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  1. Retributer or Tauti 2h blunt

    Actually sos works with retri, but not as it was earlier. Crit damage is still double, but you won't get those bonus stats what frenzy/furious slasher gives if you are using blunt.
  2. Lineage II - July Preview

    I want compensation 'cause I spent months in ketra 10 years ago exping 78-79! Now I can do it with fortune pockets in few minutes. Let's say 3 months in Ketra, 3k €/month...
  3. Omg Monkeylover, we finns from BP still playing , Inde, Ogreman and me (koffi)
  4. 1. Finland 2. Liinu, original toon was/is Koff(i), 3. Devianne > server merge to Bartz > Chronos . Clans ; Co1, BloodyPirates, Lead, Enmity, TD, Sunshine. 4. Liinu Tank 101 80%, titan 103 4%, Koff is 100 archer / 102 38% wynn 5. Like 5 times quitted. Nor for long tho. I play with 2 RL friends who have played from 2005 and I know plenty of others as well.