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  1. Unscheduled Live Maintenance: Thursday, June 4

    Can you offer a solution instead of incessantly whining and complaining? I want to hear intelligence, methodical intelligent solutions offerings.
  2. You guys did it, you're famouse!!!

    Apology accepted.
  3. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    You can study quantum physics on your brain wave, or intent can have an effect on the electron cloud of an atom. Since your mind is somehow "entangled" or tied with all the flowing electrons at the random number generator within your computer's CPU... You can at a high level visualize whatever you want and ask the part of you that's above and beyond the material world "WHEN" to click the mouse button.... do that everytime and you will absolutely increase your probabilities than blindly just pray and hope for the best randomly without INTENT and without THOUGHT. I don't give a crap if you think this is woo woo or whatever, this is SCIENCE and you can find evidences to suggest the Quantum Entanglement is very real and physics are just beginning to pierce into the veil of our universe and the fundamental building blocks that makes up our reality. For further research, check out Princeton University's Random Number Generator and its subsequent projects that deals with human consciousness and its effect on physical machines: https://bluewatercredit.com/random-event-generators-predict-911-attacks-world-events-tune-princetons-global-consciousness-project-find/ I am just trying to help in light of such non-sensical and defeated attitudes and comments. Take control, be the kite flyer, not the kite being flown.
  4. You guys did it, you're famouse!!!

    so embarrassing making the mistake and actually attempts to defend it.... confusing Netflix with YouTube? one doesn't have any quality control, any single individuals sucking on PCP or Meth head can make videos.... another requires an real corporation with deep financial pockets, expensive platform payment to be shown on the reach of hundreds of millions worldwide... I'm the one not trying to explain to you about real life... and how the intricacies on how everything works and how night and day difference a Meth Head (YouTube that has ZERO quality control on who can post) vs. Legit Corporation (Netflix stringent quality control process for content and distribution rights, expensive lawyers) don't have in common. EMBARRASING, just embarrasing - can't tell the difference between YouTube and Netflix.
  5. You guys did it, you're famouse!!!

    The difference isn't like ABC or NBC difference, it's like a million dollar McLaren race car and a Toyota Corolla difference. How the hell you get confused with a crappy low budget - any losers from their garage can make it on YouTube vs. real main stream Game of Thrones Netflix platform? C'mon man, truly this post is a fail from the start. I saw this video, all it says it's about East vs. West, Lineage 1 Isotropic vs. Lineage 2 3D and how the original Lineage1 is doing really well financially despite it being older. In fact, Lineage1 has that true feeling of that old Ultima Online feeling from the mid 1990's. That was awesome. I remember playing Ultima 7 on PC DOS in 1993, I love Dupre's crossbow and killing giant spiders in the desert. It was remarkable in its days because you can move objects and the world server will save the object being moved. You can kill a cat walking nearby or kill a guard and get the wrath of the other Lord British guards coming after you. Was so cool back in 1993. LOL. I have a 486 computer, was 2 generation more advanced than any computer of its era since my dad works for a computer company and that was the top secret next generation machine not available for sale in public. Anyways, the point is - a 2D Isotropic game like that Ultima7 and Ultima Online of the mid 1990's can still be extremely fun that Lineage1 (1999) if the gameplay is done right. Also due to the low computer specs requirement, the reach is broad, I can see why L1 has such a long longevity if the game design is excellent.
  6. Mixa, you need to love others more. Rejoice for others when they are happy more. Sympathize when others are sad more. We ain't asking yout to be a perfect saint, just show a bit more humanity. I don't think you're such a bad guy after I get to know you better.
  7. You guys did it, you're famouse!!!

    I did a quick search on Netflix, says, "death of a video" did not have any matches.
  8. Party Solidarity System Need Serious Improvement

    My constitution did change over the years. It's like fungi infestation under the Amazon forest or the growth of Bitcoin...
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    So instead 4 hours 45 mins, 6 hours 45 mins wait?
  10. You don't have any facts to back up this claim. You want us to believe that NOT one real player will benefit from this change? Sure boxes will benefit but you cannot honestly say that *only* boxes will be the beneficiary and NOT A SINGLE REAL PERSON will benefit. That is just a pile of donkey dung sprayed with horse S.
  11. Removal of pk count to 0

    Yeah GG, we know you have been extremely naughty. How much you need to be compensated for, I'll help you out in place of the nonchalant NC West customer service.
  12. Don't be too happy because this is not permanent - so nothing really changed bro. We need to keep asking for permanent implementation. And bring up the fact that it has been around for 15 years and last 2 years they took it away. We're just asking for the Restoration of party bonus.

    I support the new system... if the old PK players really do kill that much, this new system will catch up quick and they're DEAD duck can't move and will be targeted. You should be happy not complain. Also they have to reset, they don't have a choice because the rules are different. Do you guys have like 85 IQ or something? DOH. rules change, reset. what's so shocking about it?! Community can now band together to gank radar informed PKers... it'll be fun.
  14. Party Solidarity System Need Serious Improvement

    Listen dude. I get you don't like whiners. But what you're confusing the issue is - we have the RIGHT to complain about Party Bonus that's been with this game from the BEGINNING... from the BEGINNING... do you understand? From The Beginning... when things are HARD... HARDER than today.... I am the most hardcore you'll ever meet and I never WHINE.... But asking to RESTORE the party bonus that has been in place since the CREATION of the CONSTITUTION of Lineage2 --- why the HECK are you defending that which is our Right to Liberty and Party Bonus that's written into the Lineage2 Constitution?!? Your lack of knowledge of this piece of key history is appaling but not so appaling if you're new to this game..