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  1. Uhh no honey. Not true. Without paying to win it will take normal players around a month to hit 76. My spellhowler is level 52 and getting 0.04% per mob kill. It's incredibly slow. And thats WITH bonus 600% boosted exp.
  2. I've legit tried it on over 200 mobs and have not had a successful sweep once. Why?
  3. Can I have an explanation as to why the new class Death Knight has been gender locked to males only? This isn't fair.
  4. This has to be an out of season April Fools joke. Why on EARTH is the new class gender locked to males only? This is extremely ridiculous....
  5. Any chance we will ever get hair dye potions and face change potions? They came out in the original Chronicle 2, so I don't see why we can't have access to them =(
  6. You guys complain about it being pay to win, yet a majority of you bought crap tons of adena from sellers when the server first launched, because you couldn't handle the grind/farming. That consequently resulted in a mass influx of bots to keep up with the adena orders. Just thought I'd point that out.
  7. Okay see wtf my character is glitched.
  8. Okay I seriously 110% believe my character is bugged. I have not gotten ANY full drops. Like ANY. And as far as mats go maybe an animal skin or animal bone fragment here or there. And CERTAINTY not over 50k an hour. I'm lucky to get over 15k with an hour of farming, getting about 110 adena per mob. This is AFTER the patch. So what gives? I am VIP4.
  9. No. I've done nothing but save my money, only spending adena on shots here and there, and soes, and I don't even have 200k. So I'd LOVE to know how people are running around with 500k and higher weapons.
  10. I keep seeing people with weapons worth over 400k all the way up to 1.2 mil. Meanwhile, I'm over here level 33, and after spending adena on spiritshots and necessities, I've got a whopping 136,000 adena. I'd love to know what special magic luck potion you all took to be able to get these weapons.
  11. L2 read, I'm saying I'VE donated to the server spending real life $$ on BSPS/SS and farmed NON stop, and I've only made a grand total of 48,000 adena. So I'm asking you, how in the world are you pulling off 100k a day?
  12. @GrumpyMuppet 3 hours and you have over 100k adena? This must be an exploit. I've been farming non stop for 2 days and I've accumulated 48k. And thats WITH VIP4, and spending RL $$$ on SS/BSPS.
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