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  1. Crash... 👿

    what country do you reside?
  2. Lineage install HOW??

    are you in a NC banned country? if so, try VPN.
  3. New launcher always crash


    I agree! We got Pin-code, so it's not like anyone can just get in.
  5. Thanks. You WIN.

    nothing we don't know... you are right about everything. however, some of us don't want to see the game die - we want it to live forever so our investment doesn't go to waste.
  6. Golden Compass Event for ELITE?

    event is easy for me as lv.106 archer fully geared to the eye balls, 22mins, twice in 45mins. on a lv.104 DD toon, it was a pain, I didn't even try... but imagine double the time 40-45mins, which is too slow for me. i just do it on a dd main, it wasn't too bad. truth be told, even at lv.106 @ 42%, i'm only ranked 460... that means... there are 459 people higher level than me... Last week, there were no lv.112 - today there is 1. Last week, there were only 2 people with lv.111+, today there are 7. There server 200% event is meant for the low end people to quicklly get up to par to do the golden compass event In 2 weeks, I took a group of 5 secondary XP group Lv.101 to today, already Lv.105 in just 14 days. If you don't know how to macro, learn it and do it. Don't be holier than thou attitude and be left behind. I didn't spend a dime on them, just using the free server freebies Runes and stuff. Even the now 7-day 200% runes, I saved from couple of months back, it was free as well. Lineage2 game is considered by all intentions and purposes, the very definition of HARD CORE. World of Warcraft is for kids, kindergarden. Lineage2 is like Harvard University, stop your whining and get with the program. Seriously, money or brains, no excuses and no whining allowed. However, I am always a champion of PVP diversification so at every level, you can enjoy PVP... so this is where I criticize NCsoft and this is not whining, this is a fact. To enjoy PVP shouldn't ever be at the top level only - this is a waste of hard work by the developers on pvp game mechanics... if majority of the server people 99% cannot enjoy PVP.... there should be PVP or Olympiad that group levels - instead of forcing everyone to fight for the best gears. For this one thing, I will criticize NC and I will stand by these principles. But I'm sure I won't be heard as Lineage 2 Mobile is coming, all hands on deck for these Korean executives to storm the mobile industry. But I'm proud for 15 years, these programming codes will be resused and live nearly forever in cyberspace. For that i'm proud.
  7. NCCOIN to adena

    Many items in NCstore has no restrictions - meaning, you can sell it in Giran for adena.
  8. Who will try Lineage 2 M on Purple for PC?

    the defacto Lineage2 marketing always and forever will always use LIGHT ELF FEMALE as it's central iconic signature video marketing I am very proud of NC for sticking and being consistent, that separate themselves from the cartoony... World of Warcraft

    new launcher is way better... if you allow 7 clients, why not remember 7 username? I vote to remember 7 user names instead of 5, to match the maximum allowed
  10. Lineage install HOW??

    Try this link and see if it helps... https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029083312-Installation-Instructions-Launcher-2-0
  11. I hope you get your jewels back. In my experience in the 15 years I played, every time I thought server is at fault, it was my fault. But if it is truly server''s fault, then definitively keep trying. Reason this is rare is because, there should be a confirmation network packet received before database commits, either not traded or traded. But even that small possibility, the commit signal may have been the millionth of a second that got lost.
  12. I don't mind permanent Red Libra come to think of it...
  13. lag again?

    I'm traveling on vacation in Singapore so I am close to 10,000 miles away from North America and I tried the Golden Compass 3 times, yes it's not smooth but it's playable. Probably because I'm an archer and I can repeat the 2 main AOE skills kiting. But it's definately not smooth but nothing like some who complained here into the seconds lag. Most lag I experienced is around 400-500ms once every 10 seconds, most felt 250-300ms and that's probably because I'm 10,000 extra miles on the other side of the planet.
  14. Extremely profitable for some people

    No it's not. NC wouldn't upgrade a brand new server if they didn't think this is still a good business. You guys like to hope this game ends because things didn't go your way but just remember, the world has always and forever will be catered to the super rich. Since when in the history of histories has that been any different? The lesson is, don't be poor. In real life or in game. I am not rich by any means but I do ok. Rich is a very relative word because I can be very rich to some but I feel poor looking at others. Where ever your stratum is on the ladder of life, pick and choose your battles that you can win. Repeating the same mantra expecting different results is the definition of insanity.
  15. I heard if you didn't obtained the +3 STAT bracelet upgradable to +4 (STR/INT/DEX/WIT/CON/MEN), you're out of luck with this recent update. Is there a plan to offer alternative method to obtain these for those who re-roll and want to get the same?