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  1. If you are on Chronos, I can party you & get you to 85 then you can get more free gear.
  2. Redesign the forums so that when you first login you only get 2 options: Live Server Forums Classic Server Forums. Then you can click on the option you want and all the sub forums for that group will show up. Hopefully this will stop all of these posts that are meant for classic but are being posted in the live server forums.
  3. I refuse to spend any $ on a gambling event "which 90% of L2 events are". If ncsoft starts to put the actual items in the store, for various, decent prices, x amount for a +5,6,7 & so on, then I might consider it. But i refuse to spend any amount be it $50-500 only to end up with nothing.
  4. Only thing you can do is try to buy another one from the Auction House or try & craft a new one. Or lvl up a subclass that will use the same armor & get the free armor set again once the sub is high enough lvl.
  5. You can create as many accounts as you want, but if you want to play in a legit manner, then you can only run 1-3 clients at one time, per computer.
  6. 3 Clients open at 1 time per pc is allowed & is within the rules. "Not Bannable" to just have 3 clients open.
  7. This option is only available when the Red Libra Event is going on
  8. That korean store sounds nice. I don't spend any money on the L2 "Gambling" type events anymore. But I would consider spending some money if ncwest just put the actual items for sell in the shop, for decent prices that is.
  9. Have you done the quests for Alligator Isle yet ? I think 1 more lvl & you can get quests for Outlaw Forrest. Just keep on killing mobs if you are all out of quests. You will get more quests soon enough. Or just use some fortune pockets to get some instant xp.
  10. What about this from the July Preview ? Below you’ll find a few noteworthy items and updates coming in the month of July. Security Update In our ongoing efforts to combat unauthorized 3rd-party tools, we’ve invested into a completely new security solution. When the security update is live, GameGuard will no longer be required to connect to the servers. A new tool will take the place of GameGuard and be required to install and run to continue playing Lineage II. There will be an unspecified break-in period with the new tools—we’ll be monitoring and troub
  11. The easy answer is for you to just buy A grade gear from the luxury shop in Giran & use that until you are 85. & get a mentor before you awaken at 85 so you can get your free set of R grade Gear.
  12. & this right here is the problem. a "Fishing Event" should never be a major way for people to lvl up. Instances should also not be "the best ways" to lvl up. To me, L2 is c1-c4 days. lvlup by going out, killing mobs, do quests, kill open world raids....etc. That is what L2 is & should of stayed. & those should be the best ways to xp. "& get drops" It is just sad that it is not that way anymore. I want to play L2, not a fishing simulator.
  13. so wouldn't a participating character be a lvl 90+ toon who is logged in & has the event appearance running ?? If so, then I dont see how there would not be a winner. lol
  14. 1. run launcher 2. load 1st L2 account 3. run launcher again & load 2nd L2 account 4. repeat characters must be on different accounts. you cant run 2 toons at once if they are on the same L2 account.
  15. you can run upto 3 accounts at 1 time from the same pc.
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