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  1. Either you're trolling or don't know the definition.
  2. These are a bunch of excuses to justify instant gratification.
  3. How does a person get scammed if he/she is making purchases via the Auction House? If you don't like the price then don't buy it. I have never understood the reasoning behind this type of accusation. Of course there are greedy players who jack prices up but we don't have to buy their items. I agree with you that botting is an issue. It could be easily remedied but for some reason NCsoft chooses not to. Before pay2win, NCsoft would periodically ban botters & post their names to show who the offenders are. This isn't practiced anymore for some odd reason. Greedy Treasure Chests sho
  4. Sadly everyone doesn't contribute to society in a positive manner. Most of us are contributing to the destruction of ourselves & the planet. I'm going to die hanging on to a dream that we could've conducted ourselves better. In a manner that would benefit everyone on the planet. Currently, all we're doing is unsustainably polluting, extracting & consuming. Driving our current mass extinction. I don't know what's driving the "no-lifers" actions to exploit this pay2win model but I'm not so quick to judge.
  5. Hi, I'm aware. I have a habit of challenging hubris. You are wise & mature.
  6. WTF was all that nonsense? I specifically stated in my first post: Not referring to random "summoners". Even though I have reported, to NCsoft multiple times, summoner parties in Aden cycling parties in & out of Kartia. Also that hero I witnessed was also witnessed by multiple others on separate occasions in various areas not close to the vicinity of my toon. This particular hero is a known botter. Every competent player on the server knows how he operates. It's not only my account of the incident that's driving my opinion. I didn't shout in world shout what I had
  7. I learned programming in 2001. You're still not explaining how do you know.
  8. I've been making target macros for years. I need you to explain how do you know that a bot program can't detect spawns seconds before it happens. You seemed so sure of yourself in your previous posts.
  9. You're still not explaining how do you know.
  10. So you're telling me that it's pure luck to teleport to multiple chest spawns repeatedly with that kind of accuracy. Come on, man. Quit it. How do you know a bot program can't detect spawn?
  11. Actually he came back with the proper expectations. OwnlyWon is basing his/her expectations on this game when it was fun, balanced & fair; there was a level playing field. A player couldn't blow a bunch of money to give himself/herself an huge advantage like it does today. Game content was expanded every few months before this P2W model came along. Starting over on a illegal server is probably the last thing OwnlyWon wants to do. Which is probably why OwnlyWon is posting this. This game used to be hardcore. Nothing like it is today. Starting over would mean it'll take OwnlyWon a year
  12. Classic server is nothing like pre-GoD Lineage 2.
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