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  1. What is the most op class?

    @Juji i be curious to see how many dualclass are highly ranked. even if Dev don't want to do it, is it possible you can at least publish once a week on a static web url that wouldn't poll too much of the server resource since it's scanned once a week and during downtime server maintenance. This then you don't have to deal with Live data polling.
  2. What happened to Ruler's Authority's descriptions?

    oh cool, thanks guys. <gulp> I can feel a sense of sweat coming on at first lol.
  3. What happened to Ruler's Authority's descriptions? Is this me or this was just a bug that will be fixed? There is no descriptions now on Ruler's Authority belt, does that mean we lost all previous stats? That's an expensive belt to loose all its power without any fore warning if that's the case.
  4. New Pay Even Brooch Before you invest have a look

    I only have FIVE (5) Level-6 Brooches. I know some else has SIX (6) all on 1 toon, they're insane. 1. Greater Ruby (Lv.107 Yul) with +23 bless thrower. 2. Greater Tananite on Yul 3. Greater Pearl on Yul 4. Greater Ruby (Lv.107 Dagger) with +20 bless dualdagger. 5. Greater Sapphire (lv.107 Feoh) with +20 bless buster. Everyone else has full stack Lv.4 brooches, including Lv.4 Blue Cat's Eye on Feoh I am proud of this Lv.4 one haha lol. I thought I had a 2nd Greater Sapphire, I don't know if I lost it due to didn't claim unsold in Auction House. I might have sold it for 150b and I forgot.
  5. Returning to live and got no quests past 85.

    That is correct because I recently had to Noble one of my lower toons. Starting with Tarti in Gludio will get you started with 200 mob quests, then 500 and finally 1000 mob quests to set you on the path to Lv.100 and get Noble status. No running around, convenient Scrolls of Escape will be provided. Noble status is important to begin your new journey into Exalted Quest Lv.1 to Lv.6 which sets you on the path from Lv.100 to Lv.110.
  6. Lv.108 mobs Tanor Canyons vs Alligator Island

    Thanks guys, shall make a trip to both soon to make some tests pros and cons of both area. After all this is a game and we must maintain our vigilance of being "adventurous" otherwise we have killed the spirit of why we're here. Like saving and hording money in real life, be sad if you got sick and can't enjoy the money or you got no time to spend the money. Don't forget the true purpose of everything we do, otherwise we have become a "slave" to "the system" whatever that may be, in real-life or in virtual-reality.
  7. New Pay Even Brooch Before you invest have a look

    there is a timer... after that timer, you can't edit, so better edit before timer count down kicks in. Maybe it's 5 minutes.
  8. Lv.108 mobs Tanor Canyons vs Alligator Island Which of these xp spots do you prefer and why? I have a party of 7, they're well geared Lv.107 toons.
  9. Question regarding the brooch system.

    didn't notice that change until my top toons now got la vie en rose's brooch lv.5... wohoo... most of my toons has lv.2
  10. Can NC lower the Lv.11 to Lv.12 clan requirements? I mean seriously, we don't have that many players anymore and things has got to move forward. Maybe lower the requirements to level up a clan or offer some other ways to gain extra clan points? Have an event? Something.
  11. S80 Armor PVP removal

    why remove a piece of history? museum quality like CD/mm Crystal Dagger Might Mortal ;P
  12. that's because your shop got super powers
  13. Add option to trade circlets

    oh - for other types... that's not going to happen man...
  14. Arias bracelet

    those bracelets have gone the way of the dodo birds
  15. Drop rate calculation bugged?

    what's the lowest xp area for lv.107 mobs that has normal full drop rate? can you give a few? thanks. All my 7 toons are Lv.107 now and I look to level them into Lv.108 within a month... hopefully with the extended 50% server boost, helps. i work full time so I can only do so much remotely and with macro. lol. plus i have a life.