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    +1 It's time to focus all your resources in that.... The sh!t has hit the fan...... Stop thinking how to take our money and ..... #FIX_THE_SERVER
  2. Frequent DCs in all 3 clients. Naia is almost unplayable from PoV atm.
  3. help with summoner

    "Summoner is a decent class if you want to pve solo." "Summoner is very good char for Solo PVE" Pardon me for saying but I smile with these comments. Wynn is a dead class. A good single target DD is an evi or a dagger. Yull>feoh >tyrr for aoe. Wynn is NOT a good pve class nor a good pvp class. Wynn is NOT a good class. I can support my saying with 2 dozen reasons.
  4. Totally agree! If new accounts were really new players all this mess would be for a reason, but better not fool ourselves.
  5. Just my opinion of what's happening!
  6. Atlas Earring +12

    QUESTION : Does this earing gives only paralysis or it concerns all confusion type buffs?
  7. Feoh Test Registry

    Hello, I made a list with tests and guides I was able to find concerning Feoh's skills and build. They helped me a lot to make a setup and to put priorities. Hope they help u too. It would be nice if there was input from the community also. Skill power 27% vs 12% matk https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/14654/ Feoh mastery trigger rate https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/22425/ Faint chance https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/659918/ Mcrit cap 33% https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/12958/ Mcrit cap vol2 skill enchant https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/617968/ Mcrit cap vol3 http://l2archive.d3v.me.uk/t-266108.html INT effect on dmg https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/15855/ INT effect on dmg vol2 http://l2archive.d3v.me.uk/t-251825.html +15 Magic weapons dmg per grade http://l2archive.d3v.me.uk/t-258881.html Caster+sigil vs retri http://l2archive.d3v.me.uk/t-248755.html Old forum feoh section http://l2archive.d3v.me.uk/f-269.html Feoh full guide https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/657491/ PS: Some of them are outdated but you can make comparative conclusions PS2: I needed to refer to another "retailer's" website as in our version there are no tests performed!
  8. Summoner settings

    It's old guide not yet oudated though. Paagrio pots are weaker ice roses . Tauti is useless. Not 100% sure but i think enhanced Exalted retri works with sharing equipment. Keep that until u can afford a Bloody +10 or higher 3SA. Dualskills: -Berseker Rage ONLY if u put in your macro to attack/hit with retri (that's the only way it triggers). It boosts pet patk by 27%+0.7*27%=40%. Nice buff with 45sec off time. -Fixed Patk -If u have good pcrit dmg items u can also take the concerning dual skill (5%crit dmg) 2 main skills that you should know about: Sharing equipment : Shares to Pets PvE/PvP status from the following items ONLY: From PvE or PvP weapon u get 15% PvE or PvP attack From Shadow weapon u get 10% PvE attack {i believe it is the same for exalt weapon; not 100% sure though} From PvE/PvP armor u get defense status ( if u have all set u get -20% PvE or PvP dmg) Ultimate Servitor Share: For 30 min., shares the following with your servitor: 70% of P. Atk., 60% of P. Def., 50% of M. Def., 15% of Max HP/ MP, 10% of Atk. Spd., 30% of P. Critical Rate, 15% of P. Critical Damage. Meaning that if you gain 10k patk on summoner pets get 7k patk. If u get 15% crit dmg on summoner (s baium) pets gain 15%*15%=2.25% crit dmg on hit. All active buffs work almost double (170%) on pets. For example when you have BR your pets' atk +100% and your char's atk +100%. But because of USS the 70% of the boost on your char trasnfers to pets. So pets attack is enhanced by 170%. I hope you understand what i'm saying. I will strongly advice you to read the posts on the section to understand how wynn's skills work.
  9. @Hime There is nowhere written that the Big Vitallity pack will be unavailable due that date! It's just gone!
  10. Thank you for extending the server settings!
  11. Summoner settings

    I have posted this more than 5 times in the section. FYI Wynn is a dead class Reposting: PvE build -If u are an elf u can easily buy cheap dyes STR+5 / DEX -2 from mysterious fragments -Element doesn't matter usually for pve u go Holy or Wind. -Patk is the main source of ur dmg and it's the best scaling stat on summoner. -Pets share 100% ur attribute. U need ~700-750 to get full bonus. Paagrio's pot help a lot as it gives 200 attribute to pets. 100 from buff on u and 100 from buff on pets. -The same priority goes for AP. Patk and attribute atk comes 1st. I put crit dmg on lower priority. -You are looking for all the active buffs that boost patk/crit dmg. For example Abundance tali , savage , Hurricane shackle lv2 (with noble AP), Taurus BR , elmore cloak +7++, Giant crit dmg buff Build Light armor (robe only if u have feoh dual) Retri PVE+10++ SAs Patk + HP + Tyrr or Patk + Crit dmg + Tyrr or E.Shadow Aug +70 attribute or +15% Crit dmg Or +10% patk (if u are extremely rich or lucky) Jewels B.valakas is very good the others u can use w/e. Rings S. baium + S.AQ / E.Wyrm / Creation Brooch Ruby 3 (at least) / Tanza (very good) / Diam / Opal / Emerald If u want to know about Wynns... browse the section.
  12. I totally understand your point... I made a kind request cause i thought it would be a very good timing for NCW to support their players they way they support them over a decade now. One thing i know for sure is that if there is i minimum initiative in NCW, somthing will happen.
  13. Hello, First of all i would like to apologize in advance if i offend anyone by talking about this sensitive subject. This is an honest request addressed to @Juji & @Hime . Many of us are being confined or even put in quarantine due to this terrible outbreak you might all have heard of. At this hard time L2 is a great comfort and recreation. In the frame of this event, I would kindly request from NC staff to bring for the week(s) that follow a player friendly event (or even extend the current one) so as to make the game and our time spend in it more enjoyable. Thanks in advance for your consideration. No offense! BR, Q. PS: Godspeed to all of us.