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  1. @Wissp @GM_EVA @GM_dufo @GM_SKY Did someone in the Development Team forget to change the weapon mastery passive for Feohs? The Lv.9 passive skill, "Superior Weapon Mastery," for Wynn has +25% M. Skill Critical Rate & +3% M. Skill Power as patch notes show. Yet, a Feoh's Lv.10 passive skill, "Superior Weapon Mastery," has less M.Atk. than a Wynn's Lv.9 passive. Also, a Feoh's "Superior Weapon Mastery" doesn't have additional M. Skill Critical Rate or M. Skill Power. This doesn't make any sense.
  2. @Wissp Attendance GUI isn't working.
  3. @Wissp When will we get Special Monthly Gift codes for July? Will it be July 14th?
  4. Since when did they stop dropping in the Tower of Insolence?
  5. @Wissp So the server crashes as we were chatting in World Shout about the Box Auto-use GUI freezing on us. LoL
  6. I don't understand why people are continuously crying about Greater Rune Stones. It's not that serious folks. You'll get one sooner or later. It's like you're clicking on everything in game without thinking. You've probably clicked on a bunch of skills to learn that you never use ever.
  7. Looks like you have an issue with capitalism.
  8. @Hermes Hey, how come we're not getting Double EXP/SP when completing the "Tomb Invaders" quest anymore?
  9. I checked forums 2 or 3 hours ago & this wasn't here. There's no way this is 8 hours old.
  10. @GM_dufo Third month without serial codes? What happened?
  11. @Hermes The "Select Server" button on the Select Character Screen doesn't work.
  12. Nope. That's definitely not the case. I don't do those instances with random parties & my toons are significantly properly geared for their levels. My toons have 1300 attribute defense/attack & boss jewels; Which were adequate before this latest patch. NCsoft has significantly increased the difficulty of the Lv105 Bosses in Baylor & Kamaloka. They're hitting 3x harder now & it takes forever to put a dent in their HP. It's like NCsoft is increasingly forcing players to spend more to play this game.
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