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  1. @Juji Does crafting chance for God jewels depend on LUC stat? For examples, Grand Kain 1 is 50%, does LUC affect success rate? Thanks.
  2. Pull out some old laptops, is Windows 7 not supported anymore by Gameguard? With Windows 7 machine, it'll only work after a fresh reboot. If any of the 3 lineage2 clients DC, re-launching will give Gameguard error only if it's in Windows 7. All Windows 10 machines, if there is DC, relaunching that 1 client, no issues. I can launch 3 clients in a row no issues in Windows 7 but only after a reboot. So when 1 DC in Windows 7, I have to force DC other 2 and reboot the whole Windows 7 machine. @Juji Is there a patch or fix for Windows 7 machine?
  3. You forgot broken leg and broken heart. LOL the Haves and the Have-Nots have never seen a greater divide.
  4. sorry you didn't get to use it all. we all made that mistakes sometimes. some of us have life, some work, some travel the world. Lineage2 is just a game. BETTER BE.
  5. I wonder why I haven't seen Mixa in few months now... looks who bottomed out now?
  6. does anyone care for Homunculus? I find that system horribly designed... I find draining your blood and using up your vitality is absurd... and the types and variations is so confusing, I don't know what is what
  7. first time xp event i did not spend a single dollar. seriously, very rare for me. rather used what I already have. i felt the enchant rate so low, etc. just milking us like we're dumb or something. no longer. venir prices, everything prices just astronomical, are they inviting millionaire kids to play this and buy everyone out? i feel like that's kind of what's going on.
  8. Has server capacity increased? Not seeing queuing anymore in this XP event.
  9. This seem to be isolated to you and some other unknown person Dawe knows, so very few people experience this. you know the option to close client when you launch one right? it's a checkbox. WHENEVER you encounter a special bug situation where it says NC is already OPEN, just CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up TASK MANAGER, under PROCESS tab, look for NCLAUNCHER2, highlight it with mouse, RIGHT-CLICK and END TASK. once you END TASK, you can launch a new CLIENT.
  10. so bitter where are all the gratefulness? i'm so tired complainers... all they do is yap all day and suck thumb and feel "POOR" - that is a great state to be in!! didn't you know if you become more grateful, you'll make more money? more money = more gratefulness = more MORE money? complain all day = more poor = LESS money = complain more = LESS LESS money... omg the intelligence of the people here is beyond me. seriously, shoot me with a bullet PUH LEASE.
  11. Poor people = mouth muted. Rich people = even just eye glances, "YES SIR!" "RIGHT AWAY SIR!!"
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