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  1. I guess next logical move is to merge all DDs to 1 class!
  2. Main - Dual exchange service

    Fun???! This game has turn to a macro grinding hell with a casino slot machine addon! Insane billing policy, support that resembles a illegal server and an unbending will concerning all the matters the (nowadays small) community suggests. I waste my time even typing!
  3. Main - Dual exchange service

    Make it rain! 🙏
  4. Voting about option to change main class

    Very nice initiative! I totally agree with you and i support the service as well as your approach to the matter. I also wanna urge the community to embrace this movement! Pls vote or comment!
  5. Change dual class to main

    Dear @Juji I am bringing this matter back to surface, as i would like to ask u if you would be willing to investigate (with the dev team) the existence of such a service, and enlighten us. I believe there are many ppl that need and will use this kind of service (i can make a poll for it 😜) including myself ofc. Thx in advance. BR, Q. PS: I hope you do reply 😀
  6. P critical rate of summons

    Hello, Theoretically p crit RATE is capped at 500, which roughly corresponds to 50% chance). There are some exceptions like summons and evis if im not mistaken which can go past 500. I would say that the limit would be 1000 (100%) but don't know an in game way to reach that number. I wonder mostly how p crit rate scales after 500. Is 700 p.crit rate 70% chance or the curve reaches a plateau? Take for example m crit rate that is capped to 33% even if u have 500 mcrit rate. Your question is rather interesting, but needs some testing to get an answer. As no1 cares here, especially for summoners, you might wanna ask in eu boards or test it yourself. BR, Q.
  7. Wynn??

    @Watefak Be sure to visit Classes Discussion >Summoner. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/32-summoner/ There you can find usefull info about Wynn summoner setup and abilities.
  8. WTB Elegia / Vorpal armor sets

    @KJaster They don't drop anymore on Fafurion. They have no real value they are just relics from an old era 😊. @Pleistoros You are spot on! I like to collect everything i can from that period. I have hvy sets and some mid and top s84 weapons. This aspect of the game still excites me.
  9. WTB : Vorpal robe set (+ sigil) Elegia robe set (+ sigil) Vorpal LA set Elegia LA set Offer is 1b per set as it's only for my collection. If u wanna sell mail me here or in game (Quenia). Cheers, Q. PS: Price is fixed so no negotiations. If u don't wish to sell in that price please don't waste my time as well as yours 🙏
  10. Lacks of Tanks

    Hope it does cause l2 has become dull AF.... 😔😔😔
  11. +1 @mixa Buff is the only thing that works on cloaks. Mainly elmore. Pvp/pve passives DO NOT work.(only from bloody / dark weap)( follow @Pleistoros link) Attributes transfer 100%. From cloak augs only patk/ crit dmg works through USS.
  12. Ap Setup EM

    Hello, 1st of all i would like to suggest you to switch ur leona to a patk kain, no offense ofc. I've done extensive tests and I am certain that it will increase your OVERALL dmg comparing to leona (especially now that SoS is history). 2nd concerning ur question there is no definite answer. Giant CD is very good, but you cant be sure u'll get it (it actually increases ur pets crit dmg more than all the items u have on summ combined ^_^) . Nobl authority is for sure a much smaller boost but with no uncertainty. U buy it u have it. It all depends if u feel lucky and wanna risk it. From my point of view i would try for giant ls (if u can find them on a sensible price). There are a lot of usefull skills u can get like giant cw, cele or hp/cp. If u decide to try giant ls buy a bounch of different Requiem weapons and aug them. From the people i asked most of them got giant CD on dagger or pole, but i believe that might be a coincidence. @SoRayN Iss/heal/archer /tyrr u can play with light armor. Supports don't need fancy weapons. Feoh needs a robe and u can keep ur weapon (but u need to chose what SAs u'll use). It's possible though. Choose a dual class that can give u access to aoe farm areas! For max PVE dps Savage + hurricane shackle (with noble eagle AP, from warrior tree, the one that mentions accuracy). This AP lvls ur hurricane shackle to lvl2 which gives u a buff (that also goes to pets) +10%p/m atk for 60s.
  13. Ap Setup EM

    Reposting: PvE build -If u are an elf u can easily buy cheap dyes STR+5 / DEX -2 from mysterious fragments ( i use them also on 105 :D) -Element doesn't matter usually for pve u go Holy or Wind. -Patk is the main source of ur dmg and it's the best scaling stat on summoner. -Pets share 100% ur attribute. U need ~700-750 to get full bonus. Paagrio's pot help a lot as it gives 200 attribute to pets. 100 from buff on u and 100 from buff on pets. -The same priority goes for AP. Patk and attribute atk comes 1st. I put crit dmg on lower priority. -You are looking for all the active buffs that boost patk/crit dmg. For example Abundance tali , savage , Hurricane shackle lv2 (with noble AP), Taurus BR , PVE cloak +7++, Giant crit dmg buff Build Light armor (robe only if u have feoh dual) Retri PVE+10++ SAs Patk + HP + Tyrr or Patk + Crit dmg + Tyrr or E.Shadow Aug +70 attribute or +15% Crit dmg Or +10% patk (if u are extremely rich or lucky) Jewels B.valakas is very good the others u can use w/e. Rings S. baium + S.AQ / E.Wyrm / Creation Brooch Ruby 3 (at least) / Tanza (very good) / Diam / Opal / Emerald
  14. Lacks of Tanks

    Tanks where always a scarse resource. 1. Most people prefer to play mediocre DDs than a support. Period. 2. Solo xp tank is so over (unless u were a TK in pagans xD) . U need to be in a party to make good xp, CP or randoms. 3. At the current state of the game and the never ending macros live supports are redundant. At least in solo grind. So apart from instances and some aoe areas ppl totally disregard tanks. 4. Ppl get disappointed by the class. You need some key items and a good understanding of the class to be able to stand in the areas with good xp. There is a steep learning curve and u can be trash even in a +10 pve if u don't know how to play and what to do. Tbh a decent tank costs much much less than a decent DD. Lastly, if u think that there are no tanks in srvr i suggest u to change ur dual and play one! I did the same and it was by far the best choice. Tanks are so fun to play especially if u can afford some gear.
  15. Hello Will the counter for the items we buy with Hero Coins ever reset? (e.g. Hewr, giant ls etc) Thanks in advance. BR, Q. @Juji @Hime