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  1. Maybe they can do something similar to what they do to prevent, or lessen, pk'ing lower characters. In the starter areas they have guards that detect pk'ers...well why not use the same concept to identifying bots, but have these NPCs (or whatever you call them) roaming all over....and maybe have them invisible (if possible? idk). Just an idea that perhaps can be expanded on. Now I get that it might be hard for the game to distinguish b/t a normal player and a bot..but there must be something that gives it away. Create an algorithm or something. Idk. Just my thoughts.
  2. Im playing from Tennessee and its just unplayable. No problem all day then suddenly...lag.
  3. Please fix the lag. It was fine all day until a couple hours ago and now its stop and go at some points. Im on Aden. I checked my internet and its not me. 489 mbps download and 74.57 mbps upload. Its the Server.
  4. Why do i see a Dion server for NA classic on Playl2.eu?
  5. Wait..what..no one can get on Aden server??? Im in Giran and i see all these items on the ground..as if people selling their items..somehow...dropped them when they got booted. Oh, this is such a great opportunity.....where do I store all of these items???
  6. So bought the pack, opened it a day ago but cannot get on server. I sign on, queue is typically at 700 people, and when it gets down to 0, it says client will close. Whats up? I'm not getting access to what I bought...
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