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  1. Spoil rates test

    "Killed 100+ Breka Orc Warrior spoiled 5 leather (l2wiki chance 17.62% — 21.46%). " Hehe O RLY? I started almost same topic day before and people started to attack me that I dont know how to play, stop crying, this game is not for You etc.... Well.. If people are idiots what can we do? Yes spoil rates are broken !
  2. Everywhere I go - I see bots; bots in orc village area (Kasha dire wolfs), bots in dwarf area (golems), Bee hive (bloody bees) etc... Spoil rates are bleeped up. After 20 minutes of spoiling I have found 1 CBP. How Can I rival (as a Spoiler) with bot who decomposes 2k iron ore and 2k coal in Gludio? Are you guys crazy? How do you want to achive craft lets say BOP? https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/recipe/4199/bow-of-peril.html You need fuking 10k animal bones and 10k other mats like iron, varnish, SOPs etc. You got 1 Iron ore every 5th mob !@#$ Playing as spoiler is useless. I wish You all GL while playing L2 on this embarrassing server. Few weeks more and only bots and VIP 4 clan will remain. Thank You
  3. They have 6x bot accounts on 2x PC's
  4. I can see that GMs do nothing against bots. Spoilers shows up on the market selling 3k iron ore and 3k coal - (2 weeks spoiling 24h/day) I wish good luck to all other spoilers - you waste your time. Thank you
  5. Then you wait 3 hours to play. I recommend to restart server every 2 hours or something so afk people will go to hell. Thank You
  6. To push idiots to pay $$. This 0.25x sh1t rates are bugged? In 14 years old game client? Cmon guys ... How can You pay even 1 $ for this s*** ? Gm's went to bed now? We have to wait until Monday again? Cmon....
  7. Because I laugh so much I decided to give You all my adena from my 2x 23 lvl chars - 6300a total on Giran server@!
  9. To all who says "play w/o ss". [Content edited by Amraith] We are not 16 yo boys from Korea, We are 30+, we have kids, wifes, duties, life. Even bots will bankrupt here thats the best thing
  10. Adena plix - I'm a BANKRUPT

    I dont wanna bankrupt also in real life.
  11. Nc'Soft,You have my respect

    They are smart because they f****d up 14 yo game. I would need a lot of time to do so - really. First time in my L2 history I cannot play because Im a bankrut - no aa for soe, ss, etc. Good Job
  12. The Great Wall

    Make money - in my @ss. Spellbook Berserker Spirit cost 55.000 adena. 30 adena is from 1 mob. Any questions guys? THIS IS NOT 1X OFFICIAL. Understand this and dont excuse this fraud.
  13. The Great Wall

    I already hit the wall on lvl 20 - I had 60 k adena, to reach 22 lvl I had to spend almost half for SS NG. Adena drop from Lamk Lizardmen is like 10 a with 3ppl party....
  14. Beware People Of "Custom" Classic Players

    Don't bullsh1t ! These are not even 1x rate. Go back to farm your lvl 20 orc with low ng sword. GL !
  15. L2 Fraud

    I recommend to change word "Classic" to "Fraud" Thank you very big
  16. Berserker Spirit spellbook cost 54.000 ? Yes! Adena rate is f***d up!
  17. Playing L2 classic is imposible atm. My game progress was stopped around 18 lvl when I saw 200 people around 5 quest mobs (elementals at singing waterfalls) 1st and 2nd class quests must be pain in @ss (impossible). Spoiling? No way! Exp in EG? DV? Good Luck! Now let's wait for some nolifer reply that everything is ok and he's already farming at Ivory Tower with BW set and Bow of Peril...