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  1. you talk as if 200 accounts is easy to manage. can you imagine logging in 1 at a time, 200 accounts? that takes about 3 hours. and what happens when the server decided to crash or your internet spiked? there goes your 3 hours. then spend another 3 hours to log in again, sometimes having to wait behind 200-300 toons in a queue - FOR EACH OF YOUR 200 TOONS. you think managing 200 toons is easy? have you ever consider the pain, a full time job just to login in each character? not to discuss fitting them for armor, weapons, jewels, artifacts, cloaks, circlets... damn, i cannot imagine
  2. No, that’s not the case. This clause isn’t new, it has probably always been there, inserted by lawyers to cover their ass in case one day decided to start charging and no legal lawsuit can land on them. It’s just a protection clause and in this days and age, charging does not make sense so likely they won’t ever do that. when people say, it’s never free, it’s because the power ups, boosters of XP, damage consumables and gambling like random boxes that provide fault sense of free gift — is the life blood of the business.
  3. I woke up at 5:30am PDT and everything disconnected, I thought it was my internet provider. Lol. So it’s you ncsoft lol it’s you!!
  4. How many years did you quit? Lv.99 cap seems like 8-9 years ago. There is a Lv.105 cap era, Lv.110 cap era and now Lv.120 or no cap era. Each era is like 3 years, which is forever in a 24/7 non-stop competitive game. look on the bright side, coming back is starting over; what char you had probably not the best or got nerfed; you can make any new class you want and make supporting toons, being self sufficient at the same time. Coal mines is a gift for easily boosting Level99 toon to level106. So easy, it’s like free boost. If you think it’s hard, think 100 times harder during the 1st
  5. I find my evi to be lacking in dmg power, is it because I focus on boosting skill power rather than just pure basic old fashion patk crit.dmg? If evi has a combination of skill power attacks and old fashion patk crit dmg, what % to park.c.dmg vs skill power? Can any evi share your 12 line macro? I like to study them vs. mine, thanks.
  6. Lessons learned is if you really want to get ahead in this game, you have to be jobless and by that I mean you make more money passively like on Bitcoin or real estate than real jobs... I don’t see how anyone in this game can be lv. 120, yes I saw a character Lv.120 posted on the winner of Olympiad. Got to have no life and a lot of time, dedication and money.
  7. I say with super nerf enchant rate, 45b for +16 bless R95 sounds about right. I think mine is a slasher 3 SA. Email me in game if you’re interested in getting ready for Red Libra. I also got +20 bless R 3SA weapon, but I want 100b for it due to its rarity of enchant level no graphical effect.
  8. Wow so much anger and disappointed customer... sometimes I wonder when these complainers joined LineageII? 2 years ago? 2 months ago?
  9. It is hard for ncfail but seriously permanent red libra, cmon!
  10. Ok, I did some tests. Worse thing you can do is log in and doesn't move, you'll be for sure get disconnected. But if you log in and move you around, open inventory, join a party... then I think you'll be fine until some other variables D/C you that's not of the same mechanism.
  11. I think Red Libra is a fine idea to have it permanently be part of the game. I quit for 4 months because I wanted to take a break to focus on other more productive part of real life so I can feel rewarded for my time/energy. Bring back a little fun and variety should be highly encouraged not discouraged.
  12. What's the new mechanism if you log in and you don't move or have command action of some kind, be it a regular toon that XPs or Giran toon shop - that you get automatically disconnects? Is this a published fact somewhere? a feature to speed things up for server? what is the published seconds? 60 seconds? 120 seconds of inactivity? I find this very ridiculous because there are times when my toon can just stand in a town for an entire week and not disconnect. there is just no consistency here. I like to get some answers to this.
  13. You avoid the obvious and try to be self righteous. I sorry to disagree but you're not going to stop people from login 27 accounts with 9 real hardware PCs/laptops with 3 each. In the end the people with means are going to get what they want. I am here only to clarify the WHY single VM, which is not really a third party software - it's on the same level as Microsoft Windows 10, it's an Operating System that L2 client sits on... it does not later L2 client in any way, it does not enhance or get play advantage PvP or Pve adavatange - NOTHING. It's like an OS L2 clients sits on. If you
  14. If I use 2 Bitcoins to buy laptops, how many can I buy?
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