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  1. I recently did aggressive Windows 11 update which helps stability a lot. Still kicks out at times but about 10 times fewer... still monitoring it however. used to be kicked out 10 a day, now just once a day. but past 10 hours, solid... if it elapse 2 days, i call it fixed...
  2. @Juji @Hime it's been 2 months, are developers aware of Windows 11 no-error-crash-log-out issue and are they actively been working on this?
  3. @JujiJuji or any GM can assist or relay Windows 11 work around or fix? Every one of my Windows 11 machines, crashes and log out without any error and all my Windows 10 machines are stable. This is a consistent issue seen across multiple people, multiple computers. It's a software issue, since W11 has been out for awhile now, has there been any updates or awareness of this subject?
  4. I see areas south of Neutral Zones that can be expanded, why not just start there for the 105-110 people? there is a lot of unused areas south of Neutral Zone!!! THE OVERCROWDING OF NEUTRAL ZONE even when there is no event is JUST CARELESSNESS. @Juji Please expand Neutral Zone or any area that is overcrowded, Lineage2 has a lot of LAND unused. Small effort, big positive feedback. win-win.
  5. I didn't know random reward got better? that's news. what event was that? and what good items did people get and how much did they spend in USD to get them?
  6. ok, when i got to Windows Update, Settings, Advanced, Recovery in attempts to rollback to Windows 10, Microsoft suggest if I want to update when I choose App didn't work reason. So i thought, well, I got so many other windows 10 machines, I just log my toons over there and use this as a test. So before going to sleep, I made additional new windows 11 update, loaded 3 clients. I did this on both Windows 11 machines. Tomorrow when I wake up and they're all connected, this test will be a success for Windows 11.
  7. Just found out within 10 days, you can roll back to windows 10 if you recently been offered an upgrade. https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/regret-installing-windows-11-you-can-roll-back-to-windows-10-but-you-better-be-quick/
  8. My problem is not starting but trying to stay in the game. 2 of my 5 machines are windows 11 and both not just disconnects but the entire client would just shutdown on its own... none of my windows 10 machines does that.
  9. Anyone experiencing Windows 11 causing clients to just vanish from Windows? It's not even like a disconnect, the whole client would just gone for no reason. happens on 2x windows 11 machine. 3 other windows 10, never once done that.
  10. @Juji Does crafting chance for God jewels depend on LUC stat? For examples, Grand Kain 1 is 50%, does LUC affect success rate? Thanks.
  11. Pull out some old laptops, is Windows 7 not supported anymore by Gameguard? With Windows 7 machine, it'll only work after a fresh reboot. If any of the 3 lineage2 clients DC, re-launching will give Gameguard error only if it's in Windows 7. All Windows 10 machines, if there is DC, relaunching that 1 client, no issues. I can launch 3 clients in a row no issues in Windows 7 but only after a reboot. So when 1 DC in Windows 7, I have to force DC other 2 and reboot the whole Windows 7 machine. @Juji Is there a patch or fix for Windows 7 machine?
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