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  1. we can just hope that they will hear us. well once a pon a time maybe it will be. when 1k remind.
  2. because this company put a huge ____ on you on me and on every other player of this community.
  3. why purchase this garbage? to give them the reason to add more p2w? if the player base will boycott them maybe they will learn from Innova how to keep classic alive.
  4. ncwst do as a favor wipe it and close your doors. if you dint know what is comunity, partners and reletionship probaly better for you is just to close your company and stop trolling us .
  5. Tnx Ncwest, you are the best company, you are thinking about us, you know what we need. But now we can leave. You will never learn from your mistakes. The game destroy started now. You never care about our opinion, bots, adena broken drop, economy even your projects you care only about how to milk us, the players. Russian servers had their pendants for free. Here, u can only buy them. Good. Instead of making vip more interactive, fixing game aspects or improve you communication with the guys who pays your seller, you preferred to bury your project and give playe
  6. Tnx now we can leave. Ncwest never kern from their mistakes. The game destroy is started now. They don't care about bots, adena broken drop, economy. They care only about how to milk the players. Russian servers had them for free. Here u can only buy them. Good. Good luck Ncwest make your fresh started project an another desert.
  7. the question is why to play where is the publisher ignoring who pays the seller for its employees? I have a ticket with almost 250 screenshots. 70% of them still running. half of them are 50-60 level. who can assume that bots could reach so high levels? you can't find even 1 free spot. an enchanted valley full of them
  8. why innova can publish such info 1 week before, sometimes even 2 before the relase. but ncwest cant..
  9. they will not fix that like they are not fixing bots. few months and these servers become live 2 with huge donat and an unbalanced economy that built around the item mall. you don't believe me? look at all their projects. almost everything is a desert
  10. ill surprise you but Koreans remove lvl cup from the game. they made it like in GOD
  11. with this development, they will quickly close the server then put a new update. they even cant ban the bots and you expect from them to release a new update? look on Aden, bots 55+ lvl. but ncwes doesn't care.. they care only about their pocket and shop... not about the players.
  12. as many times answered.. they lowered the original rates to make legitimation for such "events"
  13. its not p2w. it's still free 2 pay. p2w is when you can get items which you cannot receive during your game process. Do you think that cosmetic or ss will destroy a classic server? I'm not! let's see what will happen when they will add pendants and rune I hope they won't put them in their store. at this moment their store does not affect the game economy. But its ncwest. they already destroyed all their games with this store.
  14. nvwest let's do a deal.. fire your "bot stuff" since they aren't effective. give the players the ability to block bots... believe me, it will be more effective.
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