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  1. Lineage 2 BOT

    they auto rez? that's not in the macro system
  2. Raid Boss Farming (big issue)

    game will end?
  3. Insane prices

    So you're saying NCWest average salary is lower than Koreans. But the Whales in NCWest is not your average NCWest. Therefore: NCWest Whales 10X times > Korean salary > NCWest salary Thus: Milking the Whales and f the NCWest normal human beings? This is a highly complex situation here. NCWest should really lower the prices, seriously.
  4. Did Fafurion nerfed full eternal armor drops in AF?

    LOL congrats my friend! @Draecke all old area got nerfed... hm... this incentive for us to move on out of our comfort zones? haha. alright. My team almost 106 now... yes, I'm slow but I enjoy the journey not necessarily competing on getting anywhere first. I got 7 to feed and 7 to move around and up. Got a question: does the system remember where you used to farm as in "old"? What I mean if I never been to Sea of Spores, if I go there, will that be consider "new" area in respective to me?
  5. Did Fafurion nerfed full eternal armor drops in AF?

    day #8, not a single full drop, I have 50% drop runes on all my toons. During event 200%, I get 2-3 drops full drops per day so I should get 1 drops in 1-2 days. Now 8 freaking days without a single full drop. I don't even get receipes either anymore, I think both were nerfed at the same time. This could be a server wide much lower drop rate than in the past across the board. We're going to go broke if this keeps up, no Damaged Spellbooks is going to save us.
  6. Red Libra Event

    I second this motion by the original poster to this thread to have Red Libra event as permanent.
  7. Raid Boss Farming (big issue)

    What's this guy's toon name of Chronos? 1 shot raidboss? My gawd.
  8. PK System change: no more item drop (from Patch Notes)

    I'm sure there are reasons why NC choose the route they did, I am sure it's probably for the best in the laws of averages considering all factors for everyone. I personally like the change because losing a $2,000 item or even a $1000 is painful, it's theft and robbery at its worst. Now, you can say, I am poor, I could not afford such nice things THEREFORE it does not concern me. That type of thinking is the reason why NC doesn't listen to you or him or her or anyone who feels they are entitled to special privileges just because they cannot afford items or gears. Same with people who call people who macro - botters. Real bots autorez and do complicated things. Macros are dumb and can break easy. They clearly know you're human and not a bot yet calling you bots because it elevates them somehow. They complain and whine and doesn't compete well. I am not sure where that mentality comes from but it's a very unhealthy one. In the Law of Attraction, it states, whatever you think or feel, you will become. if you have a constant feeling of "lack", the feeling of being unfulfilled, unsatisfied or in desperate need of money, items or even love - that is how your reality will be reinforced by "your own thoughts". Take some responsibility! Be a abundant giver, help people out more and somehow you'll be blessed with more opportunities for career advancement, more customers in your business, etc. It's the law of attraction. Hence the reason, it's better to give gratitude instead of complaining in your daily habit. Take full responsibility for all your words and actions, never point fingers at another.
  9. This auto attack is very confusing because in the new Auto-use supplies UI interface that has Auto Next Target, everything is off. With no macro on, merely just running to pull mobs like I always have in the past, if I were to use a single AOE attack skills, my tank would keep auto attacking even though my mouse click is clearly to get out of the harms way to agro the mobs back to my support party. Is there a way to turn this off when we want to? I can imagine there may be instances where we would want auto attack.... If this is not fixed, i can imagine certain deaths due to the fact your intention is to pull mobs to get out of the harms way, yet you're attacking full force without any of your supports nearby.
  10. Insane prices

    @zzt111 I agree, mixa trying to speak for GMs is just annoying when we're looking for answers and defending why he has the freedom of speech to argue for the sake of argument makes matters worse. He should have apologized.
  11. Did Fafurion nerfed full eternal armor drops? The xp area that I notice is in AF, anyone else in other regions are not getting full drops whereas before you did? I mean, literally for days without a single full drop and it's very noticeable difference.
  12. Clan Advent question for Juji or GMs

    Percentage first, fixed stats last. Ok...
  13. Forgotten Skills

    When was the world fair? When did the real world follow logic, ever? 18 years in Information Technology corporate world, 5 years management, I have seen some very dark and illogical stuff in my professional career and Lineage2 is a microcosm of a macrocosmic world with a mirror. In the make believe world of MMORPG, you can be any avatar only skin deep but the rest reflects that of a real world. Successful people both in and out of game, learn the rules, makes a decision to play or not play the game. But once in a while, you're allow to whine or complain but just know, no one will be sympathetic to you, especially NC headquarter in Korea. Matrix: "WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD".
  14. PK System change: no more item drop (from Patch Notes)

    Very good, I love the new change. I just hate thieves and self righteous have nots. Everyone should embrace macro, it's legal. Being self righteous means, you don't have the skills to compete fairly and within the rules.
  15. OMG - this is really happening? Well, it doesn't happen where I level... hm... a real financial purchase new players will generally blow past 1-85 in 2 days... so...