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  1. "Killed 100+ Breka Orc Warrior spoiled 5 leather (l2wiki chance 17.62% — 21.46%). " Hehe O RLY? I started almost same topic day before and people started to attack me that I dont know how to play, stop crying, this game is not for You etc.... Well.. If people are idiots what can we do? Yes spoil rates are broken !
  2. Everywhere I go - I see bots; bots in orc village area (Kasha dire wolfs), bots in dwarf area (golems), Bee hive (bloody bees) etc... Spoil rates are bleeped up. After 20 minutes of spoiling I have found 1 CBP. How Can I rival (as a Spoiler) with bot who decomposes 2k iron ore and 2k coal in Gludio? Are you guys crazy? How do you want to achive craft lets say BOP? https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/recipe/4199/bow-of-peril.html You need fuking 10k animal bones and 10k other mats like iron, varnish, SOPs etc. You got 1 Iron ore every 5th mob !@#$ Playing as spoiler is
  3. I can see that GMs do nothing against bots. Spoilers shows up on the market selling 3k iron ore and 3k coal - (2 weeks spoiling 24h/day) I wish good luck to all other spoilers - you waste your time. Thank you
  4. Then you wait 3 hours to play. I recommend to restart server every 2 hours or something so afk people will go to hell. Thank You
  5. Because I laugh so much I decided to give You all my adena from my 2x 23 lvl chars - 6300a total on Giran server@!
  6. To push idiots to pay $$. This 0.25x sh1t rates are bugged? In 14 years old game client? Cmon guys ... How can You pay even 1 $ for this s*** ? Gm's went to bed now? We have to wait until Monday again? Cmon....
  7. To all who says "play w/o ss". [Content edited by Amraith] We are not 16 yo boys from Korea, We are 30+, we have kids, wifes, duties, life. Even bots will bankrupt here thats the best thing
  8. They are smart because they f****d up 14 yo game. I would need a lot of time to do so - really. First time in my L2 history I cannot play because Im a bankrut - no aa for soe, ss, etc. Good Job
  9. Make money - in my @ss. Spellbook Berserker Spirit cost 55.000 adena. 30 adena is from 1 mob. Any questions guys? THIS IS NOT 1X OFFICIAL. Understand this and dont excuse this fraud.
  10. I already hit the wall on lvl 20 - I had 60 k adena, to reach 22 lvl I had to spend almost half for SS NG. Adena drop from Lamk Lizardmen is like 10 a with 3ppl party....
  11. Don't bullsh1t ! These are not even 1x rate. Go back to farm your lvl 20 orc with low ng sword. GL !
  12. I recommend to change word "Classic" to "Fraud" Thank you very big
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