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  1. Gosh, so much complaints. I love this game! Waiting for rocks to be thrown at me. lol.
  2. Sorry to hear that but you could get lucky. I personally don't like to get random rewards or enchant things or what nots. I survived longer than most by following that rule. I let others roll the dice and I'll pay high prices to buy it if I really want it. Long term, I still win.
  3. This is not unannounced server outages, it's multiple server outages and they're investigating. It may not even be NCsoft since they use Amazon AWS. There is also the transport carrier internet service provider to look at too I'm sure. It could even be nature or Force of God for all I know.
  4. yeah it's called CREME DE LA CREME SUPER RUNE coming to your store near you!!
  5. 1 month Vitality Runes now to make up for the loss upon loss... party bonus 200% perma-Red-Libra
  6. I agree, why delete consumables? then found out some aren't deleted? what a mess. hard to plan anything.
  7. Degus is known to be a contrarian out of spite. His fingers getty itchy and has to type something.
  8. how many toons do you guys have and what levels are they if you don't mind me asking? I've seen many small cluster groups, do make toons to party with pretty much low free exalted gears. I know it's tough but I've seen others try. the more toons you have in a constant party, less likely they'll die overnight. if you stay consistent, that's how you stay in the game. i've seen some people who say they'll never spend this or that but wind up spending 10 times more than they initially imagined... it happens. i believe if someone is willing to pay, the business of transaction will n
  9. I actually like what you said. Good points in your last sentence, when players have almost equal equip, you have a lot more healthier pvp activities (my interpretation: more based on skills rather than impossible to attend gears.) I have alternative suggestion: Because there are level gap, gear gap... we now have the official Olympiad to have no restriction competition - so that's covered. What we can have is special Olympiad where it's based on level and based on gears (create some type of algorithm to check and boundary range of the power of weapons and armors, jewels, etc. a
  10. did you party with people whom may be using programs that you're not aware of? did you pay for power leveling service because the game is difficult to xp? did you use any type of keyboard or mouse software assist macro that is detectable by Lineage2 engine to be impossible on a normal human fingers on keyboard? there are many ways to detect from the norm and you likely got caught in one of the many variations of cheating. if not, you can try to explain what you think may trigger or you may be just unlucky to party with cheaters that you didn't know who they were. But you can try to expla
  11. Some compensation suggestion. RED libra permanent! 100% xp bonus for 1 month and Vitality Rune 7 days.
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