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  1. OMG, this feels like a bladder that we've been holding on to for 15 years and now finally went to see a Urinologist!!! Goooodaaammnit!! HELL YEAH ADDRESS THIS ISSUE NOW!!! I don't understand why we can't even take Oriana quest item without resorting to inventory madness! This thread is right, the dualclass issue is not 80%, it's like 40%.
  2. Afk macro, and dropped items from pk

    That's some serious patience by the pk scammer lol to drag that long.
  3. Macro loop deletion

    trio combined lv.103 is for self only. yeah long haul flights, maybe POM isn't as needed... going have to experiment on that, but that's good catch. POM is best for raids on compressed time. I just didn't have to have too many variations of macros as I don't let my party go afk, i always watch them nowadays, and can remote monitor them, brez and resume via my cell phone anywhere. 2 POM freed up can provide the final melody and sonata OR /target healer and give Wizard since Healer running out of healing MP sometimes is the reason why party dies or the resuse rate too slow OR /target tank with Knights Lv.2.
  4. Macro loop deletion

    I find complainers of macro loops typically have NO IDEA how hard a truly afk 24/7 party is. I have a lot of experience in this field so let me shed some light on this. 1. Macro loops only allow 12 Lines of code. How many lines? 12. Yes, only 12 lines. 2. To be truly 24/7 *afk* ISS requires /target as 1 line and harmony as 2nd line, that's 2 lines used out of 12 for 1 character buff. Without buff, no macro afk can survive unless you're in an area that's get nearly no useful xp. ISS can buff itself out of MP unless /delay line is used, so that's 3 lines robbed to buff 1 character right off the bat, leaving you with 9 lines to deal with other chars and rest of the buffs. NOT EASY. 3. Let's do the math: if your party has maximum of 3 people, that's 6 lines used and 1 additional line for /delay <seconds>, that's 7 lines. 5 lines for rest of the buff, you have to sacrifice 2 buffs and this is without POM. 3 people party 24/7, you probably could get only 1 DD, 1 healer and 1 ISS. This is probably the most popular model since you just need a single laptop. 4. I run a 7 party system within the legit rules of ncsoft and here are the challenges: a. Mode1 (Not AFK): I have a non-afk BOOSTER macro that will give harmony to characters that normally doesn't get harmony in a persistant 24/7 mode. b. Mode2 (orgasmic AFK 24/7/365 Dreamland): This afk long flight mode can only give 2 characters harmony, that means I have to think about 5 characters not receiving harmony... and for most people, that means PARTY DEATH. Out of 12 lines, 1 line is used for /delay loop, leaving only 11 lines. 2 lines to /target 2 chars harmony, 9 left. 2 lines to actually give harmony those 2 characters, 7 left! 2 lines to give POM to these harmony chars, 5 left! Of the 7 possible buffs from ISS, I have to eliminate 2. And 5 of my characters don't have harmony, including tanks and healer. 5. other considerations: PK scammers. PK scammers are like parasites within your blood stream, they exist as a natural evolution to the imperfect ncsoft development's code loophole. Be as it may to bleep and moan, it's a reality that we 24/7 orgasmic-addiction Dreamlander have to face. You as the survivable of the fittest want a private life to spend quality time to enrich your life, like romance, sex, career that rewards you with self esteem, social status and money to buy a house or multiple houses, etc. All that in a given 24 hours, takes time. What if in that 24 hours, you only have 1 hour to play because you deem your RL (real-life) more important than this game? So you adapt or quit. In the face of real botting programs, that has infinite lines of code, with sophistication of infinite if-then-else statements and programming conditions, including auto brez, etc., we're faced with a real challenge of collapsing the entire game community. so NCsoft took action and adopted Blizzard Entertainment's Artificial Intelligence breakthrough and NCsoft HQ wrote a paper on exactly using the latest artificial intelligence to help combat bot programs. It's job is to help crunch mass data to home-in on a A.I. like pattern of gaming that's outside of the norm of possible in-game code capability. Although this A.I. detection algorithm is relentless and capable, it will also detect macro loopers orgasmic-addiction Dreamlanders like me but they will make me the exception because I did not use any advanced features of outside programming. My macro loop is very fragile, like I said, nearly no buff, no harmony, you go try it yourself and you'll know how hard it is when mobs, cast instant death spells, stuns your entire party and pull you away from your location... all these factors can down your party just like that... It's horrendously difficult, if it were so easy... all those complainers would do it if they could - THEY COMPLAIN because it's hard and they can't do it, watching others FEW who could do it... Anyways, back to the PK scammers. They're a natural evolution of parasites. I'll tell you, there is nothing you can do, single target, next target mobs only, or whatever you think you can self /target at the end of macro or beginning, it doesn't matter. You WILL BE scammed by PK scammers because I believe they employ illegal software to time it so perfectly, they will exploit the loophole. Now, the scammers don't give a shit about getting banned, their account are only there temporarily. Just like the gun control laws, who suffers? all the legal law abiding citizens suffers. the criminals will get guns whether it's the law or not, same with these scammers... they will use illegal 3rd party program to PK drop your Greater Jewels and other insane pieces because they're criminal. They can only hurt law abiding citizens because the only way to combat those PK scammers is to use similar intelligent 3rd party software to auto detect a scammer nearby by virtue of the actions they're performing on me and stop the macros, but we can't use that... and the criminals knows that. Some will claim you don't need a 3rd party program to scam, whatever. My primary point is clear, for legit people with macros - life is not as easy as you think. All the whiners and complainers, get on the program and try macro it yourself. If you really can afk 24/7 macro loop yourself and YOU DECIDE in your F HOLINESS that you choose NOT to, then come see me. Because I guarantee you if you COULD, you would. You complain because the restrictions of the macro system make it so it's DIFFICULT and either you're under-geared or under-leveled or without patient to tinker with the macro system that's freely available to you to try. 6. Loser mentality. To be a winner in real life, make no excuses for your sorry ass state and learn the rules of engagement that makes successful people successful and do and apply them in game. Lineage2 is a mirror sandbox of real life because it mostly free and loosely monitored, just like the real world. When I started Lineage2 back in 2004, I was making barely above poverty income. Over the years, I have seen people let this game got the best of their career and marriage, crashed and burn either or both of them. I am focused on what are the fundamental plate I wish to build my future on and that is, no matter what, I will never let this game or anyone or anything affects my education, studies or my career and I have a laser focus to get ahead in life. I've have had to quit Lineage2 seven times in the last 15 years, from 2 months to 2 years, but never over 2 years and last 5 years, I have not quit unless I go on extended vacation like one I recently had - 2.5 months of total hands off. I even lost my clan hall ROFL, I bought it back then. Curse myself. Anyways... the point is, be responsible for yourself, take full responsibility for anything that has happened or else if you haven't learned your lesson, the universe will come haunt you over and over again, until you do. 7. I am grateful to NcSoft. This sounds kind of dumb but it's true. A grateful heart goes a long way in life and so I want to give thanks for NCSoft despite how much money they have earned or literally kind of abusing us, it's all free will. They didn't force you at gun point to buy Nc Coins did they? So when I think back of all the good memories and experiences of each tier of challenge and our creative ways to try to overcome those difficulties, I see it as one of life's biggest training and using a game platform, which happens to be a MMORPG platform to do so, I am grateful for the expansive meaning it brings. I don't know if my real world income increases many folds has anything to do with this game or not, or the success comes from a set of methodology of successful habits applied everywhere, I know memories - not things are the only thing you can take with you when you die. Because of that, creating good memories are some of my most sought after focus in life, I will pay great price for "time" and for the "opportunity" to create great memories. This is a little beyond the game but just sharing with you that being grateful is a habit and this habit will lead to the "best probable futures" if there are 5 doors in front of us and each door represent worse probable future to the best probably future. The right door will open in alignment with your energetic projections, positive or negative. GhostintheShell / Kannouteki (original LE female archer from Seighardt)
  5. Servers Down

    "oooooohhh... okay...."
  6. Servers Down

    it's "look i have fallen and I can't get up!"
  7. Servers Down

    NC soft and leadership, you guys really need to address this near daily if not weekly unplanned server shutdown issues. I am not telling you how to run your business but you're pissing off and literally pissing "ON" the most loyal and hardcore supporter of this game, many others have left or quit. So listen to us and please get your acts together. At a minimum put out a reasonable explanation as to why such constant and unacceptable shutdown persists this past month.
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

    9+ hours. Ok, life's over.
  9. I agree with EternalNoob, Draecke and all others who suggest UNLESS YOU HIT CONTROL WHEN YOU ARE RED to kill someone, you cannot drop items. Make the CONTROL KEY, THE CONTROL KEY the center of the attention, period. Problem solved.
  10. Macro loop deletion

    Most people who complained, in fact I would say all of them about macro loops, doesn't know how difficult in higher PVE areas to macro loop completely afk - in fact nearly impossible. Mobs can pull you, instant death can knock out half your HP or more with magic AOE, etc thereby throwing your nice little routine off and eventually party dies rather quickly. Macro 12 liner dumb shyt cannot come anywhere close to real botting software with no code limitations.
  11. Chronos Down

    reimbursement time
  12. Wasting boosts

    Currently using 200% XP-III Rune 7day, need NCsoft to compensate me for unannounced unscheduled server outage and who knows how long?
  13. Let machines catch* machines!
  14. I have come to trust NCsoft in their ability to discern botters from non-botters. After 14 years, I am the #1 most sought after by live players to claim that I am a botter. GhostintheShell runs 9 toons during classic, auto-follow that look like trains in catacboms. In Live since GoD, maximum party is 7, and that's how many characters I have, 7. In the years since GoD, I cannot remembered the amount of people calling me botting, botters, bots, whatever names they throw at me to get me riled up. But I never botted EVER, period. That was my #1 rule. I may have bling bling but I will NEVER bot to get ahead, not PVE or PvP. To that end, NCsoft bot detection team and along with their Artificial Intelligence assist 2-3 years back bot detection for pattern recognition technology was able to catch even the most subtle botting programs. The only automated legally allowed are the 12-lines of macro and they are extremely limited and your parties often die while you AFK - that's allowed. Over the years, I have seen countless claims that I don't bot bans. All of them do something suspicious. I got a Korean friend who got 2 of his DD banned, though he claimed he didn't bot but nobody not even me can get him to ever admit - but I will tell you this - right before he got banned, for 2-3 months he's been telling to me to bot, after all those years of not botting, I flat out refused and don't even want to entertain that idea. He probably got frustrated from all the years of other botters or program users including pvp programs, that he wanted to level the playing field. Not 2 weeks after, his 2 DD got banned. He cried and barked and to no avail, a 14 years L2 veteran and a good friend, was never the same. He doesn't have the income that i have to sustained mistakes or what not and eventually real life catch up with him and he has probably quit for good, not sure but getting banned is no joke. So if you want to keep your investment, don't bot! Years ago, I heard with speciality Razer series hardware keyboard and mouse, you can automate MMORPG via external hardware not software - even that I was careful such those borderline can be categorized as automation assistance outside of what's sanctioned by Ncsoft - even that I never used - I was that careful. Up until July 2016, I never used the L2 built-in macro because for some reason or another, in the early years of GoD, the 12liner Macro suck so bad, not sure if because of the network technology lag or what not, the macro would break and skill combo don't connect well and really buggy. So for majority of the GoD period, I was using 3 keyboards, 3 mouses and physical press every function keys manually. Once I discovered the 12-line of sanctioned macro assist, I went from 7x characters lv.102 to 104 quickly. Getting 7 toons from 104-105 was a bleep but I did it. In any case, kudos to NCsoft for the A.I. implementation to catch bots. Let's machine caught machines!
  15. @Foxes you phocking wish...