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  1. Suggestion for Tanks

    Or play sigel hell knight...
  2. Feoh Macro Template

    I am a magician 😁 *Use it once manually after that it works *
  3. Felt like i wrote that... If I wasn't so tired and disappointed about the current situation... game is *yawn* boring...(and expensive)... Btw lf a decent H5 srvr if any1 can help...
  4. Back after a short break

    Hi at the current state of the game I have only 1 suggestion... Run away from this l2 provider...and don't look back... If you wanna know why browse general discussion section, last 2 months posts. 😁
  5. Haven't you get it already that L2 game is the supplementary feature to L2 store... Not the opposite! ... we're gonna be sinkin' soon....
  6. L2 evolution...

    A very nice and nostalgic video... Enjoy.... https://youtu.be/6Vphb8qfeCI
  7. Effective AOE skills for Summoners

    Apart from SM the nature of wynn's skilks is fine. Power needs to be fixed, like tyrrs. The main problem is ITEMS. All new gamebreaking items boosted DD classes significantly. Unfortunately on wynn they do not affect the main source if its DPS... Its PETS. Not in a proportion that matters. Apart from that Wynn has no role in pt anymore. He clearly can't compare to DD classes. Even though he has the tools to play other roles in a pt, semi tank, debuffs, disabler, its abilities are too weak to be viable (compare wynn to druid in wow) . Imagine that instead of DPS he could use his tank pets and apply mass CW with his new loyalty mechanic😁. It is a pity that the class is left to die.
  8. Effective AOE skills for Summoners

    Hi, I used to be a Summoner addict myself (started playing the class a bit bfr god introduced 2008/9) it is one of the most challenging classes that needs good coordination and game mechanics knowledge. Now is undoubtedly the worst class to play (even maestro got fixed) . i understand your frustration (apart from SM all wynns are trashed), realistically there is nothing to be done, neither from Juji nor from any1 else in NCW as game balance is only kor Devs responsibility. I have written blocks of text concerning wynn, tried to help many wynns and make suggestions concerning the class like this f.e. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2631-wynns-rehabilitation-program/?tab=comments#comment-19568 ... But i got tired of fighting and w8ing... All in all i suggest you to accept the status quo and move on, so you can enjoy the game. I did the same thing with great difficulty and experienced the imbalanced state of the game. L2 is NOT balanced and Wynn is definitely a dead class (at least outside oly) ... I hope it wasn't but it is and from the upcoming updates i do not see any great improvement. Best regards, Q. Ps: I mean no offense, just a suggestion!
  9. Casual Dragon weapons

    When you actually get what you paid for... πŸ˜€ ... While we struggle to get an item above +7 with 80+ luc. Can I transfer there? https://youtu.be/L3ar89nONPA https://youtu.be/G1px_4GwUvA Enjoy!
  10. Nc anniversary combo: 7day vit maint + DCs + Queue... Someone has a very wicked sense of humor back in your HQ (or no sense at all?) Pls get your **** together... I ve seen illegal srvrs that are much more responsible!
  11. Raid Boss Isabella - Garden of Spirits

    Hello, i admire and envy ppl that start to play this game as a grp! Unfortunately the game is more RNG than RPG... Meaning the random casino aspect dominates over the wonderful role playing content of the game (no sarcasm here)! If you don't enjoy gameplay here you can find other retailer (even unofficial) to suit your playstyle. No offense. Cheers, Q.
  12. Did 16th Anniversary Boxes Stop Dropping?

    It's a mystery where they drop... Where they should and they don't and... Where they shouldn't but they do.
  13. For mediocre gear i used the following setup. I am very satisfied. 1. Puller / crowd control / Tank Main Tank (TK or HK) - good def and aura pulls a spot ezily, w/o any spam. Dual Dread - fast with lots of stuns and huge pulling power (i use in PI or plunderous plains) 2. Buffer ( with a libra agathion, the old one with the balance skill, buffer becomes semi healer in common regions) Main Domi - very versatile in and out of party Dual Hiero (max dps) or SwM (Mp issues + def buffs) 3. DD Feoh or yull πŸ˜„ I use feoh and am very satisfied with that setup. Yull atm is stronger with top items cause of high skill crit rate. Feoh mana shield helps if u have def prob. Also snare is useful in many cases. Hope I helped.
  14. List of goods in short supply

    Market presents inflationary spiral. All these items used to be 1/3 - 1/4 of their current price, not long ago. Dunno if it's the high demand, the huge increase in income from TZ or because they were removed from some NPC's / Bosses. In any case logging 10 boxes just to fish- farm Elcyum or putting items on L2 store boxes is not the answer. Market needs fixing else we ll go back to 500 regular players + 2000 boxes.
  15. Collecting tolls for farm

    Submit a ticket that's textbook extortion for spot... It's banable imo... Fingers crossed for IP ban... Let us know how this worked out.