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    . @Juji Displeasing news indeed, but thank you for the effort and for letting us know. Concerning the Dual separation service (if it will be available) it would be viable if the player gets to choose where the bound items go! Do you know how is going to be implemented? From my perspective it has nothing to do with XP. It is all about the accumulation of non transferable items (or extremely expensive to regain) on an unplayble class. Thanks in advance. BR, Q.
  2. dual class

    Hello, All 3 summoners are pretty equal. For macro mode i would suggest AL. Stone is pretty nice plus the - attribute debuff is very handy. EM has best crit dmg+aoe debuff. SM is the patk expert of the class. EM > SM > AL concerning the DPS but the difference is very small. (it gets noticeable only if u have very good gear). Imho it really depends on what pet u like the mos In general they are all pretty useless at the bottom of the DD list (above maestro and duelist).
  3. Shield defense

    You may also read this. There are some interesting infos about shield defense. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/1618-shield-defence-rate-and-effect/?tab=comments#comment-12500
  4. Pet Soulshot Bugg (Wynn summoner)

    Constructive criticism after 1 year and 63716 updates!
  5. Ap Setup EM

    You can and before the new harmony with +100attrib it was a must. Now i believe u can skip it.
  6. servitor's rage

    It's applied on the enemy so everyone crits more. Similar to othel's CW (critical wound). It affects only the target that your servitors hit directly. It is not applied by skills.

    I really hope this comes true! Give ppl reasons to come back and play!
  8. I guess next logical move is to merge all DDs to 1 class!
  9. Main - Dual exchange service

    Fun???! This game has turn to a macro grinding hell with a casino slot machine addon! Insane billing policy, support that resembles a illegal server and an unbending will concerning all the matters the (nowadays small) community suggests. I waste my time even typing!
  10. Main - Dual exchange service

    Make it rain! 🙏
  11. Voting about option to change main class

    Very nice initiative! I totally agree with you and i support the service as well as your approach to the matter. I also wanna urge the community to embrace this movement! Pls vote or comment!
  12. Change dual class to main

    Dear @Juji I am bringing this matter back to surface, as i would like to ask u if you would be willing to investigate (with the dev team) the existence of such a service, and enlighten us. I believe there are many ppl that need and will use this kind of service (i can make a poll for it 😜) including myself ofc. Thx in advance. BR, Q. PS: I hope you do reply 😀
  13. P critical rate of summons

    Hello, Theoretically p crit RATE is capped at 500, which roughly corresponds to 50% chance). There are some exceptions like summons and evis if im not mistaken which can go past 500. I would say that the limit would be 1000 (100%) but don't know an in game way to reach that number. I wonder mostly how p crit rate scales after 500. Is 700 p.crit rate 70% chance or the curve reaches a plateau? Take for example m crit rate that is capped to 33% even if u have 500 mcrit rate. Your question is rather interesting, but needs some testing to get an answer. As no1 cares here, especially for summoners, you might wanna ask in eu boards or test it yourself. BR, Q.
  14. Wynn??

    @Watefak Be sure to visit Classes Discussion >Summoner. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/32-summoner/ There you can find usefull info about Wynn summoner setup and abilities.
  15. WTB Elegia / Vorpal armor sets

    @KJaster They don't drop anymore on Fafurion. They have no real value they are just relics from an old era 😊. @Pleistoros You are spot on! I like to collect everything i can from that period. I have hvy sets and some mid and top s84 weapons. This aspect of the game still excites me.