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  1. fix adena Enchanted Valley

    Very spicy meme, my friend.
  2. https://www.autismspeaks.org/
  3. fix adena Enchanted Valley

    I've heard this so-called patience as being defined as making multiple accounts to run the spider quest 50 times a week on each account. Yep, this server will definitely last a long time. omegalol
  4. As I've said many times, Atinulis is LITERALLY UNABLE to argue a point. The dude is straight up incompetent. I'm talking Grade A Stupid here. Don't waste your time debating with this dude. He's either a troll or drools on his keyboard. It's actually painful to watch, because all he has is calling other people "crybabies". Shit, I'd rather be a crybaby than have autism. omegalol
  5. 41 Tyrant - What now?

    People are actually using someone leveling efficiently as an argument against broken drop rates. omegalol
  6. They don't. They literally never do. They're actually incapable of providing a sound argument in any sort. It will forever and always be 12 year olds saying "waahhh you're a crybaby because you disagree with me".
  7. Botters everywhere

    There's no other way to make adena.
  8. fix adena Enchanted Valley

    Still waiting for the people with "I have millions of adena at Lv30" to actually prove it. I fear I'll be waiting forever.
  9. Holy shit there's a lot of children that still play this game. The opposition literally parrots "crybaby" and "tears" in every single post.
  10. Case in point, people like Arinulis should simply be disregarded completely. Their only recourse is "quit crying and leave". When presented with facts, they freak out. Nothing new to see here, let's move along.
  11. There is confirmed a problem with the server rates. Look no further than Skelth. Anyone who says otherwise has simply not done their research on the topic and should be disregarded as nothing more than forum trolls, especially given the fact that all they have in their argument is "well i like it and u r wrong". Would definitely recommend to discontinue playing the servers. I can't think of a single p-r-iv-a-te server that was ran nearly as badly as this supposed official server.
  12. We need a answer from the DEV TEAM

    Hello. I'm going to take a moment to counter some of the arguments being made in support of the current system. Debunking the myths, if you will. This is true, however it doesn't mean that the server is doing just fine because of this. This is a poor excuse for the current state of the server. If you could literally make more adena and be better off on the actual Classic Lineage II, which was known for its insane grind and hardcore-ness to begin with, then what does this make the current server? The upsides to the custom Classic are not outweighing the downsides of actual classic L2. Walls are being hit like never before. This is not simply a matter of not using the Gatekeeper and running from location to location to save adena, it's a matter of the power of the player not being able to properly keep up with the power of the monster in a way that makes sense. "Crysillion, you don't know what you're talking about", you might say. It's been stated already that the monsters in this version of Classic hit harder and are, in general, more powerful adversaries than actual classic Lineage II. This is the same across all versions of the custom Classic L2 and the NA version is no exception to this. So, now we have a situation where the adena is not dropping at appropriate rates and the enemies are tougher at the same time. You may be surprised to learn that the only viable way of leveling becomes 9-man AoE parties. It may not be the case at this exact moment, but there will come a point where your D-Grade stops being efficient and you will not even be close to affording C-Grade to upgrade. What's the next step? Make a new account for sake of upholding the hardcore grind? People would sooner quit. If you want to play a dead server, might I recommend Steam for its plethora of fantastic single-player games. You're right in that NCSoft needs to pay the bills somehow, but this argument falls flat when it's pointed out that @Juji has officially stated on the forums that the reason behind the adena being lower in comparison to Lineage II EU Classic ("Skelth") is because on Skelth, you must pay to play at all as it's a subscription based model. This would make sense if by having the highest VIP level you would earn the same amount of adena you did on Skelth. After-all, that'd be the equivalent of playing on a subscription model on the NA server. This is not the case. Even with VIP4, which has an insane buy-in of over $40 USD (which means playing NA for sake of subscribing is actually more expensive than Skelth), you still have lesser rates than Skelth. This means that the adena rate is too low as a matter of fact, not a matter of opinion. This NA Classic server can be compared directly to the EU Classic server and this information should not be ignored for sake of upholding the "hardcore grind" of the server. This is by and large the biggest offender on forums and a sure sign that the person speaking has done zero research and legitimately has no idea what they're talking about. Nobody is asking for the server to be some kind of absurd 5x. What people are asking is that the server is a proper 1x server - which is a fair request, as to play on anything less than 1x, which would be the definition of an advertised and supposed-to-be experience, would simply be ridiculous. This is one of those "be careful what you wish for" scenarios. A lot of people already have quit and many more will follow as more and more people hit the currently-infamous "Level 41 Wall" unless the issue of adena is addressed in a proper manner once and for all. When you have nobody left to play with, will you still be recommending that people who don't like it quit? Even Skelth, an otherwise superior server, is practically begging for a player base. The best-case scenario is that the NA server never ends up being in this same situation, but going down the current road, it certainly will. This would be another good argument, except that it's been pointed out ad nauseum that mobs in the 40s are giving similar adena to mobs in the mid-20s. Disregarding that, let's say that's always been the case. If we remove the XP boosts, then we must also remove the Adena boosts as well. You cannot have a stand-alone Adena boost on this server, the XP boost comes with it in a package. This means that, if the argument of players leveling too quickly is a valid one, then there's a fundamental flaw in the server design and its cash shop that must be addressed regardless. You cannot gain more Adena and less EXP at the same time unless you go out of your way to de-level, which does not make for a fun experience in any stretch of the imagination. Nobody dies to mobs several times on purpose with a smile. You should never have to do this on any video game as it harms the main drawing point of what MMORPGs mostly are - the race for progression. If you opt out of the EXP boosts, you likely also opt out of the Adena boosts as well and then, in the long run, nothing changes and the problem ultimately still stands.
  13. It was set to 6600 yesterday and it was seemingly accidentally undone with the maintenance. Also, the event timers didn't change. We were literally better off yesterday. NCSoft, you did it again.
  14. Queue is back to 5900. You guys trolling, or...?
  15. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    All you people posting suggestions for a fix are the funniest. NCSoft never ever takes player suggestions into account. That's pretty much a proven thing. Don't waste your time with your long drawn-out fixes. They have their way and they will stick to it 100%. All we can do is wait.