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  1. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    + UI Accessible content up to 105 Iss changes Recipe system Circlet of power Npc relocation Relvling bosses - Inconsistent mentee rewards TERRIBLE nerf on open field farm Crafting system Problems not solved : Elcyum scarcity L2 store exclusive items only available 1/2 per year attainable only with ncoins Soon 80% of srvr will play Yull Conclusion: 3 step forwards 5 step backwards!
  2. ISS Dominator out of Party

    Make an iss hieroph invite him in pt and enjoy free sonatas and PoM with 10 spirit ore. Whining for such things is laughable imho.
  3. When you realize it, it is really ridiculous! And ofc the whole matter stays totally unanswered.
  4. Dear @Juji Firstly congrats on l2 team for a well organized, communicated and implemented update. Now concerning the new crafting system, I am really curious on what basis Ether is a bound material ?! Players that farm on open field took a major hit, as their income from dropable mats, which were sold in public shop, suddenly got 0. In order to compansate u introduced new materials. Considering new mats' prices (10k adena) the only practical way to earn some adena is to accumulate mats and craft, which synergizes very well with recipe npc. How is it possible to accumulate tens of thousands of Ethers (needed for r110 gear) w/o being able to trade and with a daily restriction? You need 100 days worth of ethers to craft a 60% weapon recipe! The obsession that "Devs" show into excluding players from new content is really irritating. This kind of issues, alongside with elcyum scarcity, ninja adena nerfs etc, should be addressed cause they send away more and more players every day and for no reason they attract any new. Best regards, Q. PS: I wouldn't be surprised if you soon introduce the aforementioned items as rewards in l2 boxes!
  5. L2 Store Promo: AGATHION CHARMS

    Same experience! +6 was my max pretty easily, 3-4 agathions.
  6. Zodiac Agathion Charm Book of Growth went in the fine print i guess.....you rascal you!
  7. Bloody Bow vs Kelbim Bow

    If u really wanna test dmg difference w/o any uncertainty get a Lilim knight transformation scroll and use his skills, that have no fluctuation, on the same mob by equipping the 2 bows.
  8. Mass trick effect on m. crit cap

    Hope my time doesn't go to waste
  9. Mass trick effect on m. crit cap

    @n0nserviam Thx for the input.... i found also this which clearly confirms what u say. My point is mainly that it concerns the defender stats (debuff) and not the attacker (buff) thus it might work. I ll try to test it myself after red libra starts. If it is true and it really is +10% and not *1.10 (3.3%) it is a major boost as mage crit dmg is over the top, so much it needed to be capped.
  10. Hello, 1st of all good job on patch notes and excellent decision to cut out the vit condition. i would like to ask what's the status on Mysterious SSR/BSSR recipes. Will we have new and the old ones are gonna be removed? Are we obliged to buy from l2 store only? 2ndly even though i strongly commend you on the attribute stone fix, you should consider that elcyum are in extreme scarcity, an item much needed for players to experience new 110 content. This issue should be soon resolved. BR, Q.
  11. Mass trick effect on m. crit cap

    Hello, It is well known that m.crit is strictly capped in 1/3 aka 33% chance and cant be affected by any buff/skill enchant on the attacker side. Although, if the target is affected by Othell's Mass Trick ( Inflicts confusion among the enemies. For 20 sec., M. Evasion -10, and Received M. Critical Rate +10% on the target and nearby enemies) does the debuff goes past the m.crit cap (33% + 10%) ? LF confirmation.....else i should try to test on Red Libra as spoiler will be needed in WoW update! Thanks! PS: If @Juji would be kind enough to check i'd be gratefull!
  12. lv2 book = 5 x lv1 + 1,790,000 adena lv3 book= 12 x lv1 + 4,290,000 adena
  13. Why does so few class use crossbow?

    Most weapons can be decently used from 2 classes , at least, apart from bows(xbows) that are used only by archers. Your best choice for dual would be Yull Ghost sentinel....100% same gear and more effective than trickster...
  14. Immobile damage and faint

    Thank you!
  15. Immobile damage and faint

    Hello, Does anyone know if the AP : Lvl 2 - Increase damage on immobile target by +10% increases elemental burst dmg when on faint . Or to put it better a target affected by faint considered immobile and the dmg boost applies?