........especially on 300 water weapon https://l2wiki.com/Servitors
  6. LoL on that.... ppl still uses software that detect hidden targets I guess if u report u should get rid of 1 B.St weapon for good!
  7. Nice find! I'm pretty certain @Juji will report the bug and it will be fixed (amongst other things) somewhere between the next 2 and 22 major patch updates! Gz though for the discovery.
  8. The situation is getting worse... For quite a while... Imo it all began with cloak introduction... http://l2archive.d3v.me.uk/t-293560.html
  9. Actually for the record Domi 83 after freya was the BEST and most efficient farmer with Onslaught of Pa'agrio. Farming mahum quest or massive FoG trains.
  10. Wynn is not a good farmer, horrible with tank gear. Any tyrr with exalt gear can farm better than wynn and you can definitely run a tyrr with hvy armor. Actually tyrr maestro uses almost the same setup as a tank. Iss dual is your next best choice if you have a DD to lvl with.
  11. Hello, I am looking for the launch dates of L2 (NA) srvrs from Bartz up to Naia / Chronos. If any old-timer can help I would be grateful. (I'm pretty certain someone has post it in the past but I can't find it) Also if someone has the patch notes from old updates and wish to share... I would be gratefuler ??? Cheers!
  12. I can't really recall the 5 summon thing, but i clearly remember the 4 summons that were nerfed in like 2-3 months cause they were far too OP and caused huge srvr traffic . The skills u mention are remnants from an era that self buffs used to mean something. Now they are totally obsolete (apart from blessing/purge). On other news Wynn is a DEAD class atm.
  13. I wish servitors' lvl was the only flawed feature on Wynn mechanics The only thing imho that could save wynn at the current state of the game is to give him some special OP buff/debuff/disable AND healing/party protect abilities (like progressive heal/cele/party ud) so it can substitute for a 2nd iss or healer. Just before GoD (h5) there were areas like DV where Summoners were highly requested cause of the "solidarity - type" buff. At early GoD summoner was a semi DD + Disabler + stability factor and lv1 solidarity was a good side benefit (rumor has it that dismiss's grp was the last one standing ). I don't believe Wynn can be a tier 1 DD again, but there are many ways it can be a multipurpose Support. (give 4 pomanders so it can take skills from iss/heal)
  14. Concerning the xp all the changes corrrspond to regions with much more advanced gear/item progress. Game design-wise l2 has been dead for some years. No new/original/balance changing skills. Just minor changes here and there. L2 store progress still stands strong and all l2 exclusive items. I see nothing interesting in this game... sr... just a greedy company... ? PS: Aden can now be renamed to Yulladen or Yullistan.
  15. If you are not satisfied by the info u get, i strongly suggest that you test it yourself and let us know.....rather than criticizin! ?
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