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  1. did you even f watch the video? and did you even f read the link? NCSoft actually recently just hired a lead Unreal Engine 4.0 master to lead the team...
  2. Botting?

    No, that doesn't happen. Also botting in MMORPG communities has received an upgrade using A.I. to detect patterns of impossible human behavior and systematic patterns that are not possible with 12 lines of "sanctioned" auto-play - since 2015/2016 period. Blizzard Entertainment was the first company to implement A.I. to detect illegal software use for World of Warcraft and eventually NC followed with L2. Those who complain today and try to sound like I don't know what I'm talking about and there are still botting... well, let me tell you, they probably never seen when the WHOLE server was botting up to the eyeballs - especially PVP. Nowadays, it's kind of like the Don Corleone family in Godfather... those who kiss Don's ring (the Lord of the Ring), may get special pass - especially if you are commercial affiliated aka "farming" and you don't engage in player-to-player combat. PvP using botting program is a BIG NO NO can be caught by A.I. and you will be banned.

    where and how do you get this "altar earring"?
  4. Insanely bad quality of service of this company

    for me it's the XP in Enchanted Valley - it's now HALF of before the update
  5. Fifth Hot Key Bar & Lineage 2 shop

    I actually like the 4 + 1 aesthetically looks great if you don't open Alt-T for checking player's stats... on my strongest DDs, i almost always open Stats menu because I want to know if I'm getting full buff...
  6. how to make shots now?

    Thank you! Found the guy, same merchant, actually in one of the sub menus, says for Dwarfs
  7. how to make shots now?

    my dwarf make shots based on receipe in the craft, now everything is gone. how do you make shots now in this new update?
  8. What do you guys think about Unreal Engine 4.0 secret lab in the works at NC Soft top secret underground South Korean alien bunker? Real MMORPG for PC Lineage II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgymtmt72Q4&t=40s Another one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-XUmgYnmR8 If NC Soft successful made Unreal Engine 4.0, it might solve the memory leak issue known for Unreal Engine 2.5 AND the game might last until 2040. ROFL.
  9. Redlibra Event

    no way... really?! what cost substitutes it?
  10. oh alright... you win. i lose. how's that? hehehe.
  11. Lucien Bracelet event

    you're amazingly precise on those dates, thanks. LOL
  12. Does Sayha's God jewelry ring has physical skill crit dmg or just normal physical crit dmg or both? With magic it's so much easier since it's all skill based. Thanks. Sayha's Ring -Stage 1 146 MP + 53, CHA + 3, LUC + 3, Normal Attack/M. Skill Critical Damage +20 + 20%, Atk. Spd. + 6%, Casting Spd. + 6%, Damage Reflect Resistance + 30%, Resistances Against Fixed Damage Effects + 5%, Physical and Magic Atk. Skill Power + 5%, Movement Speed + 2, Physical/Mental Resistance + 10, Accuracy + 2, HP Recovery + 10%. Resistance to the following abnormal statuses: Stun/Knock Back/Knock Down + 20%, Hold/Pull + 12%, Seduction/Petrification + 10%, Poison + 40%, Aerial Yoke/Dismiss Party Member + 5%, Danger Zone Resistance + 10%. damn it - nevermind, it says normal but on Chronos, our description is a lot more vague... just says "physical" doesn't say normal attack
  13. Lucien Bracelet event

    Are Lucien Bracelet only an event thing? How often do they come per year?
  14. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    What? you can't sell mats and receipes anymore? Then how do we fund our shots?
  15. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    What is "BREAD" libra? Some type of Neflix's Messiah drama series bread breaking with Jesus on the Last Supper?