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  1. My only experience of lag is turning in IT quest, after 10 SECONDS, i see the 20.7b xp... if that's not lag, I don't know what is. HOwever, in the field, I don't experience any lag.
  2. ah ok. well said and I agree.
  3. Party Solidarity System Need Serious Improvement

    You completely missed my point on server congestion and extreme issue of lack of xp spots. I at least attempt to PROVIDE a solution to that congestion. Unless I hear it directly from @Juji or any GM, I am less inclined to take your words as gospel. Provide us the community some proof that your statement is grounded in facts not conjecture.
  4. game is free, if you enjoyed lv.1-106, then everyone can decide what they want to do. a group of friends can still have fun at lv.106 together doing lv.106 stuff - all free.
  5. About 2 years ago, I tried to batch create accounts. What I experienced is 4 is the maximum accounts you can create per day, there is an unspoken said limit. Despite what the customer service may say. If you're just creating one account, ignore this. But if you didn't share with us you already created 3 or 4 and you're attempting to create a 5th account, you won't be able to until 24 hours later. Switching computer, switching browsers is always a good thing for L2 account management. Browser cookies and page caching can create problems.
  6. Instance Question

    You don't need to bother GM with these type of questions. Whenever L2 gets a major update, certain instances increase in difficulties as a reflection of the overall server end-game content difficulty so you can get a sense of your defense and offense power. I remember when we used to do Baylor Lv.97, we thought that was difficult - and for a time being, it took 2 parties and coordination and to undo that invincibility mode from 1 of 2 bosses, etc. And eventually overtime, Baylor Lv.97 gets easier and easier. In fact, one of my alt clan saw me and called me "sensei", he saw me go inside Baylor Lv.97 SOLO (1 human 2 hands 10 fingers, with 7 toons) and came out less than 20 seconds later. Yeah, I killed 2x Bayor Lv.97 bosses 5-7 seconds each, LOL. BR was still flashing, timer hasn't finished yet and I killed 2x Baylor. It was easy because you moved up in level, you improve your armor, you improved your weapon. But then Kama Lv.99 came out. Boy, that was a serious awakening. So we worked a little harder to improve what we thought was good armor or good weapon (READ: not good enough, time to improve it). Then eventually the difficult to do Kama Lv.99 eventually was able to get it done in under 60 mins, by the time I hit level lv.104, i was able to kill ALL FIVE BOSSES solo (meaning, 1 human with 2 hands and 10 fingers), kill all 5 bosses in less than 8 minutes. Meaning, less than the time of the maximum +10 songs timer (5 mins plus 3mins) - before it ends. Fast forward 3-4 years to today. The new Baylor entering from Aden's NPC is quiet difficult - to me, it's a welcoming sign of a challenge that I want to defeat it. I don't see anything wrong. It's a feature not a bug. I believe the Kama today might be Lv.109 instead of Lv.99 - of course the difficulty is going to be hard depending on your level difference. In the game mechanics, there is a multiplier and divider between your level and the boss's level. It's meant as a balance for those lv.111-113 players so they won't think it's too easy or waste of their time for the XP rewarded. Trust me, if you're lv.109 with Enhanced Exalted weapons, a group of standard geared toons @ Lv.109 - not Lv.108... Lv.109 or Lv.110 with just Enhanced Exalted weapons - the whole party working together, can take down Kama Lv.109 five bosses in less than 65 minutes, I guarantee you. You just can't complain about the grind from Lv.105 to Lv.109 Get it now? Every era, there are upgrades and improvements, level increase but at the same time XP rewarded increase. If you can't do them, that's not NC's fault. There are plenty of other contents you can do. Yes, just because they allow you to be inside at lv.105 doesn't mean the boss level are lv.105. Just means, if a group of higher, stronger levels like you, you can be invited to "leech" of them.... you should THANK NC soft for being considerate to allow you inside at only Lv.105 not complain about it.
  7. Party Solidarity System Need Serious Improvement There isn't enough XP spots in many of the most critical levels for majority of the players so why does NC West not do anything about the PARTY bonus system, to encourage higher density Constant Parties? @Juji @Hime Have these been talking points forwarded to Developers or being forwarded to Game Designers to see if we can get some re-balancing of the game mechanics in light of server population growth in the past 2-3 years? Thanks.
  8. You can tell these are Drifters.... post once and never once respond to any of our responses... what a waste of time. But you're right, new comers expect end-game content like in 2 weeks, the're delusional.
  9. Says no Photoshop, did not say you cannot crop. I include the original uncropped version as well.
  10. Ok, I edited and changed link. Try again. 4K https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_NgUqh3TBsgI4W5jjhrt0DIRW8OXaGnS/view?usp=sharing Crop version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x-jm3BQie_unTOAgEx5D6QvcPYnogMd9/view?usp=sharing
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x-jm3BQie_unTOAgEx5D6QvcPYnogMd9/view?usp=sharing This is mine and is extremely difficult to time... Chaos Symphony, Self Buff AND nuclear bomb in the background AT the same time in a real live XP spot. I followed all the rules yet none of these had the originality and colorful beauty that I have attempted to express in my competition photo.
  12. Have the 16th Anniversary Screenshot Winners announced yet or no?
  13. Fixed an issue where network logs were being created in the Lineage II system folder. Thank you for fixing this, crashed one of my system with 20 gigabyte Network.log file. I had to use TreeSize.exe utility program to detect such anamoly.
  14. I agree party bonus need to be encouraged - NC, if you're reading this, please provide that 50% party bonus permanently. You just need social skills to get into a clan and you won't be so lonely. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. If you need help and in Chronos server, mail GhostintheShell and see what I can do to help you. If you're not on Chronos, best of luck.