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  1. Pet Soulshot Bugg (Wynn summoner)

    FYI bug is still present
  2. Red Libra?

    Including me
  3. Red Libra?

    +1 on libra ....but add dual to main service...
  4. Concerning the Jewelry Boxes (3,4,5 or ultimate) do they have a chance for Red / Blue Cat Jewels?
  5. Pet Soulshot Bugg (Wynn summoner)

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6lfxulQDKw
  6. Pet Soulshot Bugg (Wynn summoner)

    First of all, thx a lot for your concern. Did some tests today and I found out that the bug is partially fixed. Allow me to give some feedback if it might be of help. Elaborating: 1) When I log in and summon Pet_1, its SS gets activated. While, Pet_2 activates SS after Pet_1 attacks. 2) If I manually unsummon pets and resummon, pets SS still need to be reactivated manually to fix the original bug. 3) When only 1 pet dies (pet_1 or pet_2) the automatic use of SS works properly. 4) If both pets die, bug reappears. You need to reactivated SS manually. Strangest thing was that pet_2 starts using SS after pet_1 begins to consume. Video: Uploading....
  7. Pet Soulshot Bugg (Wynn summoner)

    It's been almost 2 months. Please fix this. - Bug Description: When a new pet is summoned soulshots don't work (in auto use mode) unless you reactivate them manually - Video footage below: https://youtu.be/nWoUd7Xwzf0 Cheers, Q PS: @Hime @Juji
  8. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Appreciate the content but imho solo instances are lame no fun, plus they exclude most support classes from completing them. Also the total amount of M. coins is insufficient for a proper +10 Bracelet (or 2 :D). Either make this feature perma or adjust the prices, else is just mockery.
  9. Pet Soulshot Bugg (Wynn summoner)

    Patience is a virtue! Bump ! ! !
  10. Change dual class to main

    I‘ve been playing Lineage II since 2006, and I admit I still enjoy the game. For the last 6-8 months (peaking at the current update) , though, I have found it very difficult to experience the game at its full extend, as my profession (Wynn Summoner) is being disregarded from many party activities and access to new territories as the class is greatly inferior gameplay-wise to what other classes have to offer. When I chose to awaken my class to Wynn Summoner back in 2011 when GoD was introduced neither the class nor the game was by any means the same as today and rerolling on another account after all these years and starting from the scratch is not a real option to me. Concerning all the above and the current unbalanced state of the game, I would like to ask the L2 team for an answer whether this service might be available in the near future. I would deeply appreciate if you take my request into consideration. Thx in advance. BR, Q. @Hime @Juji
  11. Feeling "down" today?
  12. Hello punching bags, I got some concerns about setting up my PvE ET and I'd like some feedback or advice. 1. My current attribute defense w/o any AP is over 700 (on my weakest attributes). Do you think that for PvE solely this value is sufficient? Does anyone know the attribute atk value of mobs in this update (or where i can find such info)? 2. Afaik the 2 folowing APs are for normal hits only (not skills): Guardian Death Shield Lvl 1 - Decrease critical damage received by -10%. Lvl 2 - Decrease critical damage received by -20%. Guardian Focus Shield Lvl 1 - Decrease critical rate by -15%. Lvl 2 - Decrease critical rate by -30%. Have you tested which has greater impact and should be prioritized? Thx in advance. Cheers, Q.
  13. Don't want to be annoying but....what about servitors' soulshot bug? Should i make a video proof? Post from 20 Aug:
  14. Pet Soulshot Bugg (Wynn summoner)

    Bump! If I start submitting the same ticket every day will i look like Bill Murray and will u give a f@k?
  15. Any update about Pets' Soulshot issue?