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  2. @KeepthePeace your CP members are detagged.
  3. @KeepthePeace but like you lost before it could begin..
  4. @KeepthePeace but you lost by having WTT detag ... so you lost the challenge
  5. @KeepthePeace -- you lost before you accepted.. WTTAggroedWife is in TheFallen... Degus Maihanni and Epikka dont login.. so that leaves you @yoda -- trust me the server knows all about your lost cakes @Norbit -- You guys arent understanding the request, he is saying your whole clan must accept but your CP other than you and zu are detagged most days of the week.. :D.. Eclipses and Junkarigan
  6. ..you posted a video that shows you guys getting owned in pvp and the last 6 minutes you just standing watching your clan get farmed?? Wtf is this?
  7. 1. Where you're from: OH-IO 2. Char name and class: THEN: jaGerX (SE lvl58), HavikX (Sagi lvl 78 / EE lvl 76) NOW iJager (SE/STS) 3. Original server: Lionna > Bartz2.0 > Zaken > Chronos 4. Level and % today: 105/105 5. How many times did you quit and come back? Twice.. Interlude ~2007ish I quit until GoD in 2011 came back for fresh start on Bartz2.0 and quit in ~2014 until Zaken for another fresh start in 2015 and havent quit other than short breaks for work/vacation or something in life
  8. The price of the items also wouldnt be a concern if it was less RNG. Innova has brooch gems that can be bought from mammon and purchasing gems from their L2 Store allows players to pay a slightly higher price per gem but select the gems they want. This alone would be a major source of income for NCWest.. Players would be more inclined to buying 100 rubies than a 100 random pack. The return would be greater for you as well. Innova charges ~35 cents for a specific gem box instead of the 20 cents for a random box that it would average out to for the large random pack. The Euro is still currently
  9. jaGerX

    Chronos Siege

    @Shooooooook "Come fight us in Aden" #Shook4118 Gets wrekt.. makes excuses.. You could fight us any other day of the week when we ask for: 7v7 14v14 21v21 28v28 7v14 7v21 7v28 The only pvp you guys attempt to do vs us is in Aden on normal siege inside the castle walls with MP regen.. Dim siege you dont even waste your time lol last siege you came once and couldnt get past the doors..
  10. Its not like you lost by a couple thousand.. you lost by 1/2.. lol And "borrowed" gear but you always have these items in oly and when you beat me by 10k damage and I have half items.. this just shows you how bad you are when even playing field
  11. Thanks for posting that video.. lol 2 18 ferios procs, 6 brooch brs and a stage 2 dragon weap (nova) vs 1 18 ferios, 2 brooch brs, 0 dragon weaps (ms) and took you guys 10m... LOL
  12. You have only been seiging on Chronos since last September... You were losing Zaken with an entire 100 person alliance to 1 cp last February... Prior to that you were a nobody on Bartz... @Fooz hasnt seen a dragon since 2016... RIP https://gyazo.com/4225e8800b8578cede7221c14ca2a9d6 Easiest pvp of my life... @Surgical facts vs craps... MS has grown 3x since we/I joined... and quite of few of those CPs joined because of me recruiting them... We gave up some shitter crybabies like you that die to subpar players like @Fooz @TheWatcher this thread is li
  13. jaGerX

    iJager in olympiad

    Wow snowflake, you finally won a pvp... how about last night when I made your PT pr in <1m
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